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Great stories for K-4th grade that also feature gender-independent and trans-identified kids.
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We're making more books!


Greetings, Flamingo lovers!

We're making a new set of six beautiful, super-fun kids books for your reading enjoyment! The theme for 2019 is Discovery!, and we are planning books about space and sports and animals and flowers, with poetry and watercolors and all kinds of brilliant new learning moments including kids with divorced parents, gay siblings, kids managing their own wellness, and a beautiful new trans boy book. Click through to the new Kickstarter to read all about them.

We'd love for you to join us in making these books available to young readers! Please consider pre-ordering the new set and/or sending this email along to people you know (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, educators, librarians!) who would be interested in having them.

Thanks for all your support in the past. We appreciate you.

love and flamingos,


ps - want to make sure these books happen, but don't need any yourself? Friend, we have a LONG list of educators, schools, and libraries that would love a donation. You can pre-order today and when the survey comes in the summer just indicate that you'd like your books to be donated - super easy and incredibly helpful in spreading love, validation and celebration far and wide.

back with you after these brief messages...

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Wow. Okay, people. Here it is.


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We need to hear from you!


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files are at the printers!

We've pored over proofs, we've poked at specks, we've fiddled everything that can be fiddled and now: the books are almost ready. Finished books will ship the first weekend in June. Digital downloads will be made available next week. Those of you due for artwork will be getting it in July, once everything is signed and tidily packed up. Things are moving along, by gum. 

Tshirts are going to take a minute longer. Sorry about that, tshirt orderers, but I am still tracking down a supplier that offers what I want in terms of size range, labour,  and eco-friendliness (your suggestions welcomed). But they're coming, I promise.

You'll be getting your surveys in the next day or two, asking all sorts of questions about how you would like us to handle your stuff ( which I mean in a very G-rated way). PLEASE, fill out your surveys promptly. It's so helpful.

Hooray! Home stretch!


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