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Empowering, celebratory LGBTQ2S-themed kids' picture books for 4-8 year olds, delivered right to your home or school every other month.
Feminist, racially-diverse,  LGBTQ2S-positive kids' picture books for 4-8 year olds, delivered right to your home or school.
Feminist, racially-diverse,  LGBTQ2S-positive kids' picture books for 4-8 year olds, delivered right to your home or school.
693 backers pledged $56,793 to help bring this project to life.

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shipping updates!


Hello to you, our beloved backers! As promised, here is your shipping update.

First, the good news - 2/3 of our Kickstarter packages are shipped as of Friday. Several hundred of you got parcels of books last week, and two hundred and five MORE of you will be getting packages this week. Here's the breakdown:

  • ALL US packages except the earlybird plus-ones and the double sets have now shipped (we had an envelope size failure that has kept those biggest parcels briefly benched; they'll go on Friday).
  • About half of the Canadian packages have shipped, the other half will go this coming Friday.
  • The remaining Toronto packages are being delivered by our stalwart flamingo courier this week (thanks Nathan!).
  • International worldwide packages will also be shipped this coming Friday
  • Some of you will notice, as you receive your parcels, that you've gotten more books than you backed for. That's not an error. It's because we know you to be awesome and they are your reward for awesomeness. 
  • If you got fewer/different books than you were expecting, it's just an accident and is not a referendum on your awesomeness in any way and we're super sorry. Please email and let us know what's missing, &c and we will make it right.

Colouring pages and audiobook will be released in mid-July, along with an awesome special surprise (hint: DISCO) as a reward for your patience.

Thanks so much for bearing with us on this amazing journey. Thanks for tweeting, face booking, instagramming and tumblring your reactions; thanks for telling all your friends how much you like the books. Thanks especially to those of you who emailed us photos of your totally adorable children reading their new fave FR book - that's my paycheck right there. 

BTW, you're totally the best Kickstarter backers in ever (and your hair looks so great like that).

love and flamingos,


well, the baby arrived before the books. But...


Solomon Rose Bergman was born May 14th, just before midnight. Books are being bound literally as we speak and will be delivered to our warehouse on Friday.

Please, if you're expecting books in the mail and haven't filled out your survey, do that? Now would be good, or now is also fine. Or now.

Also please note: if you added extra books from the website later, we will totally be sending them to you at the address you told us to use. The website and Kickstarter don't integrate, though, so don't worry if your survey doesn't reflect the addition of your website-ordered books.

Also also:

 We'll be putting books in the mail in about two weeks, once anyone here has slept at all, and coloring pages and audiobook will come shortly thereafter. Soon you'll be enjoying them in your own homes and schools! 

(Probably not as much as we're enjoying young Solomon. But still.)

love and flamingos,


Books are at the printers!


This update has three, and only three, pieces of information:

1) Books are at the printers as we speak. At the printers, being printed and bound and made into books. 

2) If you want the books you paid for, you must fill out your backer survey, which was emailed to you at some point over the course of this last week. Tell us where to send your book(s)!

3) If you want to encourage anyone - your library, school, friends, &c to pre-order, this is your *last chance* to do so. Feel free to send them to where we have put descriptions of the books, some artwork, &c and where they can order online.

love and flamingos,


ps - Can you not find your survey? Log into Kickstarter. Go to your profile, which you get to by clicking on your portrait in the upper right hand corner of the page. Under "My stuff" you will bee the option "Backed projects." Click and you will have a list of all projects you have backed. Click on the blue + sign to the right of the Flamingo Rampant Book Club project. There, you will see your individual profile that *I* see. All the messages you've received and your survey will be there. If you don't see a survey response, then you didn't respond - do it now! Also, check your e-mail, including your spam folder, for any messages from Kickstarter.

regarding your mailing address (important information)


Next week, you'll be getting what Kickstarter calls a survey - this is how we will find out where to send your stuff. 


Even if you're pretty sure we know where you live (Hi, Mom & Dad). Even if you sent an email five minutes ago (or five months ago, or at some other previous time) to let us know you've moved since you backed the project. Even if you already put in your shipping address, or someone else's shipping address, or whatever when you paid. On a train, in the rain, in a box, with a fox - EVERYONE must FILL OUT THE SURVEY in order to receive their materials. The survey flows directly into the label/postage program and lets us keep track of everything.

(Lest you think I am stressing this excessively, it took four rounds of reminders last time to reach 90% compliance, and we got messages as long as sixteen months later to say "Hi, uh...where are my books?" So please, just type your information into the little boxes when the survey arrives, I beg of you.)

(This would also not be a bad time to make sure that Kickstarter messages don't go to your junk mail.)

(Okay, good talk.)

love and flamingos,


Off to the printer!


After a lot of work and the help of many people, our fabulous tote bags are being printed as we speak and all six books will go off to the printer this weekend! We're only a few weeks away from having everything in our hot little hands.

Depending on the arrival of the newest human in our family, parcels might start landing in the first week of May! Or, if that person is a little on the early side, a few weeks after that. But holy wow, are we excited.

Now then: the website [] is updated with all the book titles, some artwork, and book descriptions for you to peruse. If you haven't checked that out yet you can take a look, and for sure you should forward them to everyone you know who likes children's books! Every pre-order we get helps us.

Stay tuned! Things are very exciting!

love and flamingoes,