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An epic space sim where 100's of players wage war across a seamless, procedurally generated, true to scale solar system!
5,828 backers pledged $332,620 to help bring this project to life.
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      Paul on

      @I-Novae Studios Thanks for the response! I certainly didn't believe the delay was to raise funds, I wasn't suggesting that :) Just to suggest not to make the delay a money making opportunity.

      The points you made I agree with to a point. dev+ paid more to get an even earlier look at the game, maybe want in to make suggestions and other incentives. That timeline is depreciating however, up to the end of oct dev+ backers will have had the earlier access and period of extra time as you said you would offer, so nothing is lost if you then give alpha backers access to whatever the state of game is then, or close to then? It certainly wouldn't be fair to ask for a $100 or so upgrade as by then the even earlier access time has passed.

      Essentially we're saying would a Dev+ backer be upset if an Alpha backer got access to the game at Oct/Nov even if the game hasn't reached the Alpha milestone?

    2. I-Novae Studios Creator on

      @Paul @Omegador is correct, the delay has nothing to do with trying to raise additional funds. That being said you do make a valid point. Essentially there's 2 ways of looking at it - as a backer did you pledge to play the game within a certain period of time or did you pledge to receive a certain set of features. Technically speaking you pledged for both but given that we won't be able to deliver those features under the original timeline something has to give. We were looking at it from a features standpoint - if you pledged Alpha then you pledged for an Alpha build of the game which won't be ready on October 29th. However we could distribute to Alpha backers whatever we do happen to have at that moment in time if we decided to do that.

      Ultimately Developer Access+ backers pledged significantly more than Alpha backers, at least $100 more, for the privilege to play the game in its most formative stages before anybody else. Our decision to delay the Alpha release wasn't to punish our other backers, it was to ensure our backers who paid for it have the privilege to play the game before all of its features are ready for Alpha - just like Alpha backers will receive that same privilege before Beta backers.

      We'll continue to engage the community between now and October 29th to see if there's perhaps a better way to handle the situation, we appreciate your feedback and your support!

    3. Omegador on

      @Paul I don't think they intended to persuade backers to upgrade. I think it has more to do with the fact that the option to upgrade exists, and could be worth it if anyone wants to do it.

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      SPO_Megarith on

      I'm sure you'll be fine. Just finally let me throw more money at you guys.

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      Paul on

      Hi, Not sure about the upgrade option to be presented to Alpha backers due to your delay. Although I appreciate delays will happen...asking people to pay more to get a look at the game when they were estimated to be able to anyway feels like a bad move. Why not just give alpha backers a pre-alpha look in Oct without using this as a way to leverage more funds?

    6. I-Novae Studios Creator on

      @Matjaz yes that's correct.

    7. Matjaž on

      In pledges there is reward term "private alpha build". Is that type of access you're talking about (moved form October 2016 to early 2017)?