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A showcase of illustration from the years 2012-13! This is my first printed book, and hopefully first of a yearly anthology.

Hello! I'm Shelby Cragg! You may know me from Ringling College of Art and Design or as duedlyfirearms on Tumblr. Thank you for visiting the page of my first ever project on Kickstarter! 

My goal for this project is to print the first run of my first ever artbook, The Art of Shelby Cragg, Vol. 1! It is set to be a 40-page anthology of work from 2012-13, all original illustrations that I have completed this year! I am planning to sell copies of the book online and at Miami Supercon 2013, as well as possibly other conventions in the future. 

Now, this is my first year working primarily as a freelance artist, and projects like this are hard to get off the ground without support from your audience. If this project is funded, I will know there is an audience out there for my work, and I will be able to get the ball rolling!

How can you help? And more importantly, what's in it for you?

Prizes, prizes, priz-izes! I will be revealing more reward tiers as the project is funded, but feel free to check out the tempting array of goodies I am offering as rewards! I will also be rewarding you with my tears of undying gratitude.

Thanks so much for checking out my project, and please pass this onto your friends, even if you are not able to contribute financially, word of mouth is just as helpful and just as appreciated. 


UPDATE 5.29.13

We are officially funded! Thank you so much for the overwhelming support. I am completely floored and honored that there is this much interest in my work! As we continue on with the week, I'd like to announce some STRETCH GOALS!

$3,000: I will be able to print 200 paperback copies instead of 100! Yay! Also, Women With Pets will be available as stickers for all reward tiers. :) 5.30.13: FUNDED!

$4,000: Limited edition HARDCOVER BOOKS will be available for the highest tier backers! ($200) 5.30.13: FUNDED!

Will we get beyond that? Who knows! Thank you so much and you have already made this dream a reality. I am so, so excited.

UPDATE 5.30.13:

Wow, we already reached both of my stretch goals. Thanks to you guys, I am going to be upgrading the exclusive print into 11x17 posters! Stickers have been added to all reward tiers.

A new stretch goal has been unlocked!

$5,500: All backers 25 dollars and up will receive a newly designed bookmark, as well as two randomly chosen mini-prints! FUNDED! 6.3.13

I honestly don't have any stretch goals planned beyond that. After the costs of printing, shipping, taxes, and more, if I have any money left over, it will be used to fund future con booths and other products just for you guys! Thank you again for your interest and support!

UPDATE 6.3.13

Wow everyone! The final stretch goal has been reached!! All backers 25 and up will get a bookmark and two randomly-chosen miniprints with their order!

As a special reward for how successful the kickstarter has been, I am opening up 10 more slots for each sold-out tier, because I have gotten a lot of requests from people who missed their chance. Thank you so much for the support, everyone!

stickers now available to all tiers 25 and up!
stickers now available to all tiers 25 and up!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I have already created the page layouts for the book, all that is left is for it to be sent off to the printer. I am going to be editing things as needed, but this is a pretty painless process for me, as 90% of the work is already complete. Possible holdups may occur with the publishing company, but has a good reputation and I sincerely hope that will not be the case!


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    Everything helps! You will receive generous thanks from me and also a hug if I ever meet you in person.

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    You will receive a Kickstarter-exclusive print of the coverart from the book! Signed by the author. Wow! Cool!

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    You will receive a copy of the book once it is printed, along with the print from the first tier!

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    You will receive a signed copy of the book, along with a personalized sketch JUST FOR YOU in the inside cover, as well as a post-it note drawing of me crying and saying "THANK YOU" Also, the print from the first tier, and any other print in my shop of your choice.

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    You will get the signed book with custom doodle, the print, and any drawing you want. Seriously I will draw you punching a dude in the face and email it to you. Also, you will get special thanks in the book because I love you.

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    You will receive a signed LIMITED HARDCOVER EDITION of the book with personalized drawing, kickstarter print, a print of your choice from the store, and a requested drawing from me! You will also get special thanks in the book along with the 100 dollar donators.

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