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A zine of rules and content for implementing American Football in Fantasy Role Playing Games.
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Tom Brady's average time to throw the ball is a mere 2.0 seconds, leaving defensive lineman and linebackers no time at all to sack, hurry, or hit Boy Wonder. But what if they were under the effect of a Level 6 Haste spell?

Football Fantasy is a complete set of rules and suggestions for implementing and resolving American Football matches inside a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. The zine offers both play by play rules and game simulation rules, considers how to integrate magic and other fantasy tropes into football and how to integrate football tropes into fantasy. Campaign ideas revolving around football and football teams are included.

*Sample Rules* - Part of the section on simulating play-by-play football.


  1. Each turn, have the QB roll 1d4 plus Dexterity modifier, while every other player rolls 1d8 plus Dexterity modifier for initiative.
  2. Resolve initiative in descending order.
  3. The QB has three 'options' of when to act - 2*Initiative Roll, Initiative Roll, Dex Modifier
  4. While resolving initiative, you ask the QB to act at each option, until the QB exercises the option to act.
  5. All players who act BEFORE the QB make plays against the QB, or positioning plays to buff or debuff.
  6. All players who act AFTER the QB make plays on the ball in the air or in another players hands.
  7. The play does not end until each player has had an opportunity to act.

*Rules Framing* - Part of the section for implementing a football league in your campaign.

Magical augmentation is a significant and ongoing part of fantasy campaigns and games, and rulings on augmenting football players during a game will be an integral part of any football league in your fantasy Universe.

Traditional Fantasy Football leagues frown upon the enhancement of a player's attributes, or magically granted accuracy or shapechange. Effects that extend endurance, preserve health, and allow physically damaged players to continue playing are generally considered part of the game however.

Any football league will have some rules about what does and does not go, and some penalties associated with breaking those rules. Whether or not you are caught and that penalty enforced depends on the skill, volume, and power of the game referees in that league. Note that the absence of a rule leaves space for experimentation.

League Grue - Magical Penalty Rules

Evocation, Conjuration - Game Ejection and 15 yards from the current or prior spot, whichever is worse for the offending team. Minor weather and force effects exempted.

Abjuration, Healing - Considered acceptable. Major energy effects and any edged damage is a 15 yard penalty from the prior spot.

Augmentation of physical statistics is penalizable with game ejection. 

Domination of another player's mind in penalizable with game ejection.

If a magical effect puts excess players on the field, the play is dead and the offending team receives a 15 yard penalty from the prior pot.

*Sample Integration* - Two partial tables of adventure ideas for football team supporting players. Make an adventure by rolling for a setup on one table, and a climax on the other.

Adventure Ideas Chart 1 - Setup

  1. The local team's QB was injured badly last week, and needs hearty adventurers to escort his hospice wagon through the kobold infested marshlands.
  2. This week's visiting team, the Legionnaires, is widely suspected of illegally spying on other team's practices to get a leg-up in games. Your job is to catch them in the act.
  3. A dark warlock plans to stage an attack during this week's huge home game. Protect the stadium against his minions and magic.
  4. A player on the visiting team has been receiving death threats while in town for the championship match, all pointing to possible death during this weeks game. Find the culprit and protect the player to preserve the integrity of the match.
  5. Your team's QB, Hank O'Leary, has been offered a massive contract by your rival city. The team owners have requested that you seek their lost family treasure in the catacombs beneath the city so they can make a counter offer before the signing period ends in 30 days.
  6. The team star's romantic partner regularly shows up at games and roots enthusiastically and bombastically for the team's star. This week's game is against the Black Marsh Balrogs, a team whose fan base is not known for pleasant in game etiquette. The team's star has asked you to ensure the safety of their romantic partner during the game, at all costs.

  Adventure Ideas Chart 2 - Climax

  1. Standing in front of you is a team of enemy football players, supported by healing magic that brings them to their feet every round. Get your entire team into their end zone, without letting their offensive players reach the person or place you are protecting.
  2. Someone has started a dark ritual feeding on the violence and negative energy in the stadium. Prevent the soul eating demon from crossing through the portal while protecting the fans from the life draining summoning magic.
  3. Throw a football through a keyhole. You have ten chances.
  4. The team owner has hatched this plot to devalue the team and escape his geas obligation to pay players and coaches every year. Now that you have uncovered his plot, you must escape the team facility with the evidence and turn the town council against him.
  5. The team's star has been taken out of commission by the events of the day. Someone needs to put on a disguise self spell and do their best impression of a world class athlete.
  6. The opposing defensive line has gone berserk. Maintain the safety of your allies and team until they are subdued.

*More Details*

The book will consist of the three sections suggested above.

1. Gameplay Rules

The gameplay rules section will offer a detailed set of rules for using your current fantasy rpg characters to simulate a game of football. These are play-by-play rules, including simulation of throwing and catching, runs, blocking, coverages, and game clock management. All utilize traditional D&D statistics, but should be easily usable in any system.

This section will also include rules for simulating games in a faster way, both a system for drive-by-drive simulation and game-by-game simulation. These are less in-depth, but still leverage traditional statistics.

The simulation is based on the core D&D battlemap combat simulation, and therefore any external 'effects' of any kind should be determinable using those rules. Whether an 'effect' is legal in the game of football is a game / league / campaign level decision and is addressed in a further section.

2. Football Leagues and Football Rules

The second section deals with implementing a Football League in your campaign. It addresses how traditional Fantasy settings effect the game of football, and where it fits in many kinds of settings. This section will contain suggested rules for managing player rosters, game management rules, and league level rules. This includes often rules specific to the impact of many fantasy realities on the game itself.

This section will also address social, historical, and cultural integration within your campaign or campaign world. This is not a rules discussion, but a freeform set of suggestions on how football can fit in. It does include a few tables and tools for helping you build out a football league on the fly, both in rules and world building.

3. Football Adventures

The third section is a set of tools, stats, and scenarios for running football related adventures in your game. This will include one team roster, and tables for generating adventure ideas, football players, league npcs, and more.

This section will also address when and how to use the rules from section 1 in an adventure and discusses connections between the place of a league in your world and campaign, and how football driven you want a campaign to be.

Risks and challenges

Without graphic design assistance, this is likely to be messy. Arduin Grimoire messy.
Without an artist, there will be no visual accents, simply dense blocks of text and tables. The main focus of the kickstarter funding is to pay an artist to work with me on creating an easier to use, visually enjoyable eperience.

My focus will be on usable rules that create football themed fantasy adventures, but with depth to accommodate a more tactical tables desire to approach football as combat, and model the physics breaking fun of frpgs inside a football game. Balancing these two goals will be the most difficult design challenge.

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