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This young, Indy-Folk Singer-Songwriter needs your help to reveal her captivating melodies in the form of a debut EP.

Hi everyone! 

My name is Allie and I am an indie-folk musician from Wabash, IN. I had the great pleasure and honor of working with other artists and bands, however, I decided it is now time to pursue my own journey as a solo artist. 

For me, music is the only avenue for me to express raw emotion; my melodies and lyrics are the direct result of my life's experiences. There are so many inspirations for why I write words and notes on paper, but three main reasons stand out. The first and most important is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because without Him, my music means absolutely nothing. My second inspiration is my husband, Ben. He is the love and joy of my life and I could not do it without him -- no literally, he's my drummer. He also helps keep my creative and spastic mind in check. The third and final inspiration is my Son London; after losing him, I vowed never to sing another note. But in time, playing music and writing about him felt like the only thing I could do to heal and remember him. 

Now I am ready to fully embark on the journey of recording my debut EP! I am so excited about this new project but there's just one thing missing: the funds to launch my debut EP. And that's why I need YOU! Every penny you fund will go toward producing, recording, duplicating, marketing, and promoting my EP. BUT if I don't reach my full goal of $1,200 within the 25 days, I get nothing. Notta.

The EP will be titled "Colors of Love" and will consist of 5 new songs including the single, "Colors of Love." For each amount that you pledge, there are incentives (listed on the right) such as the EP itself, signed and delivered to you! 

I am so excited to begin this journey and it means so much to me that you all will be part of it! ...and remember, It wouldn't be possible without you. Literally. 

So thank you, thank you


Allie Rose


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    My deepest gratitude

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    (All of the above) + Digital download of my single "Colors of Love"

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    (All of the above) + Copy of my Debut EP shipped to you before the release date

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    (All of the above) + The copy of Debut EP shipped to you will be signed, and will include a ticket to my EP release show.

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    (All of the above) + High quality Allie Rose T-Shirt signed and ready to wear!

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    (All of the above) + 2 V.I.P. Tickets to EP release show, Signed Allie Rose poster & Exclusive performance video of your favorite song with a hear-felt thank you video intro!

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    (All of the above) + Exclusive concert for you and your friends including a song written specifically for you.

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