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Help me make "My Dad the Giant" a reality for its debut at the Mitten Movie Project on September of 2011.
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Recent updates

Preparing for the Leica Reel

Well it's that time!

Now what I need to do is compile all my shots into another Leica Reel.  This new reel will feature reshot animation on my new webcam and some added flash scenes like the ones you have seen so far. Hopefully this should give a good idea of how the entire piece looks in motion. 

Flash has allowed me to test animate previously tedious shots like the frames shaking to Emilio's powerful scream, quickly and with some good results. :)  

Some fellow coworkers have expressed interest in helping me composite and I will keep you updated on the progress on that front as it continues this month. 

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Almost there!

Completed about half the shots I need finished for the new Leica Reel today, and the other half should come tomorrow.  I also updated SC64 as you can see below. The Leica Reel is almost ready to be composed and I look forward to sharing it in a future update. 

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SC64 Rough Roughs

Because the Layout for this shot changed so much I had to go back and revisit the animation.  At this point the shot is in rough keys but should be cleaned up before the weeks end.  By Next weekend I hope to have all the shots animated and ready to edit into a new Leica Reel.  

After the Leica Reel is finished I can submit it to the Austin Film Makers Production fund, and will keep you updated on the progress there. 

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Working in Flash

Now before anyone gets alarmed, let me just say the final product will not be in flash.  What I am doing is animating as fast as I can in flash, and I will then print out the frames of the flash animation (with peg bar guides as shown) to be traced and rendered in pencil.

Just today I was able to crank out SC02, SC03, SC08, SC10, and SC21 with SC22 halfway done. 

I was also able to go into many shots that needed FX or prop animation and rough those in as well. A great example is SC02 where Brianelli's giant hand slams into the table and wipes off the excess candle pieces.  You can see how I've roughed in in flash and can then print out and trace the drawings, adding in-betweens, for the final shot. 

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Lifting the Frame

Sorry for the brief hiatus, I have indeed been animating but with the new computer set up it has been difficult to post. 

Never the less, here is a much needed update.  below are keys and breakdowns, tied down of SC64 where Brianelli is lifting the huge frame and torn canvas. 

To better keep you updated here is the revised list with everything I'd like to get done before May, so I have a month to composite. 

Needs to be done: 19 in total

Animate or Reanimate

SC02, SC03, SC19, SC29, SC33, SC35, SC58, SC63

Tie Down

SC22, SC39, SC41, SC42, SC44, SC47, SC48, SC52, SC53, SC54, SC57

Want to get done: 6 in total

Tie Down

SC08, SC10, SC24, SC25, SC34, SC65

I plan to hash out a lot of these in flash over the weekend if I can, then print and trace them for the final. After all of that is done I can begin composing the shots for the 2012 Leica Reel. 

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