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Feminist, racially-diverse,  LGBTQ2S-positive kids' picture books for 4-8 year olds, delivered right to your home or school.
693 backers pledged $56,793 to help bring this project to life.

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regarding your mailing address (important information)


Next week, you'll be getting what Kickstarter calls a survey - this is how we will find out where to send your stuff. 


Even if you're pretty sure we know where you live (Hi, Mom & Dad). Even if you sent an email five minutes ago (or five months ago, or at some other previous time) to let us know you've moved since you backed the project. Even if you already put in your shipping address, or someone else's shipping address, or whatever when you paid. On a train, in the rain, in a box, with a fox - EVERYONE must FILL OUT THE SURVEY in order to receive their materials. The survey flows directly into the label/postage program and lets us keep track of everything.

(Lest you think I am stressing this excessively, it took four rounds of reminders last time to reach 90% compliance, and we got messages as long as sixteen months later to say "Hi, uh...where are my books?" So please, just type your information into the little boxes when the survey arrives, I beg of you.)

(This would also not be a bad time to make sure that Kickstarter messages don't go to your junk mail.)

(Okay, good talk.)

love and flamingos,


Off to the printer!


After a lot of work and the help of many people, our fabulous tote bags are being printed as we speak and all six books will go off to the printer this weekend! We're only a few weeks away from having everything in our hot little hands.

Depending on the arrival of the newest human in our family, parcels might start landing in the first week of May! Or, if that person is a little on the early side, a few weeks after that. But holy wow, are we excited.

Now then: the website [] is updated with all the book titles, some artwork, and book descriptions for you to peruse. If you haven't checked that out yet you can take a look, and for sure you should forward them to everyone you know who likes children's books! Every pre-order we get helps us.

Stay tuned! Things are very exciting!

love and flamingoes,


Oh, wow.


Dearest, darlingest backers.

Well. First, some news. In the first week of November, my fabulous husband and co-conspirator had emergency surgery. In the first week of December, I had scheduled surgery that had significant cascading complications. 

The good news is: we're all fine - as good as or better than we started. The bad news is: we're a bit behind. But not by that much!

Diligently, we have been working and working to get everything happening. All the books are written and are being minutely tweaked for best read-aloud value even as I type! Artists are painting, collaging, papercutting and digitally-coloring their great-big hearts out. A set of titles and descriptions is NOW FINALIZED*. Want to see it? Want to know what wonders await you? Of course you do. Here it is:

Is That For A Boy Or A Girl? Bergman, S. Bear, illustrated by Rachel Dougherty. A series of short poems in which gender-independent children introduce themselves proudly to the reader.

Love Is In The Hair Ware, Syrus. A little girl’s gay uncles tell her stories of their family through the objects woven into their dreadlocks while she waits for her new baby sibling to be born.

The Zero Dads Club Adeyoha, Angel, illustrated by Aubrey Williams. Five students in the second grade form a club and hatch a plan for a special craft to do while their classmates make Father’s Day cards.

Newspaper Pirates Skelton, J Wallace, illustrated by Ketch Wehr. Anthony Bartholomew goes on an apartment-building-wide adventure to solve the mystery of who is stealing his dads’ newspaper.

M is for Mustache Hernandez, Catherine, illustrated by Marisa Firebaugh. An ABCs of Pride book featuring a young girl with a large (and larger-than-life!) chosen family.

Jamie's Next Adventure Hill-Meyer, Tobi, illustrated by Elenore Toczynski. A young trans girl and her three best friends use their fabulous play to solidify a loving strategy for helping Jamie come out at school.

*almost completely finalized. We're still waiting for the ISBN people to come back and tell us we're all clear, and so on.

Would you like to see a few pictures, perhaps? Let me just have a wee look in the files.

A page of a sleeping Uncle Marcus, right before niece Carter wakes him up in the middle of the night with her excitement.
A page of a sleeping Uncle Marcus, right before niece Carter wakes him up in the middle of the night with her excitement.
Look at this chosen family of Titas (Tagalog for Auntie) from the amazing M is for Mustache
Look at this chosen family of Titas (Tagalog for Auntie) from the amazing M is for Mustache

 Okay, now: timing. Books are on schedule to go to the printers the first week of March, and mailing should therefore be at the end of April. That's late, I know - and I'm sorry. Because of the tardiness, we are making a couple changes. 1) all books will ship together, in a priority mail package, packed in with some extra-special surprises (::cough:: free music ::cough::) and 2) everyone who ordered a full or half series with the Kickstarter will get THE CUTEST cotton tote bag, featuring a steely butch girl pirate and the nerdiest tubby merman you ever saw. A perfect bag for carrying your collection of beautiful, delicious, amazing children's picture books.

There we have it. Thank you again, as ever, for your patience and your faith in us. More updates soon, we promise!

love and flamingos,


And a hearty autumn hello to you too!


Hello, beloved Kickstarter backers! 

We here at FR have been toiling away in the Flamingo fields, carefully harvesting loving words and organic, shade-grown pixels, readying ourselves to make six amazing, delightful, charming, and also kick-ass kids books for you. As the sheaves of words and wheelbarrows full of colors grow, let me tell you a little more about what wonders are in store for you.

First, and let me just get this out of the way - we are a little behind schedule. Your books will be fabulous, they will look good enough to eat, they will come with great treats and surprises tucked in among them, but they will not be coming in January. We are hoping to PRINT them in January, and get them out in March. Early March, if I have my way (as I so frequently do). I am very sorry about this. But - we at Flamingo Rampant are committed to great books that really reflect and celebrate the diversity of our communities both in how they look and in who is making them, and it has taken a little extra time to accomplish this.

Now, the good news (of which there is so very much). We have shifted some books to next season (next season!) and brought some fantastic new books onboard. I am especially excited today about a totally sweet heartwarming book written AND illustrated by award-winning magic man Syrus Marcus Ware, whose book (working title, The Family Stuff) tells the story of a young girl whose Uncles Marcus and Jeff have come to care for her while her parents go bring her baby brother or sister int the world. Carter can't sleep. So, Uncle Marcus lets her point to different decorations and items woven into his dredlocks and tells her the stories of what they commemorate or symbolize. 

We've got a fantastic slate of illustrators from across the US and Canada, working in all kinds of media. Here's a rough illustration for Newspaper Pirates (written by j wallace, illustrated by Ketch Wehr) of the moment when Anthony Bartholomew builds his pirate ship: 

Another title we've added recently is The Zero Dads Club. I'll tell you more about it next time, but for those of you who have been hoping that butch Babas would get some airtime on one of our books soon, I can tell you that your wishes are soon to be granted. 

Last bit of good news for this update (and they'll be more frequent from now on, since things are becoming "announceable" somewhat all-at-once): we're working with some fantastic musicians to sweeten up your packages with free download codes for fun, freedom-themed songs that we think you'll really enjoy. 

Oh, wait, no, one more bit of good news for those who were wondering: in about three weeks, your update will include a downloadable card (e- or print) you can use to let someone know that you've gotten them a Flamingo Rampant book set. I am not saying anything one way or another, but I would not be surprised to discover that these cards had burly girl pirates and nerdy mermen on them. Jes' sayin'.

love and flamingos,


PS - if you want to add subscriptions or encourage others to buy - especially libraries or other orgs where they need an invoice and cannot pay by Amazon Payments - just boogie over to, where some (more limited) options still exist. 

did you miss the Kickstarter?

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Did you miss the Kickstarter? Do you have friends who missed it? Were you hoping to get your school or library on board with us? You can still join the book club! 

You won't get the fancy extras, but you'll still get great feminist, LGBTQ-positive, racially diverse, celebratory picture books. Want in? Go to and join up. You can pay via PayPayl, credit card, or - if you're an institution such as a school, library, religious school or community center - you can request an invoice and pay by check. Join us!

love and flamingos,