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Let's not only localize Moékuri - let's bring this game's cute art, fanbooks, hardcopies, posters - everything from Japan over West!
Let's not only localize Moékuri - let's bring this game's cute art, fanbooks, hardcopies, posters - everything from Japan over West!
352 backers pledged $12,749 to help bring this project to life.

[Major Update] Two days until digital release!

Posted by Culture Select (Creator)

Hiya Everyone!

It’s been just a short little while since we ventured out into Kickstarter to raise support for the Adorable & Tactical SRPG: Moékuri! Our goal was to bring MokyuSoft’s quirky and moé-filled indie strategy title to an international audience, and you all made it happen.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone who backed, shared, and voted on Greenlight, we have a fantastic announcement for you today! The negotiations are complete, and everything is set to release Moékuri on to Steam and on December 16th, 2016! Yup, that's in just 2 Days, this Friday!

We're getting your messages and comments, and everyone at Culture Select has been working hard to get everything ready for you! We can’t wait to show off what you’ve brought to life!

This is where we need your help, though! Everyone put in so much to bring this game to life, and now we ask you to grab a friend, head to social media, or talk in your local communities about Moékuri! We want to maximize the support you gave to bring this game to life, and we can't do that alone!

Over the next couple weeks we'll be working on refining the digital version, adding multiple languages, and making it a very Moé Holiday Season for everyone! We all need a break and Moékuri is perfect for just that. Everyone who donated to a tier high enough will be receiving a Steam Key over the next two days, leading up the Steam Release on 17:30 PST. If you want to replace that for a DRM copy (in the case you don't have a Steam account), just respond back to the e-mail with your game code, and we'll help you out!

Looking into the New Year, the real fun will begin! We'll be setting up the physical perks, developing the bonus items, and the design for the hard copy has already begun! We'll be disseminating more details on that front as the New Year rolls on in!

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    1. Steven Drake on

      nevermind I found the email with the steam code in it.

    2. Rin Sae on

      I just found the email for my steam codes. Thanks, and sorry for the false alarm.

    3. Steven Drake on

      I haven't gotten a Steam code either. :(
      Backer #243

    4. Rin Sae on

      I haven't got my Steam code yet. :(

    5. Culture Select 2-time creator on

      @NightWolf21k Awesome!

      @Brooklyn Parcel - could you just e-mail us at or send a KS Message? - we can cancel the code and issue you a new one real fast!

    6. NightWolf21k on

      Got my code yesterday and cant wait until i can download it :-)

    7. Culture Select 2-time creator on

      We sent out the codes, everyone should have them!

    8. Culture Select 2-time creator on

      No worries Steven, or anyone else - if you want the MG version just DM us and we can get you taken care of within a day or two.

    9. Steven Waugh on

      could i have a mangagamer verison sorry for being picky? but i can't wait Tank you and i'm happy to hear everything whent well

    10. clk222

      Glad to hear you guys are doing well! ^^

    11. SEIRYU on

      How fantastic!