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Here's the easiest way to host share, and publish web content!! Ditch the pulldown boxes, feature kludge, and endless menus.

Here's the easiest way to host share, and publish web content!! Ditch the pulldown boxes, feature kludge, and endless menus. Read More
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Ben Daniel
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Ben Daniel

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About this project

The Problem:

1. We use too many apps to complete similar web-tasks (productivity, social, creation, etc). 

2. The UI in most apps makes it difficult to complete your tasks via feature overload, or feature deficiency. 


Brick: the easiest way to host, share, and publish web content.

There are already a ton of products in this space (blog/social platforms, Google Docs, Evernote, Concept Board, etc), but instead of trying to solve these problems with a uniquely "brilliant" feature, we did something more fundamental:

1. We found a way to employ the brilliant aspects of many tools to solve your problems.

2. We found an easy way to let you, the actual user, define your own UI experience. 

What sets Brick apart is our module-based, drag and drop UI. When you begin a project in Brick, you're given an empty workspace, your foundation. If you mouse or hot-key to the bottom of your screen, an elements pallet pops up that's full of useful UI pieces, that you can then drag into the workspace to create your project. The simplest of these building "bricks" are things like text boxes, video or image fields, log sheets, metatags, document and file hosting and/or viewing, spreadsheets, scripting boxes etc. What makes the product exceptionally powerful though is the proper implementation of a few very interesting tools, like the lasso style art-box to manage static and dynamic content, and the fact that the elements pallet is open to 3rd party developers who can create and distribute their own bricks. Using various combinations of these bricks lets you easily build just about anything you want, whether it's simply a space to take and aggregate notes, plan a vacation, manage clients and resources, publish a blog, or host a webpage. 

Brick also manages the people involved with your various projects in an innovative way. When you swipe to the left side of your screen you'll pull up the contacts ("people") pane, powered by Xobni (working on the VAR). You can then drag the appropriate people into your project (think Spotify), simply for personal reference, or for project viewing and/or collaboration depending on the permissions you give them . 

The next thing Brick gives you is a powerful way to manage and link your projects. This pane is accessed by swiping to the right. You can actually drag projects inside of each-other without changing their location, creating various networks and link paths. 

The last thing we give you is basically just a master clipboard (accessed by swiping up) and is used to store any content until it's needed somewhere else. Imagine working on a project and always having Evernote just a swipe away... within the same app. 

Brick is initially a web-app. Here a few Youtube videos where Bruce describes some of the theory and features of Brick in greater depth: 

The Basics, Static and Dynamic Content, Power Users, and finally Organizational Structure <<Please watch this one!

We're tired of tools that tell you how you should think. Brick is your life, your way. 

Why are we the guys to build it?

  • We have the professional experience (previous Apple engineer, Attask engineer, etc) and network of developers, artists, and advisors to bring this project to life, knock it out of the park, and do it right the first time. We have no patience for mediocre and/or half-baked products. 
  • We are dedicating all of out time, money, and resources to building brick and we are truly passionate about, and believe in this product.   
  • This product was born out of our own frustrations, and more than anything, we want to improve and enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and really make a difference to someone.

Why do we need your help? 

At the moment we're completely maxed out on time and money and really need some help. We're splitting time between working on various contract projects just to pay the bills and trying to get Brick off the ground. The amount we're asking for gives us breathing room to focus on Brick and replaces a 5-year-old mac book that is constantly crashing and beach-balling (it keeps getting the middle finger). 

Ideally we'd love to get enough support from KS to take this all the way to version 1.0 and market release; This is an awesome community and we're doing whatever it takes to get Brick up and going. 

Please fund us and help spread the word. In the words of a good friend (and Lowe's), "Let's build something together!"  


Ben Daniel

Twitter: @blouisdaniel


Skype: bendaniel22

Follow the project on Twitter: @BrickSV


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Screenshot 2. ^ (social)

Screenshot 3. ^ (planning/collaboration)

Screenshot 4. (productivity) ^


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    We'll send you initial non-server beta and would love the feedback!

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    You'll get in on server-supported beta! Again, interested in feedback. We value your suggestions.

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    In addition to the above, you'll receive lifetime premium access for all features (see the other vids posted for more details on that; don't worry, brick is still free). Thank-you for the support!

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    On top of the other stuff, we'll send you weekly builds so you can track our progress. If you're near or coming to the Bay area we'll take you dinner at a place of your choice.

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    You become an official co-founder (name on all docs, put it on your Linked-In, etc), get a customized co-founder tag on Brick, and a personal profile on our website. Thank-you for believing in us and our idea. We want to meet you; we'll take you to a game, concert, backpacking, skiing, whatever, your choice! We know how to have fun :P

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