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A gritty turn-based RPG with a focus on tactics and the management of your guild within a dynamic world.
A gritty turn-based RPG with a focus on tactics and the management of your guild within a dynamic world.
A gritty turn-based RPG with a focus on tactics and the management of your guild within a dynamic world.
3,835 backers pledged $94,524 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Phill on

      Love everything about the new update! Your pouring your heart and soul into this!

    2. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      The store is now up!

      Kickstarter backers will need to wait one more week for the surveys before you can alter your pledge.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shawn Heatherly on

      @curious panda I am fine with taking what time is needed to get the BackerKit set up.

    4. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      Just fyi to anyone wondering, the BackerKit store is ready to go but we're just waiting on getting one last question answered before we launch it. Hopefully today! My apologies for it taking so long, every time I completed a step I ended up having a few more questions that needed answering heh.

    5. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      @Gabriel Awesome dude :D
      @Ridwan Closed beta is in Oct 2018 for those in the $50 tier and up(or those who added on $15 to get it)

    6. Sinistar on

      Closed beta early next year :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ridwan Rahman on

      Will there be a beta or anything like that? So us backers could play and try out?

    8. Gabriel Gama on

      Woot! On the last day of the "Failed Transactions" fixing period I managed to wrestle my bank into letting me use my own money! As of now I'm another proud backer of this game, looking forward to it! Congratulations to the team!

    9. Ryan Bassil on

      @Curious Panda
      Cool. I don't know much about how to make games ACCESSIBLE to modding, more about how to actually mod. So if it's actually a fair bit of work on top and not something you can do during development then fair enough, I just thought it was more along the lines of setting a destination folder as a point for the game to utilise extra information/art/etc, so people didn't have to hack through your code to figure out how to add things on.
      Meh, like I said, I only know how to mod, not how to make a game accessible to it.

    10. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      @Ryan We might revisit it again after release and see how much work it will be, but things like the other classes being implemented would take priority over that.

    11. Sinistar on

      They've stated beneath at some point in the update or comment section that there's no plans to enable modding for the community. It's just too much work on top of what they already have set out to accomplish.

    12. Ryan Bassil on

      Just curious, how friendly are you guys going to make this game to the modding community? I'm sure it'll be awesome enough honestly, but like there'll always be people wanting to change (and will always find a way regardless) minor (or major) aspects such as stats, chances, injuries, etc; and additions such as weapons, armour, abilities, sprites, classes, injuries, buffs, etc.

    13. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      Still out of town but he's doing good :)

    14. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Nice! How is Chris?

    15. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      Just wanna let everyone know that the BackerKit store will be on up Thursday. Will be posting an update then!

    16. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      The core of the way dungeon crawling works is inspired by Darkest Dungeon for sure. Things like interacting with objects that have the possibility for both positive and negative outcomes, preserving your resources, camping, and just the general way that the missions/dungeons are structured.

      Combat is obviously a bit different with the tactical grid being involved, and it's not in our plans to make it as punishing as DD. We still want it to be challenge obviously, and you will likely lose the occasional character, but in general we want proper planning to persevere over unfortunate RNG.

      We're also not forcing iron-man mode(though it will be an option when starting the game), and a player will be able to load an old save to avoid the death of a character or to change a decision they've made. Because of that I feel it should be suitable for both the hardcore and non-hardcore crowd.

    17. Seong on

      So after reading more the game's features, it looks like this game will be very similar to Darkest Dungeon.

      1. If I hated/loved Darkest Dungeon, convince me, a person who just learned about this game, would want to play this game.

      2. If this game aims to be difficult, does that mean accessibility will only be limited to hardcore gamers? What about casual gamers?

    18. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      I will as soon my network stabilizes Mr. Game Developer.

    19. Sinistar on

      Anybody want to join the community unofficial forums for the iron oath, please register an free account here: - getting more activity with each passing day! :)

    20. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      @Evil Thanks :) Ya it's possible. It depends if we have enough time prior to release
      @Brandon It shouldn't be a problem! Add-ons will be available through BackerKit once its up(I believe as a Kickstarter backer you'll need to wait until we send our surveys(2 weeks from now) though, just so your current pledge through Kickstarter is accounted for). I'll keep you guys in formed on when you can do it :)
      @NecroNuke Cheers man!
      @Phill I haven't designed the exclusive flag yet, but that's how faction/house flags appear on the map(the overworld UI is still in early stages so I may make the flags larger still). You'll still be able to change it to something else if you want, it will just be available as an option that's exclusive to people in and above the $50 tier

    21. Phill on

      Talking about the guild flag, was there any talk about how that looks? I wonder if we can customize it or if we are all stuck with one flag that might not be what everyone wants

    22. NecroNuke9

      Congratulations on a successful campaign! :D

      It started a little slow but finished strong with multiple SGs being achieved. Now, the hard part begins. Waiting for the game to launch so I can play it.

    23. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      And The Digital Manual is going to be an add on too.

      Chris was wise enough to move to the north before Irma, fortunately there are no whitewalkers.

    24. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      FYK. Consider his add on, those will count to unlock stretch goals

      The add-ons available are as follows:

      Additional Digital Game(Steam or Humble):$15 per copy

      Digital Art Book: $5

      Soundtrack by Alex Roe:$10

      Closed Beta + Private Discord Invitation: $15

      Note: The Beta+Discord add-on does not include the exclusive guild flag from the $50 tier.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brandon Nigl on

      Is hurricane Irma going to affect the projected release date? ;)

      My actually question is a repeat of Nitro DiOxide's below. I missed the update about the closed beta add-on for $15, but would love to be a part of it. However I don't see any "manage your pledge" button available anymore (maybe it disappeared once the campaign ended?). If it's not something we can do through kickstarter, is there any possibility we could pay you through some other channel?

    26. Evil Midnight Lurker


      I'm a bit sad we didn't get the 20-social-goals thing. Is there any chance of it happening somehow anyway?

    27. Zan Knox on

      Congrats guys on The Iron Oath Kickstarter being successful.

    28. Missing avatar

      David on

      Congratulations! :)

      I'm glad the game doesn't have multiplayer/co-op personally, it seemed apparent to me when I read and watched videos about the game that it has a clear focus on a single player experience which is a part of why I am so interested.

      Besides that, it would also be nice to reach all of the stretch goals like we are all likely hoping for. I may increase my pledge later once the add-ons are made available for Kickstarter backers.

    29. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      @curiois panda, What if you implement coop that allows one player with license to be host server and remaining players with license in the local network to have fun. No server hosting fees for you and happy faces for us. You know in a far future update, no rush.

    30. Randal V. on

      Congrats! Glad to see we will have some goreific deaths! Looking forward to some samples!

    31. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      Update is out, should answer most questions :) If not, I'll be around!

      @Nitro Np, and will do :)
      @Jesse Thank you! We won't be having any form of multiplayer unfortunately, although it would be cool!

    32. Nitro DiOxide

      Ok thank you, please let us know when you find out :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Jesse N on

      Congrats, really looking forward to the Iron Oath! Any plans for multiplayer co op?

    34. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      Sure we can add that in :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Shawn Heatherly on

      If we're not able to upgrade our tiers, would the digital manual be an option for an add-on?

    36. Curious Panda 3-time creator on

      Thanks for the congratulations everyone :) We're waiting to get something confirmed(regarding BackerKit) before I go ahead and post our update. Hopefully shouldn't be too long now, will definitely have it out by this evening either way!

      @Nitro You'll be able to do the add-ons at the very least. Actually upgrading your pledge is something I'm unsure about (that's one of the thing's we're awaiting confirmation on)

      @Overlord Nothing like that is planned, though on a somewhat related note we had discussed the possibility of your characters contracting vampirism. Not saying we're for sure doing that though, we don't want to get too carried away with features :)

    37. ET3D on

      Congratulation! Well done.

      We have 0.9 additional classes.

    38. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Well let me start designing my Rapier...

    39. Miguel Warlock Patreon

      Liches are geniuses.

    40. Missing avatar

      Overlord93 on

      Curious Panda Thanks for the answer. One more question tho, will we be able to have undead join our guild by any chance? Just thinking since not all undead are mindless drones. :D

    41. Nitro DiOxide

      Will we be able to upgrade our pledges if we are silly and forgot to before it ended?

    42. Missing avatar

      Bill Whitmore on

      Congratulations on a successful campaign and thanks to Owlcat Games for putting it on my radar.

    43. Markus Wilding on

      Congratulations! Fantastic campaign for (what it looks like) a fantastic game. Happy to be a backer and can't wait for the final product.

    44. Missing avatar

      demeisen on

      'Grats, Curious Panda! Stay safe from Irma down there in Florida...

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