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A gritty turn-based RPG with a focus on tactics and the management of your guild within a dynamic world.
A gritty turn-based RPG with a focus on tactics and the management of your guild within a dynamic world.
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September Update: Concerning the release date and more

Posted by Curious Panda (Creator)

Hello backers! We have a number of things to share with you today, along with some good news and bad news, the latter of which we’ll address first as it’s most relevant to you.  

We’ve come to realize over the last few months that our initial timeline was too ambitious for the game’s scope, and even though we’ve made good progress overall, the game will unfortunately not see a release in 2019. This also means that the closed beta which we had initially planned for next month will be pushed back to a later date. We have an idea of the new release window, but an exact date won’t come for some time as we have many new factors to consider. We do sincerely apologize to all of you who have supported us and were looking forward to the beta/launch. We hope you can understand our position of wanting to deliver The Iron Oath in a state that we are proud of, without compromise to its various aspects of gameplay. We’d also like to reassure you that this is not a financial decision and the project is not in any danger; we’ll both continue to work full-time on the game until its completion.  

So what’s the good news? We have a lot of exciting announcements in store, but we can’t quite spill the beans on them yet. In short, we’re firmly in a position that will allow us to complete the game to its full extent and deliver it to a wider audience. We believe we’ve taken the best course of action to ensure the game’s success and we hope the coming announcements will soften the blow of the delay. I know the above is all very vague, but please bear with us :)  

In lieu of the beta next month, we’ll be making our current expo build available starting next weekend to our beta tier backers so we can collect their feedback. We'll post a separate update for that once it's ready for download. We’re also planning to make another pre-beta build available some time in the first half of 2019. For the rest of our backers, we'd like to share with you a gameplay video taken from the build:

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Replay with sound
Play with

Last month Chris took the build to the Orlando IX convention where hundreds of people had a chance to sit down and try out the game. Overall it was a little busier than our experience at DreamHack, and the game was once again well received which is always a good sign! Here’s some pictures from the event:  

As for what we’ve been doing the last month and a half: Chris has continued to work on the Overworld’s gameplay experience, working on tasks such as sea travel; visiting city hubs and interacting with the different buildings in each; and the flow for accepting, completing and turning in different types of quests. Last month I completed all the lore and world history, and have just recently finished a large task focusing on the logic for Rulers and the different decisions that are available to them during the course of the world’s simulation. We’re getting close to a point where we’ll be able to sit back and watch the game’s world progress through hundreds of in-game years. It’s pretty exciting to think about all the gameplay possibilities that will present themselves to the player!

The game’s soundtrack has been coming along nicely, and Alex has been continually creating some awesome music to accompany the game. Here’s a short clip of one of his recent tracks for the city hubs of Winter’s Reign:  

Finally I’ve uploaded an art timelapse that I completed earlier this summer. I haven’t been able to upload as many as I’ve wanted due to some unfortunate Aseprite crashes while recording. If it keeps happening I’ll have to start recording my entire process and editing down the video so it’s watchable! Either way there will be lots more coming in 2019 as we continue to fill out the game’s content. 

We’d like to once again apologize for the situation and ask for your patience and understanding. We do believe the extra wait will be worth it in the end!

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    1. Jimmy Nimmo on

      Worth the wait IMO.
      Who’s the “wider audience”?

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Williamson

      “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”
      ― Shigeru Miyamoto

      I love what I am seeing so far, and love the communication about how things are going with it. Don't rush it! :D

    3. Sandu Bogi Nasse on

      We all know setting dates with game development is unreliable at best. As long as you are honest and communicative with your backers, most will be accommodating. I still drool over every Pixel Art Timelapse you guys put out and know it has been worth backing this game.

    4. Loswaith on

      Games typically get delayed even by long term developer vets like inexile so getting a game your happy with is usually worth the wait or the rest of us.
      Just good to be kept in the loop, thus thanks for the heads up.
      All in all its looking good too :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Veldorale on

      Hey, projects get delayed. It's a thing. And usually the project is better for it. Take your time. Make a wicked game.

    6. Missing avatar


      Really liked the gameplay video and how many diverse skills were used and seem useful. Often times with games like this I get 3-4 favorite skills and only use those. Looks like the strategy here will help me get out of my comfort zone and try new things. Keep up the good work.

    7. Missing avatar

      Don Bemont on

      Hey, it's looking good. From my perspective, release date isn't the most important thing, quality of the game is.

    8. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      We know it's a long period of time but it's not a typo. Now that we're further along it's now a little easier to estimate the time needed for our remaining workload(much of it is just adding content such as dialogue and quests). We want to launch the game in its best state, and while It's possible we could "finish" in late 2019, we want to allocate plenty of time for beta testing to ensure a smooth and bug-free launch.

    9. Apotheosis Studios on

      Make the game you all want to play!

    10. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      Yeah I would like confirmation regarding a typo. Being able to say that you know you won't br able to deliver for 15 months seems surprising

    11. Bjornen on

      Quite surprised to such a huge delay...I mean we are still in september 2018 and it is more than a year. The game does not look that raw, so it does not add up.
      Any way, better to have a good game in 2020 than an okish game on time, so good luck and keep up the good work! The gameplay looks great, just the kind of game I was expecting..
      Regarding the publisher, can't say I'm happy for it, because it does not feel right to add a publisher after a succesfull kickstarter, but I come from other projects where they did the same and it went just fine, so as long as it does not affect the general idea of the game you had in mind...I guess I'm ok with it.

    12. Fergus Conolly

      2019? Is that a typo? But no matter - make it the best it can be :-)

    13. Paul Baluk on

      Thanks for letting us know about the delay. I'd rather wait a year ++ for an excellent game than get an OK but unfinished one in six months!

    14. Missing avatar

      Shawn Heatherly on

      While it is a shame to know the game has been delayed at minimum nine months to 2020, I'm also pretty used to that with crowdfunding campaigns and I'm still confident you are doing all you can make this game incredible.

    15. Andy R

      You can already determine that your game won't arrive in the next 15 months? Or is that a typo; you meant it won't release in 2018?

    16. Aerouge

      So you have sold out to a publisher? That's the good news? And we have to wait an aditional year because of that?

      Yeahhh ... uhm .. yay?

    17. Thomas Shey

      Honestly, I normally add about a year to _any_ computer game Kickstarter estimate, just as a matter of course.

    18. Missing avatar

      Joseph Woolnough on

      "In short, we’re firmly in a position that will allow us to complete the game to its full extent and deliver it to a wider audience."

      Additional language support... or console ports?! : D

    19. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      Not in 2019? That's a looong time...