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Help me make "My Dad the Giant" a reality for its debut at the Mitten Movie Project on September of 2011.
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Application Submitted and new POC shot

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"My Dad the Giant" has officially been submitted to the Texas Film Makers Production Fund.  I am applying for the sum of $10,000.  $7,767 of the funds I have set aside for the Orchestra, the remaining money will be used to help with distribution and sound mixing. 

Below is the final render and Proof of Concept (POC) shot that I attached as an example of how the final film will look. If the video does not work, feel free to use my youtube link:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, enjoy!

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Proof of Concept Colored

Greetings again!  The deadline for the grant application is fast approaching, as is the proof of concept animation's completion. 

Now all I have left to do is add in the shadow models, and composite the final shot. Below you will see it in the color phase, the background graciously provided by the amazing Chris Beaver, a coworker of mine. I am working fast on tightening my budget, the money I am asking for, as well as the time and money already provided.  If I can get this grant, then the Orchestra is a go!

Alas there is some sad news as well as good.  As some of you know, but presumably not all, my father Brian Stannard a large source of inspiration for this film, recently passed away.  3 years ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, to which the doctors gave him a year to survive at best.  being the strong willed person he was he made it 3 times as long.  His passing has been hard for myself and my family, but his determination, his love, and his optimism still lives on and will help fuel this production to the finish come hell or high water.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy the colored shot.  A new shadowed and composed shot will be released very soon. 

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Almost all cleaned up

I've finished cleaning up the father and am now moving onto Emilio.  Emilio just needs a few tweaks really and he should be good, then it's all color, shadow models, background and composing in After Effects. 

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Things are getting pretty

Things are moving along nicely.  I just recently moved into a new duplex that's much closer to my workplace, it's taken some time away from working on the film, but I was able to composite together this frame to show you.

everything in here is representative, if not complete mind you, of the final product.  Each shadow layer was created in flash and I intend on finishing the animation of the shadow models for this shot soon.  There is still some tweaking that needs to be done (the father's toes for instance need better shadows), but I am confident I will have a solid Poof of Concept shot done soon. 

The next shot to be composed will be the Title sequence. :)

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Rough Animation Finished

Now with the Rough animation on my Proof of Concept shot finished, and Tie-Down pretty much done as well, I can begin the shadow models. Yay!  

Then once that and the color is finished for this shot, I will bring it into after effects for final composing. 

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