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A debut album of original and traditional Scottish fiddle music
A debut album of original and traditional Scottish fiddle music
309 backers pledged $14,601 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. William K. on August 12, 2013

      Sorry for the late feedback, but I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your album. I swear I listened to it for almost two weeks straight!

      So...where can I find some more?

    2. Mark K. on March 19, 2013

      Received my CD yesterday. I knew Flourish was going to be good from the sample on this channel, but I didn't know how much so. It is fantastic!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      N/A (deleted) on March 14, 2013

      Got my cd today- very nice. The amount of personality you put into this is amazing!

    4. Missing avatar

      MAry Collins on February 15, 2013

      Katie, your cookbook looks good enough to eat. So original!!

    5. Katie McNally 3-time creator on February 14, 2013

      Thanks so much, Daniel!

      Amazing, Wine Guy! So glad your kids are digging it :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Wine Guy on February 13, 2013

      Mine came today. My kids (fiddlers both) are already trying to noodle out Dud's Jig. Me? Violist, so my part is easy. I can chord-play all day....

      Truly fantastic!

    7. Daniel Lieber on February 2, 2013

      In the mail today came a great surprise--Flourish! It sounds great. I am enjoying it and wish Katie a happy and successful career! This is definitely a successful project.

    8. Katie McNally 3-time creator on August 31, 2012

      Thanks so much for your contribution and for your kind words, D.A.! I'm not even thinking as far ahead as a second CD, but I'll let you know when that happens :)

    9. D.A. Farinha on August 29, 2012

      Dear Katie McNally,
      I wish you the best of success on your wonderful venture and cannot wait to receive your signed CD. I only wish I had the funds to choose the $350.00 option to have a tune personally written for me. What an amazing and unique idea. If you start your second CD on Kickstarter in the future, I would love to participate in the option. Congratulations on reaching your goal and keep up the great work!

    10. Katie McNally 3-time creator on August 24, 2012

      Hey Nancy--you pledged $25 which means that you donated enough to get a copy of the album. Right now, you've elected to receive "No reward". Go back in to your donation and change your reward to the "Pledge $20 or more" and I'll be reminded to make sure you get a copy :)

    11. Katie McNally 3-time creator on August 24, 2012

      Hey N/A--I've actually never been to Fiddle Hell, but it's about time. Hopefully I'll be able to make it! Thanks so much for your contribution :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Nancy Plummer on August 24, 2012

      Hi Katie - how and when can I buy the cd - I cannot wait I miss hearing you practice on the deck :)

    13. Missing avatar

      N/A (deleted) on August 13, 2012

      Also, I just read your bio as see you play with childsplay. I thought that G sounded familiar!

      I just might have to up my backing now...

    14. Missing avatar

      N/A (deleted) on August 12, 2012

      Good luck! Will I see you at fiddle hell in November?

    15. Katie McNally 3-time creator on August 9, 2012

      Thanks Paul, Susan, and Mark! I'm so grateful for all of your support :)

    16. Mark K. on August 9, 2012

      This sounds wonderful! I'm very excited for the Flourish project!

    17. Missing avatar

      Susan C. on August 5, 2012

      Paul and I are really excited for you. Go Katie!!

    18. Katie McNally 3-time creator on August 3, 2012

      Hey Thomas--I'm unfamiliar with folkjam, but I'll check it out and see if it seems like an appropriate place to post. Thanks for your donation and for the tip!

    19. Thomas BOURKE
      on August 2, 2012

      have you posted anything on folkjam - not sure if scott and the lads would approve, but...

    20. Katie McNally 3-time creator on July 31, 2012

      Thanks, Bob! See you soon at Boston Harbor!!

    21. Katie McNally 3-time creator on July 31, 2012

      Thanks for spreading the word and for your contribution, Barbara!

    22. Barbara J. on July 31, 2012

      I posted your project on the Wild Eyed Southern Celt page on Facebook this morning -- not that that's necessarily the reason for the big jump in your pledges today, or anything ; )