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Development of an iPad app based on a series of published children's books

Woolly Bugger

For those who've never heard of it before, the woolly bugger is a very popular fly-fishing pattern (lure, if you will), and olive happens to be one of the most common color variations. 

Olive, the Woolly Bugger is the endearing, relatable main character in a series of children's books of which I'm the author and illustrator. In the first two books Olive goes off to Camp Tightloops where she learns to be a fishing fly and eventually catches her first trout. Through Olive kids learn about fly fishing and feel the excitement of catching fish. The third book takes readers on a wild adventure as Olive discovers that there really is more to fishing than just catching fish! The books are fully illustrated with a reading level of about age 6 and up. Pre-reading age children love the illustrations and having the stories read to them and even older kids enjoy the unique stories and engaging characters.  

Recently Olive launched her own line of children's fly fishing accessories in conjunction with Montana Fly Company, so now kids can take Olive with them when they go fishing. She has a bright future that includes aspirations of a Hollywood career as an animated film, but first Olive plans to enter the new market of digital apps for the iPad.

Electronic devices for reading books have become very popular with adults and kids, and while I myself hope print books never go out of style, there is an emerging market in the digital world. The app is already in development and will feature condensed versions of the first two books, shortened stories with younger readers in mind. In addition to the learning aspects of the app, there will also be some fun gameplay offered; Chuckin' Bugs will be a simple game in which a character named Lefty Crayfish tosses a variety of insects to hungry fish. While mostly for fun, the game will mimic some of the challenges we face when actually fishing–not all of the fish will be easy to catch!

In addition to my day job, I am producing all of the graphics and animation for the project, no small undertaking! I am working with Derrick Kuhn and Jonathan Foos, owners of The Pixel Rebel, to develop the app. We've budgeted $3600 for development, but if I can raise more than that we'll be able to build in additional features and pay for online advertising once the app is available on iTunes. I've already made a deposit with Derrick and Jonathan and am committed to seeing it through to completion. 

This app is a very important way for Olive branch out into a new market and reach even more kids with her message. I'm very excited about the project itself, and this Kickstarter campaign. Olive thanks you for your interest in my project and hopes you'll be a backer!

Best wishes and many fishes,

Kirk Werner


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