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A party brawler game for up to 8 players! Defeat your foes by knocking them off the game board!


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Hi, I'm Nathan Ogden, and this is Bump N Brawl! A simple and fun fighting game where the goal is to knock your opponents off the playing field.

I'm responsible for handling the programming (and some graphics), and my partner Anthony De Medeiros handles the 3D modeling and animation.

We're looking to Kickstarter for funding so that we can work on Bump N Brawl full time, buy assets we need for the project (fonts, software, sound clips, etc), and hire additional talent.


Knock the other players off the game board and be the last one standing! Colliding into other players knocks them backwards. You can also pick up objects and throw them at players... or pickup players and throw them off the side! Every character gets a unique special ability that either aids them in knocking other players off or protects them from being knocked off.

Every character has three stats... Strength, Resist, and Speed. Strength affects how much knock back is caused by any action that causes a bump to another player. Resist is the character's ability to resist a bump, it decreases after every bump. Finally, Speed is how fast a characters moves, it also affects collision based bumps because momentum transfers when bumping another character.

Some of the planned game play modes include...

Free For All, where the last player standing is the winner.

Bomb Rain, bombs rain from the sky and detonate three seconds after hitting the ground, players can pick them up and throw them at each other.

Cake, players have infinite lives and must fight over a big cake. You gain points while holding the cake. Whomever has the most points when the time reaches 0 is the winner.

Boss, one player is the 'boss,' everyone other player must team up to fight him/her.

Arcade, play through levels with objectives.

Invasion, players team up and defend against wave after wave of AI controlled characters.

Power Ups

Bump N Brawl will feature a power up system. Power ups will grant a passive  ability to the character. We plan to keep all the power ups balanced so that no one power up offers any more of an advantage over another. You may only have one power up at a time.


We wanted the controls to be as simple as possible. We decided to go with a scheme that only requires a directional pad and two buttons. That should make it easy to pick up the game without having to spend a lot of time getting the controls down.

Bump N Brawl will accept input from both a keyboard and gamepads. You will be able to change the controls from the game's main menu.


Bump N Brawl will feature both online and local multiplayer. We plan to host the multiplayer on a series dedicated servers, where each server supports up to 256 players. We also plan to release dedicated server software which will be available for the same platforms the game is available for.

Other Way To Help

You don't have to donate money to be of help to the project! Your comments and suggestions help make our game something that everyone can enjoy!

Visit the Bump N Brawl forums and give us some suggestions!

We also are in need of musical talent to help create music for the game. We plan to use some of the Kickstarter funding to hire a musician... so if you're interested you can apply now, and you'll get paid when we get paid!

If you think you have any talent that would be viable for this project then let us know by posting to the talent section on the forums!

Release Information

We plan to make the first public release of Bump N Brawl in August 2012. We'll likely have a closed beta before that which will be open to Kickstarter donators.

The final price of the game will be between $5 to $10. It will be DRM free! We plan to continuously release new characters and gameplay modes with no additional charge.

Technical Information

Game EnginePanda 3D + Pygame
Programming Language: Python

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux (Tested in Ubuntu)


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