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Journey sings spirituals. Journey ministers. Journey needs your partnership to spread the gospel through these spiritual songs.


Journey is a thriving group of young people who attend or live near the campus of Andrews University. Although most of them are students, Journey is much more than another singing group on campus. Journey members take time out of their schedules to come together every Sunday, with no academic credit given for motivation, and sing spirituals and other Christ filled songs.

When Journey began in 2003 they had no idea where God would take them. Two young men, Martin L. Lister and Baron Savory, were impressed to start an ensemble which would sing old spirituals. At first, their only concern was to share their joy of singing however, as time passed, the Holy Spirit planted seeds in the hearts of each member. Through inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the group chose a name, and it was decided that Journey would be the most appropriate title. It echoed their mission and purpose in a very clear and effective way.


Through the years, Journey has had the opportunity to minister in various venues such as church services, concerts, banquets, celebrations, and much more. They have had tours to the Bahamas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Michigan which have been the source of many precious memories and ministry opportunities. Furthermore, Journey’s repertoire has expanded to include cultural, jazz, contemporary, and classical compositions. This group is filled with talent generating creative avenues to minister to the world.


Because Journey is a group made up of students who come and go, we decided it was time, after 9 years of ministering, to bring all the different members that have been a part of Journey, at one time in those 9 years, together to not only fellowship with one another, swap stories, and learn, but to make music. 

Because Journey is quite large, ranging from 15-30 each school year with a steady flow of new and old members, getting together to make a live album will cost a lot of money.

With your help we cannot only fund the album, but make the cost of bringing everyone together for this joyous occasion much easier. Your support will go to fund all the different costs it takes to house and feed Journey members as well as pay for the production and duplication of the actual CD.


We are estimating a group of about 100 people will be involved with the live album. We have set a long weekend in October for fellowship and practice. The cost is based on those 100 people and the 5 days they will be here.

Food - $2,000

Housing - $2,000

Transportation - $1,000

CD production and duplication - $3,500

Total: $8,500


From the bottom of our hearts to yours thank you for supporting Journey. We will keep you updated on the status of our fundraising and send you peeks into what our group is up to. 

God bless,



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