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Worlds of Magic - A new classic 4X fantasy game's video poster

Worlds of Magic is a genuine spiritual successor to the classic fantasy 4X games, with a D20 inspired tactical combat system! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2013.

Worlds of Magic is a genuine spiritual successor to the classic fantasy 4X games, with a D20 inspired tactical combat system!

Full On Alpha Baby!


Greetings once again our gracious, excited, and generally wonderful backers! It's been more than a month since our last update and we have a good bit of news to share with you. So, as I often do I'm just going to dive in!

Alpha Testers Testing

Our first news item is that we have now sent out all our alpha tester invitations. For those of you who are waiting on Beta this is good news because it means we're getting closer all the time. We do ask our Alpha testers to really test things up. We need to find and kill bugs and well as streamline game play. The more feedback we get the better and faster we're going to be able to do that. So, talk to us, we're listening. Keep in mind that the backers' forum is a great place to share your thoughts:

Backers' Forum

We can't give you a firm date on the start of Beta testing, but we can tell you that “soon” is probably a good word to use. Up to this point Alpha testing has gone very well. We still need to spend some time with the battle board to make it really shine, but that shouldn't take us too long. From there it's just a step to Beta testing.

Research Spellbook
Research Spellbook

I'm On A Mexican Radio

Well, a Canadian radio really. But what difference does that make, eh? Aaron did a live radio interview with the guys from KTAM Radio last night. (Next time we'll try to give you advance notice of any live interviews. It fell through the cracks this time.) Our community's own Troy Costisick was the one who actually conducted the interview. If you'd like to give it a listen it's up on KTAM Radio's website. You can find it here:

KTAM Radio

Draconian Wizards' Guild Concept
Draconian Wizards' Guild Concept


Our friends with the SUPERHOT development team recently launched a kickstarter campaign for their first game. Amazingly, it's entitled SUPERHOT. If you haven't heard of it yet, don't worry, you're going to hear of it more and more. It's a very unique first person shooter. What's so unique about it? Time only moves when your character does. So, you can spend fifteen minutes considering just how to chop the bullets that are flying at you out of the air with your katana before you do it. It's something you really have to see to appreciate, so we want to encourage all of you to go take a look!


That's it for this update guys. We should have more news soon! As always, thank you for making all this possible!

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