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RPG WorldBuilder is an Android app that puts the power of worldbuilding in your mobile device
RPG WorldBuilder is an Android app that puts the power of worldbuilding in your mobile device
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    1. Larry Hamilton 1 day ago

      The app updated yesterday/last night. Thanks for that. Any ETA on the website?

    2. John Bowlin

      Is there any update on the web version, at least an eta on when it will go into testing?

    3. Simian Circle Games 6-time creator on

      We are going to release a more finished Android version in the next couple of weeks with added content. However, the plan right now is to create a browser version of this app. This will be a subscription-based product but all of you folks who backed the KS will get the subscription fee waived.

    4. Bruce Gulke on

      Is the version in the Google Play store the final version or the beta? Based on the messages and updates I've seen I'm not totally clear which is the case, and there hasn't been any update since December. Thanks.

    5. Simian Circle Games 6-time creator on

      Hey, Scott.
      We will send them all out at the same time. Probably 12/20 or 12/21. About 2/3 of surveys have already been returned. Once a few more come in we will send out the links and codes. This is just to make it a but easier on our end. Sorry for the wait.

    6. Missing avatar

      Scott Patterson on

      Hey guys! I filled out my survey, just wondering how long it takes to get the beta download link??

    7. Missing avatar

      Steven Bailey on

      @Simian Circle Games. No worry. I just wanted to have some idea of what was going on. Understand completely how crazy this season can be. Hope everyone is doing well now.

    8. Simian Circle Games 6-time creator on

      @Steven. Sorry to create worry. An update has been posted. We are planning to get you all the app before Christmas.

    9. Missing avatar

      Steven Bailey on

      Not that I'm trying to rush anything because I would much rather having a working product than something that doesn't function properly, but an update like was promised would be awesome. I've been checking over at the dev blog and see nothing there and there has been nothing on her for over a month.

    10. Bruce Gulke on

      Another request for iOS here :) (Fortunately, I have a Samsung tablet but I prefer using my iPad).

    11. Missing avatar

      Docgratis on

      I should add I am looking forward to this app and it looks really cool, and I only ask about iOS because in the FAQ you said it was based on interest.


    12. Missing avatar

      Docgratis on

      I know it has been said, but I would reiterate the request for iOS or PC versions of this app.

    13. Simian Circle Games 6-time creator on

      Hey, Vis.
      Thanks for the interest. We are planning a browser version of the app that we plan to make compatible with the Android version in the future. Right now, the maps cannot be output to a single image format. However, we are planning on releasing a stable version and then expanding it to include new features.

    14. Vis on

      Greetings. I really like the idea of this application and would love to see a Windows version as well. Regarding the overland map tiles, are the maps exportable to an image format? Are their any symbols that denote places like towns, dungeons, ruins, or roads?

    15. Simian Circle Games 6-time creator on

      Hey, Matthew.
      What you describe is currently a feature of the app. Basically you can add an encounter to the database and then attach it to any note on any tile without recreating the entry. This can be done with encounters, treasures, and even entire maps (like linking a dungeon to a forest tile).

    16. Mathew Folwarski on

      hello! I was wondering if you had any plans to add note entities that could be linked like maps. an example of this would be say a cave on the map was linked to a cult. if that cult was a reoccuring group it would be nice to be able to add a link to a notes page for them that could be linked if they appear again. by linking encounters to that notes page, you could also define common enemies so you could ad-lib encounters with them complete with stats. this could even be used to define overarching plot lines and subplots. just something to consider since I am planning to use this with my Dungeon World campaign and wanted a way to store my Adventure Fronts.

    17. Simian Circle Games 6-time creator on

      Thanks for the well wishes, Michael. We hope to make IOS happen at some point.

    18. Michael Kuykendall on

      A PC version would be fantastic too.

    19. Michael Kuykendall on

      I would be all over this if it was for iOS. :) good luck!

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Reno Collaborator on

      Hey, Benjamin! Thanks for backing. We will definitely look into Xamarin and we appreciate the suggestion.

    21. Benjamin R. Covington on

      Looks like a beautiful project. Have you considered writing it in Xamarin instead of straight up android? That way it could be more easily ported between Android, iOS and Windows computers. Just a thought. I know how development can be greatly determined by what you're team is good at.

    22. Simian Circle Games 6-time creator on

      Hey, Kevin! Thanks for backing. Right now we wanted to focus on Android only. If the response/need shows itself to to be great enough, we would love to do IOS as well. PC would come after IOS.

    23. Kevin Glusing on

      I backed since at least one person in my house has an android, but I personally have an iphone. Any chance of it becoming available on that platform? Or maybe a PC version?