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Escape an abandoned building, in both your nightmares and the waking world, in a beautiful, first-person puzzle adventure game.
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Reached our 1st stretch goal!

Posted by Lucky Pause (Creator)

You guys are seriously amazing! Thank you to everyone, for making this possible! You are all super awesome, and we feel so grateful and touched by your support! 

This stretch goal allows us to make more game, with more puzzles, more story, more physics, and more stuff to interact with! And (we know some of you are really excited about this) we will now be able to develop the game for Oculus Rift. 

For those that are unfamiliar, Oculus Rift is a ground-breaking virtual reality headset for immersive gaming. It was launched with a kickstarter campaign (yay kickstarter!) and they are now working on making it available for game developers. As soon as the development kit becomes available, we are excited to develop Homesick to support it. 

Thank you, thank you!

With so much gratitude, 

Barrett & Morgan


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    1. jorlinn on Linux on

      Actually, you have already reached your 2nd stretch goal. Congratulations! Time to sit on the roof and have yourself a nice cold beverage :-) Or a warm one of course, depending on the temperature of your game world.

    2. Werehare on

      I plan on getting a Rift as soon as it's available. I've always liked the idea of VR and was hugely frustrated the first time around when people in general seemed to decide that VR was a bad idea rather than seeing the potential in it but acknowledging that the technology wasn't ready yet. The OR stretch goal was definitely one of the reasons I backed.

      I hope you do spend some time creating an optimised play mode for the RIft. Reading up on the changes made in DOOM 3 BFG to support the VR, it seems like there are certain changes made to the UI (such as not locking the reticle to the center of the camera) that you need to think about in order to make the experience comfortable and immersive.

      I've seen a few articles about people adding Rift support to the Source engine but I have the feeling that many games played that way will actually end up feeling worse because they weren't designed to be viewed like that.

      This is all just off the top of my head of course. For all I know, UE may already have out-of-the-box solutions for these kinds of problems. Either way, I know there are people who won't care but I for one would be happy if a bit of the extra funding went towards really making the VR feel good.

    3. Porcupine on

      Personally, I've always been fascinated by virtual technology. I still remember drooling at the VFX1 when it came out back in the day - I would have had to sell a kidney or so to buy it. Haven't given up on owning one some day though - it's definitely getting more affordable. As personal experience the most I've seen was Descent in 3D - there was a special edition Virge card bundled with LCD shutter glasses - and I have to say it blows your mind; the difference is _that_ significant. I think 3D / VR definitely is the future of the otherwise-already-3D-based gaming, the question is only when will it become ubiquitous (I'm not expecting it to be any time soon though...).

      Obviously though - I'm glad the Oculus exists and that you'll get to support it.

    4. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Thanks for the open and honest response. I'm not against OR development for this game.. but I was just concerned that it being an undisclosed cost it would take away from the main core game. If it's only a few hundred and a few days work that's no real drama then.. I was thinking it would be a thousand or more and weeks of work to do all the coding AND testing.. the coding side of things is one thing.. it's the testing that takes the biggest toll :)

    5. Lucky Pause Creator on

      Thanks everyone! To develop Homesick for the Oculus Rift, we anticipate spending $300 for the cost of the development kit, plus two to three days of coding and tweaking. The remainder of the funding for this stretch goal will go towards making the game more awesome (more game, with more puzzles, more story, more physics, more stuff to interact with). We are using the Unreal Engine to develop the game, and Unreal already supports the Oculus Rift, so presumably making Homesick ready for the OR shouldn't be that time intensive. We included this as part of this 1st stretch goal because a lot of people are really excited to use the OR and we have gotten numerous requests for it. We also did it because, well, we think it would be cool! And because it will not take up much of the funding or that much time to make it happen, we think it is worth it.

    6. Kojiless on

      I was lucky enough to take a test drive of the OR last year in August at Gamescom in Germany, and it was nothing short of amazing. I believe your game is a perfect fit for the technology, and I am really looking forward to see how you handle the optimization. Congratulations on hitting your first stretch goal, and may many more follow in the next 14 days!

    7. jorlinn on Linux on

      I do agree to a certain extent with you on the notion of the Oculus Rift and the spending of valuable resources on this. On the other hand, this game is a pioneer in adventure land. I have never seen a true 3D adventure., so I can imagine the developers are just itching to try out a device that has been developed with opening that 3rd dimension, giving the lucky owner of such device a sense of immersion that we (not having the OR) can only dream of.

    8. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Congrats on the first stretch goal. I wonder though, as I do with other projects considering implementation of OR, how much time and costs will be going into the development side of the game for OR? OR is not something I have any interest in.. VR goggles are not a new thing and while OR has a new take on things etc I am still not excited by OR.. I realise that many games are now going to be supporting this new technology.. but the question remains.. how much of the funding (and associated time) is going to be spent on that and consequently taken away from making the core game better?

    9. RedRum

      I think will hit that $16K goal in a short time too.