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The debut of Black Door Press. Two anthologies feature some of the newest and most evocative voices in erotic fiction.

Black Door Press

Black Door Press is the brainchild of author, Gillian Colbert. After being disappointed time and again by erotic romance that lost the integrity of the erotic exploration through implausible plots, stereotypical characters and poor writing, Gillian decided to try for herself.

The success of her short stories and novellas have proven that readers want more than just steamy scenes between the characters; a thought that has been borne out by reviewers who mention strong characters and great plots.

So, Gillian decided to take it a step further and launch Black Door Press – A small, indie publisher determined to change the landscape of erotic romance by offering stories that explore the human sexual experience while not lowering the standards of excellent writing craft. The two debut anthologies, Initiation and Surrender, are the first steps on that path.

Why Kickstarter?

The death knell of any indie press is the inability to produce a high-quality book. Large, established presses have editors, proofers, cover designers and other staff on hand to do the “dirty” work that goes on behind the scenes. BDP is new and doesn’t have the revenue stream to hire that staff … yet.

The idea behind using Kickstarter is to fund the production of the books so that these initial offerings are of the highest quality. Who wants to read a book rife with grammatical errors, poor format or bad typography?

However, these services are not free and take true expertise for them to be done correctly. Black Door Press will not sacrifice quality standards just to put a product out. As with all things, though, a little bit of funding is required to do it right.



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