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S$ 10,008 pledged of S$ 8,000 goal
By Plusboard
S$ 10,008 pledged of S$ 8,000 goal

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    1. Dennis Finegan
      on December 18

      $25 is OK with me. I'd really like to see this go forward.

    2. Plusboard Creator on December 15

      Dear Peter,

      Sincerest apologies for the upset, we will be determining our next move based on feedback over the next few days. We would love to hear yours as well and you can leave us a note on what you think over here:

      Thank you for your strong support all this while.

      Best Regards,
      Chin Joo Ern
      CTO, PlusBoard

    3. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      on December 15

      Hope for an relaunch!

    4. ErFillion on December 13

      Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-), I think you should see the latest update...

    5. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      on December 13

      I´ve increased my pledge from 25 to 70SGD, just to get 50 PlusBoards extra :-)

    6. Plusboard Creator on December 9

      Hello Grycho,

      Thank you for the question. The maximum output current is 2A, but do take note that in application, what you observe will also depend on your input current. Some portable chargers are limited to a 1A or 1.5A current output, in which case you will not be able to achieve a 2A output current with said power sources.

      Best Regards,
      Chin Joo Ern
      CTO, PlusBoard

    7. Missing avatar

      Grycho on December 9

      Maximum output is 1.5 A or 2 A ?

    8. Plusboard Creator on December 8

      Hello Mark,

      Of course! Once we have settled a few final cost adjustments we will be able to manufacture more PlusStrips indefinitely.

      Best Regards,
      Chin Joo Ern
      CTO, PlusBoard

      Best Regards,

    9. Mark Joseph A. Monserrat on December 7

      Once the campaign ended, will plusStrip still be available in case we ran out of it?

    10. Nicholas Ng Collaborator on November 30

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your well wishes! As of now, each PlusStrip is 1 SGD.
      5 PlusStrips :5 SGD
      10 PlusStrips:10 SGD
      20 PlusStrips:19 SGD
      50 PlusStrips:45 SGD

      Let us know if you have more questions. We are happy to help.

      Best Regards,
      Nicholas Ng

    11. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      on November 29

      1. Congratulations!! Fully funded!!
      2. Thanks for the fast response! :-)
      3. OK, fine. Tell me the price for 5, 10, 20 and 50 PlusStrips ;-)
      I think, there are some other Backer who like this as an addOn ;-)

    12. Plusboard Creator on November 25

      Hello Peter,

      You may order additional PlusStrips from our website once the campaign has launched! :] Alternatively, you could message us the number of additional PlusStrips you would like and we will let you know the additional amount you can add to your pledge to purchase the additional number of PlusStrips :]

      Best Regards,
      Chin Joo Ern
      CTO, PlusBoard

    13. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      on November 25

      *additional ;-)

    14. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      on November 25

      Where to buy addional PlusStrips?

    15. Plusboard Creator on November 24

      Hello Joachim,

      Good to see you here! Of course we remember you ;] Happy Black Friday!

      Chin Joo Ern
      CTO, PlusBoard

    16. Missing avatar

      Joachim Andersen on November 24

      HI PB,

      Im the guy from facebook, with gerber stuff.. :)

      Best Regards!

    17. Plusboard Creator on November 18

      Hello Ian,

      PlusBoard follows the hole-spacing conventions of normal stripboards. However, because the PlusStrip is 0.6mm thinner than a normal stripboard's 1.6mm, components that have shorter legs will be able to reach the PlusBoard's metal connectors within the board better, making it easier to troubleshoot on the PlusStrip, and you will not need to break the PlusStrip into the dimensions of the PlusBoard because they are designed to match exactly.

      Additionally, the PlusStrip's copper connections are already cleanly cut according to the layout of the PlusBoard, hence you will not need to make those cuts yourself on the stripboard before placing your components onto the PlusStrip and may proceed straight to mounting the PlusStrip on the PlusBoard and skip straight to soldering once you have completed your circuit. You might also find that a normal stripboard will not have the strips following two different axes - as found on the PlusStrip's vertical powerlines (across the length) and horizontal rows (across the breadth).

      Hence I would say that the PlusBoard can fit normal stripboards, but will require some additional work before it will work the same way as a PlusStrip.

      Best Regards,
      Chin Joo Ern
      CTO, PlusBoard

    18. Missing avatar

      Ian Lowe on November 18

      Will plusboard be only be able to fit the stripboard which you supply or are we able to attach any stripboard we buy to the board?

    19. Plusboard Creator on November 17

      Hi Jianxi,

      Thank you for your words of encouragement!

    20. Jianxi Luo on November 16

      Congrats! Excellent design!

    21. Plusboard Creator on November 16

      Hello Erick,

      Having the dual display is definitely something that we are considering at the moment. But we want to ensure that we are able to deliver it before committing to it as a stretch goal.

      Thank you,
      Vivek Kalyan

    22. Erick JA
      on November 15

      Can you make this dual display in stretch goal? thanks...

    23. Plusboard Creator on November 15

      Hello Erick,

      Thank you for your query.

      The current version of the power supply is the one seen in the video and will only display the voltage. The reason for the other picture in the gallery is that our team has always been experimenting with another version of the power supply that will show both voltage and current - this will cost significantly more (due to greater PCB (printed circuit board) complexity.

      We intend to release it once we are confident about which PCB will work best and the amount of funding required to manufacture these new power supplies.

      Apologies for the confusion, but for now, please treat the power supply with current readings as a teaser for what is to come :]

      Have a great day!

      Chin Joo Ern
      CTO, PlusBoard

    24. Erick JA
      on November 15

      Hi, i saw in pictures one display with Voltage only, other whit Voltage and current, what is the final version?