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Escape an abandoned building, in both your nightmares and the waking world, in a beautiful, first-person puzzle adventure game.
1,503 backers pledged $27,897 to help bring this project to life.

Announcing our Stretch Goals!

Posted by Lucky Pause (Creator)

We just reached $6,000! -- We are so close to meeting our goal! We are so thankful and amazed by everyone's support!! You guys are awesome! 

Here are our stretch goals -- it would be so amazing if we got to expand the project!  

$12,000 - We will make more game, with more puzzles, more story, more physics, and more stuff to interact with! We will also be able to make the whole game more polished. And, we will develop the game for the Oculus Rift. 

$16,000 - We will make a roof level, where the player will get to go out onto the roof of the building. Up on the roof there will be more puzzles and more story, plus a great view of the world beyond the building. 

$22,000 - We will make a prequel game that will be unlocked after beating the main game. The prequel will take place in a very different environment, with a very different feel.

With so much gratitude,

Barrett & Morgan & Argon


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    1. Ada Ballard on

      I already want all of them!

    2. Bryan Bartley on

      You support Oculus? I support you.

      +$5 Get

    3. Scott Pellico on

      Congrats on being so close to your goal in such a short amount of time, dudes. Hope you can break it and go far beyond to help make Homesick that much... sicker :D

    4. Kojiless on

      Oculus Rift!? My money's yours...

    5. PhilllChabbb on

      Awesome update! :) The homestretch.

    6. Dave Hopman on

      Great stretch goals! We should be able, to at least, reach the first one. But, of course Iwant them all!

      I've upped my pledge a bit.

      Let's go for 22K!