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SEAL; Sea, Air, Land Brite-Rescue, Ultra Compact Emergency Lighted Signaling System for any Outdoor Adventure.
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Personal Safety Light
Personal Safety Light

Brite-Strike® SEAL BRITE-RESCUE™; SEA, AIR, LAND ULTRA COMPACT LIGHTED EMERGENCY SIGNALING SYSTEM.  The new SEAL Brite-Rescue™ Ultra Compact Emergency Lighted Signaling System was specifically made for the Kickstarter MAKE 100 Campaign.  Each one is hand assembled in the US with the new enhanced “Rescue Green” APALS® micro thin LEDs along with  International Amber APALS-AIR® reflective front micro thin LEDs.  The combination of the two colors has tremendous visibility for Search and Rescue teams trying to locate you in an emergency. Each SEAL Brite-Rescue™ has six micro thin APALS® that run for up to 200 hours each for a total of 1,200 hours of light, two marine grade, glow in the dark strips that charge up from the sun and glow all night plus two SOLAS radar reflective strips. The tough PVC band with foam sleeves at each end is highly buoyant on fresh or saltwater. The APALS® LED light strips stabilize the band helping to keep it flat in rough seas. The SEAL Brite-Rescue™ can be laid flat on water, land, snow and ice or it can be attached to a tree for a streaming lighted banner with the corrosion proof clip and Mil Spec paracord. The super tough PVC band is 10 feet long by 5” wide and rolls up very small and slips into a neoprene pouch that attaches to your back pack strap, PFD, fishing vest or jacket. The SEAL Brite-Rescue™ weighs only 3.3 oz and fits in a small 6” X 2” neoprene pouch. The super compact size and light weight makes the SEAL Brite-Rescue™ practical for kayaks, SUPs, boating, backpacking, hiking, back-country fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, piloting and diving. There is nothing as compact and light weight on the market that can deliver so much visibility to rescue teams. The SEAL Brite-Rescue™ Ultra Compact Emergency Lighted Signaling System is an essential piece of gear for any outdoor adventure and in a true emergency, it could save your life. Included with our new SEAL Brite-Rescue™ is a Personal Safety Light, a two sided reflective pouch with a Rescue Green APALS® light strip inside. The super strong rare earth magnetic clasp attaches to the strap on your PFD, flotation belt or bathing suit. This personal light can be used in the steady on position or switched to either fast or slow emergency strobe mode. We love the Kickstarter community and our backers and want to say thank-you with a very special price of $45.00, 50% off the $90.00 retail price for this essential piece of gear for the Kickstarter Make 100 Campaign. Get your Pledge in today! A $5.00 shipping fee to the lower 48 states and a flat rate of $15.00 for international shipping via USPS.

Risks and challenges

This is a new enhanced version of the Brite-Rescue, it comes with a new combination of rescue green and international amber LED's which prove to be more effective for rescue teams to locate you in real world situations. In addition, we have added a personal safety light with a magnetic clasp that attaches to your PFD, hat, bathing suit, jacket or any piece of clothing or strap.

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    Only 100 of these SEAL Brite-Rescue™ units are being hand assembled for the Kickstarter Make 100 Campaign.
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