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Most people waste oil, time and money by changing oil way too often. Lubricheck tests the oil and warns of developing engine problems!

The Project:

Over the past 2 years, we have invested countless hours researching, designing and testing the technology used in the Lubricheck. We have already paid for the plastic injection molds, metal stamping dies and other production tooling. The money you invest in our project is needed to finance the production of final, production-ready circuit boards, molded plastic and stamped metal parts and final assembly.

Project Update:

Many of our backers have been asking when we will ship the backer rewards. We invite you to follow this link for a look at our project plan.

In short, we hope to be shipping our rewards and Lubrichecks by the end of August. Much will depend on the availability and lead times for certain electronic components. We will keep you posted!

Why should I bother to test my oil?

Many variables make the establishment of a standard oil-change-interval difficult.  Among them are:

  • Individual driving habits,
  • Engine type and condition,
  • Climate, and the
  • Differing quantity of oil, engines are designed to hold.

Empowered with the Lubricheck, most users will find that they can confidently save significant time, money, and  lots of expensive motor oil.  You may be able to extend your oil change intervals 2-5 times beyond the traditional 3,000 or 5,000 miles. But reducing oil use is only part of it. The Lubricheck also detects contaminants in the oil, like metal particles and antifreeze. A rapid flashing red light tells you it is time to have your engine checked out before you may find yourself stranded, and expensive repairs are needed!

What is the Lubricheck?

A credit card sized oil tester that can detect engine problems early.  Early detection of antifreeze leaks or worn metal parts can potentially save your engine.

2 yrs ago we discovered an inexpensive way to accurately measure the condition of motor oil in cars, trucks, motor cycles, ATVs, mowers, etc. In addition to detecting engine problems early, the Lubricheck can also let you know when your oil really needs to be changed.

We have packed this technology into a convenient, affordable package.  The Lubricheck will soon be the only consumer oil tester on the market. It matches the results of commercial oil testers selling for over $1,000. The Lubricheck will retail for $30.

Why change my oil change habits?

Most of us are following oil change advice that was valid 50 years ago. But advances in oil chemistry, additives and engine design make it possible to run the same oil for up to 20,000 miles. Now that oil has become much more scarce and expensive, it makes ecological and financial sense to get the most we can from our engine oil. Testing your oil with Lubricheck will give you peace of mind, as you will know you are getting what you paid for from your oil. You will feel good about your reduced carbon footprint, helping reduce oil imports, all while keeping needed cash in your wallet! Still need convincing? Find links to objective, non oil company advice here.

Why should I record my oil test results on your website,  iPhone or smart phone App?

Recording your data on the Open Source LubriTrack Iphone or smart phone App, and/or on, will provide a central location for tracking the condition and maintenance of all your motorized vehicles. Enter dates and mileage when you change your oil. Then periodically test and enter oil test results. Your data will be displayed in graphical form. If your oil quality takes an unexpected turn for the worse, Lubritrack will alert you that your engine may need to be checked by a mechanic. If desired, Lubritrack will send you an email to remind you to check your oil, other fluids, tires, etc. In addition, you will be able to see average results from other Lubricheckers. You can see what oils are lasting the longest, and how other vehicles like yours are performing. 

How does this thing work?

Using a proprietary combination of capacitance and resistance sensing, the Lubricheck primarily measures the acidity, or PH of your oil. As the oil degrades, acidity increases. As the oil becomes more acidic, the acid will begin to attack and ‘pit’ the metal surfaces inside your engine. Lubricheck also detects contaminants in the oil, such as metal particles and water or coolant. For a clear demonstration of how to use the Lubricheck, see

Can you guys really pull this off?

Yup! Our technology is already proven, debugged and validated over the past 2 years. We have years of manufacturing experience. Our tooling is already built and paid for. The money raised here will go to paying for product to ship to you!

Shipping Charges:

  • Free Shipping to North America
  • Europe - Please add $10 for shipping rewards $30+
  • Outside North America and Europe - Please add $15 for rewards  $30+ 


  • Yes, IF the oil tester is based on capacitive sensing. These units are very expensive and can be priced well over $1000 each. Some racing organizations have there own spectroscopy type oil quality sensing equipment and these typically run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

    Our firm belief that this technology would be a great benefit to the general public lead us to develop the Lubricheck. The main difference between the Lubricheck and 'high end' oil analyzers is the use of the latest advances in electronic components and innovative design. This compact circuit, mass production and convenient package size has allowed an amazing cost reduction, while retaining the ability to be provide an accurate measurement.

    Last updated:
  • The current Lubricheck model measures gasoline engine recommended oils only, and works with both regular (standard) and mixed (hybrid) standard as well as any gasoline engine based synthetic oil. We are planning to produce a diesel engine oil Lubricheck product in the near future.

    Last updated:
  • The capacitive and resistive characteristics of oil for both engine types are not the same. We are continuing our research and development to produce the Lubricheck for diesel engines as well in the near future.

    Last updated:
  • Historically, changing oil based on mileage was the only practical way to assure oil was not used beyond its effective life. But this mileage based method does not take into account factors such as weather conditions, driving habits, engine condition, traffic, topography, etc.

    The recommended 3K mile interval was first specified first by oil companies and then by auto manufacturers shortly after World War II. However, over the past 65 years, oil and engine technologies have dramatically improved, allowing much longer intervals between oil changes.

    Over that same 65 years, electronic technology has made even more remarkable advances, paving the way for the Lubricheck to bring affordable electronic oil analysis to all motorists. The Lubricheck liberates the motorist to take full advantage of extended oil changes, without worry about pushing the oil too far. After all, it is the condition of the oil that matters, not the number of miles traveled!

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  • Great question! Let’s answer this with a scenario.

    Grandma has a brand new Toyota Camry with very low mileage, travels several miles every other day, lives in Southern California and sometimes goes for a long drive along the freeway to see family. A teenager buys a used vehicle with 120K miles on the engine, lives in Phoenix Arizona and loves to tear it up with some stop start city driving in the dry hot summer heat. Common sense tells us that a single metric for oil change wouldn’t apply to both vehicles. We don’t even know if a 3K mile oil change would even be enough for the second vehicle. This is where the Lubricheck product comes in, to measure the variables that determine safe and reliable oil changes. The main variables affecting oil quality over use are;

    1.Condition of the vehicle engine.
    2.Drivers driving habits.
    3.Total engine mileage driven.
    4.Environment the car is driven.

    Two additional variables, not as important as the others, is size of the engine (4, 6 or 8 cylinders, times bore size) and volume of oil required for the vehicle. These factors are the main reason auto manufacturers may specify different recommended oil change intervals based on vehicle type. The Lubricheck uncomplicates your life by taking all of these factors into account in a single test, and gives you peace of mind for the life of your vehicle.

    Last updated:
  • Several automakers are now equipping their cars with oil quality sensors; GM, BMW and Mercedes Benz to name a few. Other automakers are in the process of adding these devices, such as Ford Motor Co, Toyota, and Mazda. These oil quality sensors monitor the oil to ensure the long term health of the engine by reminding the owner to change their oil only when needed. It is very common for owners of these new vehicles to report oil change intervals exceeding 15,000 miles.

    Last updated:
  • Professional oil testing laboratories typically use spectroscopy, flash point, viscosity and chemical based tests to gather an in-depth analysis of the oil under test. Other portable oil engine testers use capacitive sensing for batch testing (testing equipment is not embedded in the system), and is a very good way to approximate the condition of the oil.

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely. Your decision as to when it is time for an oil change should be based on the variables described earlier in this F.A.Q. You may choose an LED level that suits you and your vehicle based on the way you drive it, your own peace of mind, desired financial savings, and other benefits. Lubricheck simply gives you the information to make a secure, informed choice!

    Last updated:
  • For an accurate reading, it is important to start with a clean sensor area. Before turning the power switch on, thoroughly wipe off the sensor with a soft rag, cotton swab, tissue or paper towel.

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