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Our award-winning series of racially-diverse children's books celebrating LGBT2Q kids and families is back with a Celebrations theme!
Our award-winning series of racially-diverse children's books celebrating LGBT2Q kids and families is back with a Celebrations theme!
Our award-winning series of racially-diverse children's books celebrating LGBT2Q kids and families is back with a Celebrations theme!
750 backers pledged $70,305 to help bring this project to life.

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Lo! an update!


Dearest, darlingest Flamingos,

Things are VERY EXCITING here at Flamingo Rampant headquarters. All stories are in the 2nd draft stage or later, illustrators are sketching and coloring - fourteen authors and illustrators in three countries and five time zones are hard at work making your beautiful new books. They feature dragons and snow cats and service dogs and wolves, gay dads and lesbian grandmas and trans parents and two-spirit kids and chosen families, a luxurious mosque's garden and a tiny city apartment crammed with people. We have authors and illustrators working in teams and pairs, putting their heads (and their great big queer hearts) together to make new stories come to life. For the first time ever, EVERY book has at least one trans or non-binary person working on it, and we have eight contributors working on their very first children's book project. AND, despite not reaching our stretch goal, we are going to go ahead and produce one book in French and one book in Spanish (you'll be able to add to your order when the time comes, if you'd like). Translators are diligently making new poems and considering gender-nonspecific endings in Romance languages as we type. It's an exciting time!

It's also a bit slow going. One of our projects lost its illustrator - for a great reason (and we are SO excited about the person who just agreed to pick up that project), but it set us back at least six weeks in the process since all the books go to be printed at the same time (with their friends. It's nicer that way). We also took extra time with some of the authors, who had imagined beautiful stories but needed some patience as they learned about children's-book making. One of our values here at Flamingo Rampant is in supporting new talent and giving people their first gig in a system that tends to reward MFAs and owning your own expensive design software more than talent and vision, so we feel great about all of that....except for the delays. At the moment, this project is probably 8-10 weeks behind schedule, and it may even take longer. I'm very sorry for that, and yet we all feel sure that the end products will be worth the extra wait.

In the next two weeks, once everyone's a little further along, we'll be sending you some images and pages to peek in at, so you can see how your books are coming along. Thanks so much for your patience and your faith in us as we make you these lovely, and loving, new books.

love and flamingos,

S. Bear Bergman

last day


 Dearest friends,

For those who don't know me well, you should know that I have always subscribed to the theory of Cheri Huber, as taught to me by the incomparable Kate Bornstein - that the way we do anything is the way we do everything. I am political in intensely personal ways, an activist constantly in my feelings and a storyteller who is always trying to kick harder at the world's injustices. It's out of that love and commitment that I write you today.

Above is a photo of my grandmother, Rita Fergenson Bergman z"l - a teacher and tireless advocate for children and literacy who taught thousands of children to read including me, who bought untold dollars worth of books with her own money for her classroom, who patiently untangled the mysteries of language for so many children who grew up without a book in their homes (and in many cases without an adult who could spare the time from survival work to read to them). She's the one who believed I could read even though I was so little, who instilled and nurtured my lifelong love of reading, who read to me loved me through books my whole life. She died yesterday at 97 years old, peacefully in her sleep, loved to the last. 

She was an estimable woman, smart and tough and always most vigorously on my side. In her is the genesis of so many of my projects - including this most tender one. In a way it seems fitting that it comes to a close at the same time she did, and I am glad and grateful to be contributing to children's imaginations in her name, and now in her memory. 

Thanks so much for being with us in this project, whether past, present, or future. She was always quite delighted that I was writing books for children. Thanks for helping us carry on.

love and flamingos, 


your fabulous FR gift certificate!


Are you planning to give Flamingo Rampant books set as a holiday gift? Here's our adorable holiday gift card by illustrator Katie Diamond, ready to download, print and wrap. Give it with crayons, so you can colour it together and look forward to wonderful stories ahead.

All the warmest wintertime wishes from all of us to you!

Love and flamingos, Bear



Dearest, darlingest backers:

We did it!

With a week yet to go, we have raised the money to make six completely delightful children's books that will offer great sweetness to untold children and families. You're the bestest backers a Bear could possibly imagine! THANK YOU.

For the last week, we're focusing on our stretch goal - language access. With so many requests for Spanish books in the US and French books in Canada, we're hoping to make one of each! As of this writing, we're just $14,000 away from being able to make and print those books. I am hopeful and excited that we'll be able to offer other-language options this time, especially to schools.

So! Please don't stop telling people about the project, posting and sharing and letting people know what we're up to. Just to remind you, if we meet the stretch goal EVERYONE who ordered a book set gets one of the other-language books, and the people who ordered the complete library get BOTH. Help us send you more books! Help us offer great new work about gender to huge additional swaths of the world! Let's be awesome(r) together.

Thanks so much for your support, encouragement, sharing and sharing and sharing. You're the actual best.

love and flamingos,


How about a little Wednesday magic?


Good morning, beloved backers! That you SO MUCH for joining this project and helping make amazing kids books that not only feature LGBT2Q people but are also made BY LGBT2Q people. 

We're at the halfway point now, and we need a good strong finish to the project, so - I am going to ask for your help and sweeten the deal.

Here's the ask: please take a minute today to post the Kickstarter link to social media and  write even a few words about why you backed the project. You can copy and paste this link and let your Facebook friends or Twitter followers know why it's great for their family/a great holiday gift/a fabulous idea.

And here's the sweetener: our stretch goal! If we reach $75,000 in funding, we'll make TWO MORE books - a Spanish version of Is That For A Boy Or A Girl? by S. Bear Bergman and a French version of Rachel's Christmas Boat (working title) by Sophie LaBelle - and EVERYONE who backed for a full set of books will receive one of them. 

So: would you like an extra book for FREE? We only need 450 people or institutions in the whole world to pre-order a set of books for you to get your free French or Spanish book (and to make so many bilingual educators SO happy). Just send out the link and help us make it happen!

Thanks, and much love:

S. Bear Bergman

Chief Flamingo

ps - in case you needed some extra enthusiasm, we've got you covered:

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