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A gritty turn-based RPG with a focus on tactics and the management of your guild within a dynamic world.
A gritty turn-based RPG with a focus on tactics and the management of your guild within a dynamic world.
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Character Classes & We're Over 45% Funded!

Posted by Curious Panda (Creator)

Yesterday was our best day yet! The imgur, reddit and twitter communities showed a ton of support for the game and with their help we've soared to over 45% of our total funding goal, and we're still only a few days in! We can't thank everyone enough for all the pledges & kind words that we received, we were completely overwhelmed by the response. We had pledges come in at all sorts of tiers, and we also managed to knock off the "Design a Bandit Group" tier. We are truly grateful to each and every one of you for believing in our game. Before we get to the meat of the post, we'd also like to gauge interest in adding another high tier pledge, so if that's something you would like to see, please let us know :)

Character classes is something that was requested after our first update, so we'd like to give you an overview of the first 12 character classes that we have planned(or have already implemented) for the game. We thought about listing a full ability breakdown for each class, but as 8 of them still have abilities that are subject to change, we thought it would be best to give you a description(and mention an ability or two) for each class instead.

To begin, each class in the game has a total of 6 abilities(Novices begin with 4) for them to learn along with 1 basic attack. Abilities cost Spirit to use, but basic attacks are performed for free and actually generate Spirit. In addition, each class possess one passive ability to start with, and are able to learn a second through the Mentor system.

The 12 classes we've chosen to launch the game with(out of the 21 total have designed) are fairly well rounded with 4 casters, 4 melee and 4 hybrid classes.

The 12 Character Classes

Paladin: Paladins possess the gift of holy magic to both heal their allies and strike at their enemies. They are outfitted with platemail, a sword and shield. They are a well-rounded class that can be used to tank, heal and deal damage--especially against the undead. Holy Barrage is their most potent ability, dealing a high amount of damage against up to 3 targets in a row.

The Paladin's Safeguard ability allows her to dampen incoming damage to herself & nearby allies
The Paladin's Safeguard ability allows her to dampen incoming damage to herself & nearby allies

Pyrolancer: Armed with a massive lance and the ability to conjure and control flames, the Pyrolancer is able to dish out a ton of fire-based damage from close-medium range when the situation calls for it. While they’re not particularly tanky, their leather armor allows them to get by in close quarters. Infernal Pillar is their highest Spirit cost ability, dealing large amounts of damage to 2 consecutive hexes in any direction.

The Pyrolancer's Wildfire ability burns the enemy with a chance to spread to others in the vicinity
The Pyrolancer's Wildfire ability burns the enemy with a chance to spread to others in the vicinity

Stormcaller: The Stormcaller calls upon the violent forces of nature, using lightning and wind to devastate their enemies from afar. Though they have a few support abilities, dealing damage is their strength, and they possess some of the highest potential for it in the game. Wearing only cloth armor, getting into the fray is a risky proposition and they are best suited towards the back lines. Their Conduit ability allows them to channel the power from all hostile magic attacks in the vicinity and eventually release it in a massive discharge onto their target.

(As an aside, we were actually considering renaming this class to the Stormherald. We’d be open to any name suggestions though!)

The Stormcaller's Tempest ability can be devastating if you manipulate the enemies into the right position
The Stormcaller's Tempest ability can be devastating if you manipulate the enemies into the right position

Valkyrie: The Valkyrie is a terrific off-tank to have in your front lines. Equipped with plate armor and pole-arm, they are able to both take and deal damage while also possessing the abilities to support their allies. The reach of their pole-arm allows them to attack from both close and medium range. Skewer is their greatest ability, which pierces multiple enemies and drags them forwards.

The Vakyrie's Aegis ability can shield her allies from harm
The Vakyrie's Aegis ability can shield her allies from harm

Grappler: Grapplers thrive in close quarters combat where their fists, mind & reflexes are both a shield and a weapon. While wearing only cloth armor can leave them somewhat vulnerable, they are masters at blocking and countering attacks, and when wounded can slip into a meditative trance to heal themselves.

Hellraiser: Hellraisers are masters of the grave. Their cloth armor makes them vulnerable, but with the ability to summon the undead they can inflict agony on their enemies from relative safety. Their highest Spirit cost ability is Seed of Death. Upon the targets demise, the seed will damage all surrounding enemies and heal the Hellraiser in return.

Shifter: Shifters are able to manipulate matter and distort the fabric of both the mortal realm and the Void. They are an excellent support class that can redirect damage and erect force fields which are capable of protecting their allies and entrapping their enemies. Their most powerful ability is Distortion Bomb which they can place on any open cell. The bomb will gather energy indefinitely until the Shifter triggers it to damage the surrounding cells. With every passing turn however, the spell becomes more unstable and has a chance to outright fail.

Sage: Sages are deeply connected with nature and use it to both heal their allies and harm their enemies. They can be classified as a supporting healer, but are not incapable of dealing significant damage in the right situations. Their Tree of Life ability places a healing tree in a vacant cell that restores the health of nearby allies over time. Their most dangerous ability, Natures Abyss, is a violent upheaval of earth that damages and swallows the enemy, removing them from play for one round.

Warden: Wardens are equipped with plate armor, a mace and a large tower shield. As you might have guessed, they are the prototypical tank class in the game, possessing a range of abilities to disrupt and distract their opponents, while also being able to shield their allies from harm. None Shall Pass is their best defensive ability in which they slam their shield into the ground and steady themselves behind it, forming a defensive barrier that negates all damage coming from the opposite side.

Nightstalker: The Nightstalker is a rogue ranger of sorts that dresses in dark leather armor. Their skill set is geared towards impeding their enemies’ movements and remaining elusive, giving them the chance to use their powerful bow to dish out maximum piercing damage. Their Full Draw ability can be channeled for multiple turns to continually increase its damage output.

Trickster: With an arsenal of traps, tricks and projectile flasks, Tricksters help to incapacitate and take down enemies without getting their hands dirty. They excel at causing chaos among the opposition and can probably be best described as a support class. Their highest damaging ability is Shrapnel Party, in which they lay a directional trap that triggers after 2 rounds or when an enemy passes over it. Enemies caught in the blast are damaged and inflicted with a bleed.

Troubadour: Troubadours are armed with their trusty lute, and through song they can heal, buff & lift the spirits of their allies. They are accustomed to being on the front line of battle where they can be most effective to the party, and as such they are heavily armored and quite durable against enemy aggression. They are one of the few classes that possess the ability to charm an enemy: convincing them to fight for you for a few rounds.

We hope you like the designs laid out! We had a really tough time choosing the 12 classes; there's some others that we really loved, but we believe these 12 should boast a wide variety of play styles and methods to defeat your enemies and complete your missions.

Social Goals

We've currently unlocked 2 social goals and are close to a couple more. Hitting 4 will reveal the visuals for the Grappler class, and beyond that there is some really cool game content that we think you'll enjoy. So be sure to check out the Social Goals section on our campaign page!

Lastly we wanted to mention stretch goals, and we'll likely start revealing them once we hit the 25-30k mark, so it hopefully won't be much longer! Thank you once again, we hope you all have a terrific weekend!

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    1. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      I think we'll probably be sticking with Stormcaller, Tempest was one we liked too(we both played Age of Conan :D) but we decided to use that for one of his ability names. Guardian sounds pretty good for the Paladin actually, I quite like that! Ya the Valkyrie is going to remain female only even if we get to add multiple genders per class.

    2. Loswaith on

      Not sure if you have settled on Stormcaller, though some other options could be Stormlord, Stormmancer, Stormmaster, Skycaller, or maybe even Tempest.

      As to Paladin, alternatives could be Champion, Chosen, Lightblade, Protectorate, Guardian, or the slightly cheesy, Godblade or Godhand.

      Valkyrie may need something similar unless they are meant as a mostly female class, and the name heavily envisions them as such.

    3. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      @D H Thank you for the input! We're definitely trying to be unique and avoid some common class tropes(like making our "bard" tanky for example). I definitely see your point about the Paladin and you're right, our naming process for her didn't go much beyond "we need a paladin-type class!"

      We'll have to give it some more thought, but I think there's definitely something from our lore that could serve as inspiration for a new name. Thanks again for the feedback, we appreciate it :)

    4. Missing avatar

      D H on

      Something I really appreciate about your classes is that they don't all exactly follow common tropes. This goes for their ability sets, but also their names. You say Troubadour instead of bard, grappler instead of monk, hellraiser instead of necromancer. Might I then suggest coming up with an alternative name to paladin? It is the only one that breaks your convention, and it makes your world immediately feel more like generic d&d or WoW fantasy to me. If that's what your world is then that's fine, but if not then maybe their name should be related to why that class exists in the world of your game. The other names feel like what the "regular people" of your world would come up with to describe people with abilities they don't understand or cannot do. The other names you've chosen are descriptive of what those classes can do. Many have verbs in them, i.e. grappler, caller, raiser. Paladin isn't descriptive, you just already know what it means. It sounds like you knew you wanted a classic paladins role and so you didn't think past the name. A different name can even infirm an interesting twist on that classic trope that will make the class more engaging and interesting.

      Just food for thought, but consistency in little details like this are what separate a good game from a great game. I already like so much of what you're doing, and I want to see you go the distance. Thanks for listening to everyone's feedback!

    5. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      Haha, no worries, I appreciate the honesty and I can see your point! I think you've convinced me to stay with it ;)

    6. Zombra on

      OK, some reasons I don't like Stormherald:

      1) Trying a little too hard to be grandiose and fantastical. Stormcaller already sounds cool.
      2) Makes the character sound like a servant instead of a master. "When the storm gets here, you'll be sorry!" is a lot weaker than "I'm going to call a storm on your ass."
      3) Doesn't communicate as well what the class actually does.
      4) Made-up compound words annoy me, particularly if they are clunky. ("Stormcaller" has a nice flow to it so I don't mind as much.) Storm Herald reads much better.
      5) Sounds like a specific social position, like these guys are members of the Southern Order of Storm Heralds, with a particular ideology and purpose. Like the difference between being a "Priest" or a "Thornpriest of Hoztia". It's fine if Stormheralds are a very specific thing, but if so then make sure that those temples exist and show up in the story. As a general profession like Fighter, Paladin, Stormherald, it sounds ridiculous. Stormcaller fits much better if it simply means "guys who study lightning magic".
      6) Stormcaller ain't broke - no need to fix it.

      Don't mean to be negative, but once I started thinking about it I couldn't stop, so ... why not share? Of course it's just a name, won't make the game less fun whatever you decide! :)

    7. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      @Zombra Ya probably not, it's just more about wanting it to be more unique :)

      @Khris Personally, I(Nik) think Stormherald sounds pretty cool but figured we'd run it by all you guys. We can always save it for a dev poll in our Discord channel too :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Khris Droz on

      I think Stormherald is an amazing name. You hear Stormcaller in many games, and I'd like to think that Stormherald is a definite badass change.

    9. Jordan Springer
      on about Stormstrike?

    10. Zombra on

      I don't think Destiny players (or the devs) will mind :) It's not like Destiny was the first time "Stormcaller" was ever used!

    11. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      @Zombra Ya, we do like the name..but then realized it shares a name with a Destiny class. May still keep it, but would like to hear your ideas!

      @Jordan Glad you like them! In order to get the other classes in at launch we'll need to hire even more artists than the 1-2 we've allocated funding for. That will be a stretch goal for sure :)

    12. Jordan Springer

      I definitely like these classes...and I agree with Zombra that Stormcaller is better than Stormherald. I guess the other 9 classes will serve as stretch goals if and when this is funded?

    13. Zombra on

      "Stormcaller" is a perfectly good name for that class.
      (If you REALLY want, I can list half a dozen reasons why it's better than "Stormherald".) :)