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Front has a new album out August 23rd. He'd like to do it up proper with some fancy-ass music videos. Become a producer!
Front has a new album out August 23rd. He'd like to do it up proper with some fancy-ass music videos. Become a producer!
323 backers pledged $31,400 to help bring this project to life.

I'm making a note here: huge success

Listen, you folks are the best. You have exceeded my most optimistic expectations with this whole kickstarter thing. THANK YOU!

I foolishly set this thing to end just a few days before tour starts, so of course I am in the midst of more organization work than I can handle, but I will get a couple things dealt with as soon as I humanly can:

> sending out polls to you, to gather vital info for fulfilling all my promises
> getting that prayer robot up and running
> designing that tote bag!
> recording those short ditties where I sing your name so you can have a self-aggrandizing ringtone
> drawing comics about your moms
> getting tour shirts mailed out

So! There will be at least four videos. I'm going to make the first three and see how much money is left. I let video #1 go over budget because of how awesome I want it to be (and how well the funding campaign was going), and if #2 and #3 chew up a little more than planned, we'll see what seems possible with the remainder.

If you are a more recent campaign supporter, check the earlier updates ( ) for all the production notes / pics I posted while we were shooting #1. I'll be doing the same for #2 and #3 when they happen (after tour!).

Speaking of video #2, the creative team has already started meeting. The director is Max Isaacson, famous for his completely obscene faux-German Sprite commercials and also a surreal little MC Frontalot video called Spoiler Alert. The puppetry crew is being formed by James Walton, creator of new york stage sensation Die Hard: The Puppet Musical. His crack team will have quite a bit of puppet experience under its collective belt. The song? Oh, Stoop Sale, of course. We're planning to shoot in late November. I will be battered and chapped from 3 months on the road and not so photogenic, so thank goodness I'll be portrayed onscreen as a piece of molded felt.

I am shopping for directors for the animated video for I'll Form The Head. My friends Jhonen Vasquez and Jenny Goldberg are scouring their Los Angeles animator connections for people who'd be great at it. But if you have connections in the animation world, holler suggestions about who I should check out. The search is currently wide open!

The majority of you are expecting DVDs, and in your wild blur of generosity, big-heartedness, and clicking, you might have missed this info on the campaign page: I am not making these DVDs until all (four? five??) videos that you helped create are created, so as to put ALL of them on the disc there, which makes, I hope, sense. So you may not see these things until next summer. BUT! There will be a web site where everyone at the $10+ level gets to see the 'intimate' behind-the-scenes stuff (makings-of, out take reels, etc -- all the dvd extras, basically) as it is produced, and the LEAK LIST is this kickstarter update list, which you're already on. So trust that the videos and related assets will be in your hands promptly, even though the physical media will take forever and dvd players probably won't even exist by then and oh jeeze.

Finally, I LOVE YOU ALL A LOT and thank you for what you've done. I feel like a real live rockstar now that I get to make fancy, fancy videos. And hopefully you all feel like aristocrats.



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    1. Leslie Laurence on August 6, 2011

      Austin you beat me out on the Aristocat comment. The important thing is, someone made it.

    2. Austin Herry on August 6, 2011

      I was personally hoping for aristocats. Don't worry about the dvds though, I am but a poor and lowly college student, obsolete or not mine will still be next to my 5 1/4".

    3. Jeremiah Wehler on August 6, 2011

      Congrats on hitting your goal! And I will drink my next alcoholic beverage with my pinky extended ... THE ARISTOCRATS!

    4. Larry Fine
      on August 5, 2011

      Our friend Josh Nite has a friend Adam Dunn who does animation-like things. He's working on the Kingdom of Loathing animated comic doohicky.