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€110 pledged of €2,000 goal



I'm a fan of the total war games and I always wonder why Creative assembly don't make more games because there is a lot of forgotten wars which can make good games.

Moreover, I am from Haïti and I want to make a game about the history of this country. So It should take place during the expedition of Saint Domingue in 1802.

This expedition led by Charles Emmanuel Victoire LECLERC begin by the defeat of Toussaint LOUVERTURE but finished by the victory of Vertière in december 1803 which led to the Declaration of independance in january 1804.

The concept:

I want to make a real time game but it should stay simple. You will have to build some building for the economy and for the recruitment of the troops.

Normally it will have more than 1000 units in the same time.

The concept can evolve throughout the development but you get whole idea.

Finally, it will takes place in tropical environnment with the malaria so attrition will be on the party.

I will give a lot of attention to environnment sound, the music, the drum and above all on the uniforms!

You can refer to "Imperial Glory" as i take my inspiration from this game and you can refer also on Total war serie. My game sould look like those games when finished.

I will use the Game engine Unreal Engine 4 so the final result will be mind-blowing.

I hope to implement a kind of third person gameplay in the game to improve the immersion but that will depend on my ressources and on my abilities.

If you want to see what I am able to do at the moment please go on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

By funding this game you will allow me to offer you a new experience of the war during the napoleonic era. I will hire some freelance to improve all the work, also buy props and mesh to make up all the maps and make the advertising.

Risks and challenges

The most difficult thing for me will be to implement all the thing I will modelled in unreal engine and give it the realism it needed.
As i'm more a 3D artist thant a level designer , i will need to improve a lot my skill on Unreal ENGINE 4.
I Think that this game will go out on January or February 2018.

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