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Most people waste oil, time and money by changing oil way too often. Lubricheck tests the oil and warns of developing engine problems!
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Lubricheck Software Completed. Now Works on Diesel, Too!

Posted by WaveOn Technologies (Creator)

We are pleased to report that our software development and testing has been successfully completed! During this process, we found several changes that were required in the hardware as well, including the need to change to a more powerful IC chip. The first test units are now working beautifully, producing highly consistent, repeatable results. We are now poised to build multiple units for field testing. Arrangements have been made to send several of these pre-production units to one of the largest oil testing labs in the US. Here, Lubricheck test results will be compared to the results from sophisticated lab equipment, on dozens of oil samples. We expect that publishing this data will help to convince even the most skeptical reader that the Lubricheck really does do what we claim.

But Wait! There is More!!

A good portion of the delays over the past few weeks have been due to our clandestine efforts to design the standard gasoline model Lubricheck to work on diesel engines, too. We had not mentioned this effort earlier because we were not sure it was possible to do, and we did not want to raise false hopes. We are delighted to report that our test results prove the standard Lubricheck works equally well on gasoline AND diesel engines! This should be very good news to the numerous backers who have passionately urged us to develop a diesel capable unit ASAP. In addition, this new capability will open opportunities for us in the vast market of commercial trucking, where regular, expensive laboratory oil testing is a way of life.

We wish to thank our backers again for the wonderful support and patience they have extended to us! As soon as our circuit changes are implemented, and the bill of materials is updated to reflect our modifications, we will get fresh pricing from our vendors, and begin ordering parts for production. It will take several weeks to get all of these parts ready to go. We will keep you informed on estimated production delivery dates as they become available.

Happy New Year and warmest regards,

The Lubricheck Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Terry on

      A month has passed so we need another update please.

    2. Brad Herman on

      Glad to get an update. Thanks.

    3. WaveOn Technologies Creator on

      Dear Backers,
      Progress has been much slower than expected, (obviously!) but it has been steady. We expect to be shipping several samples to a large oil testing lab here in the US within a few days. We fully expect their results will clearly show the Lubricheck performs as advertised. When we finally ship those units, I will issue a new update, as that will be a huge milestone.

      Once again, thank you for your patience. We are getting there!

      The Lubricheck Team

    4. Missing avatar

      Matt Smollinger on

      Any update on how this is going guys? Haven't heard anything in a bit.

    5. Vincenzo Iaciofano on

      i am looking forward to testing both my petrol and diesel cars.

    6. Missing avatar

      tomw on

      The ability to do diesel is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE. Everyone who drives a diesel will want one of these because: 1. Diesel owners are very aware of proper maintenence 2. Diesel owners are very cost conscious- Oil changes on a typical modern diesel are EXPENSIVE- so the first time you use lubricheck, it pays for itself.

    7. WaveOn Technologies Creator on

      Regarding Stuart's question about aircraft oil, we are not willing to risk rendering an opinion on this question because we have not tested aircraft oil. The liability issues surrounding this question are too serious for us to be guessing about. Perhaps we will be able to learn more about this as we work with our independent oil test lab over the next few months.

      The Lubricheck Team

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave McAdoo on

      The additional ability to check diesel engines is a slam dunk, outta the park home run. Not only will you get a lot of additional business from the commercial sector, but you will also get a lot of agricultural folks on board as well.

    9. Vincenzo Iaciofano on

      Thats good news as i have both diesel and petrol engines. I am looking forward to impressing my friends with this tool. Look forward to the release and thank you for the updates.
      Happy new year to you and all the team even the wife's and families behind the scenes.
      regards Vinnychoff

    10. stuart cole on

      Thanks for the update,Fantastic news about the diesel use, I can't wait to get my (soon to be grubby) hands on it.

    11. Grant Harling on

      Great work, but let's get this show on the road already.

    12. Missing avatar

      Allan Hughes on

      Sounds great! Will it work on 50W or 20-50W aircraft oil?

    13. WaveOn Technologies Creator on


      Yes, the same Lubricheck as shown in our video and website, will work on synthetic and standard diesel engine oils, and synthetic and standard gasoline engine oils.

    14. Jeff Bernstein on

      So this means that the same Lubricheck unit will work with gasoline, diesel and synthetic oil?