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Worlds of Magic - A new classic 4X fantasy game's video poster

Worlds of Magic is a genuine spiritual successor to the classic fantasy 4X games, with a D20 inspired tactical combat system! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2013.

Worlds of Magic is a genuine spiritual successor to the classic fantasy 4X games, with a D20 inspired tactical combat system!

Recent updates


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Time Flies


Greetings once again our wonderful backers! We've got a few news items to share with you and it's a very busy time for us. That being the case, I'm just going to jump in.

Less Than Three Weeks To Go

In case you haven't noticed it's less than three weeks until March 19th. That's the day we unveil Worlds of Magic to the general public. Needless to say, we need it as polished as we can get it by then. Our focus for these last days is going to be on fixing bugs, improving the AI, making UI improvements, and optimizing the game. And we can use all the feedback we can get. So, we ask all of you who are willing to get in there and get playing. This is the last big push and your last chance to have an influence on the initial release.

WoM Goes Gold!

Yep. We've completed the Gold Version of WoM. What is the Gold Version? It's simply the feature complete version. That's correct! All eight races, all seven planes, and all the other version 1.0 features are in place (although some of them are currently only accessible via DLC). Of course, we also have a lot of bugs in place at this point, but we're killing them on a daily basis. We plan to add no new features until after release. From this point on it's all about improving what we have.

PS4 Release

You may have heard the rumor that WoM is going to be released on the PS4. Well, we want to let you know that it's absolutely true! Now, before any of you get concerned that we're taking our focus off the PC version we want you to know two things: First, the PS4 port is being handled by Teyon (a company that specializes in console ports) rather than Wastelands Interactive. This will allow us to offer a PS4 version without taking development time from our team. Second, the release is scheduled for Q3 2015. So, the game will have several months to “mature” before the port.

All things considered we feel this is very exciting news for WoM and we hope you all agree.

Shout Out

As is usually the case, we have another Kickstarter we want you to take a look at. Those of you who remember and love The Oregon Trail will almost certainly be interested. It's called Orion Trail and it's very much as if Star Trek and The Oregon Trail had a baby. It's is certainly worth taking a few minutes to look at:

Orion Trail

Once again we want to thank you all! It's been a long road, but version 1.0 is right around the corner and that makes all the effort (and the years it took) worth it.

The Big Day


Greetings once again our most amazing and insightful backers! We have rather exciting news to share with you today: Worlds of Magic now has a tentative release date. The initial digital release is planned for March 19th 2015. So, in just two months you'll be able to tell everyone you know that you helped take WoM from mere concept all the way to complete release. And we thank each and every one of you!

In Between

So, what's going to happen between here and the initial release? Well, a lot...

First off, we're overhauling the AI so that enemy Sorcerer Lords are going to be the main threat and the player will actually feel as if they're facing off against other enemy wizards. We hope to roll out the first major AI update this Friday, January 23rd (or Thursday the 22nd for those who play the beta builds). We would appreciate feedback on your experiences with the AI. The more play testing we can get in the better.

We're also working on balance. In fact, there are two posts on the forums where we're asking for feedback:

Race & Unit Balance

Spell Balance

Obviously, balance is a subject where feedback is critical. We would appreciate getting as much as possible.

More content is on the way as well. We still have two races, two planes, a load of spells, more heroes, titans, etc, to add. We plan to keep pumping in content over the next couple of months. Even now there's quite a lot to play with (some players are nearing the 200 hours of play mark) and there'll be more and more as the weeks pass.

All this is to say: We're nearing the finish line guys. We could use as much feedback as possible. So, we ask you to get in there and get playing. :)


We're also very pleased to announce that the artbook for the general public is ready. You can download the PDF here:

WoM Artbook

Feel free to share it with everyone you know. The special backers version (which some of you pledged for) will be ready before too much longer. It contains special content that is not in the normal version.


As we often do we want to give a shout-out to another project. It's called Moonman and is a procedurally generated 2d pixel-ated adventure game that Aaron thinks looks very interesting. (Yes, it's another one that he's backed and he's trying to get you guys to help get it funded, lol.) Either way, it's certainly worth taking two minutes to watch their KS video. So, here it is:


As always guys you have our thanks! Expect to hear from us again soon.

Indie Game of the Year


Greetings once again our wonderful backers. Christmas is drawing near and we're working hard to bring you dwarves by the end of this week. Consider it a thank you for all you've done. Now, if you feel like you'd like to thank us for all we've done then we have good news! You can show your thanks for our hard work (and there's been a lot of it) by voting for us this year:

Indiedb's Indie of the Year

Worlds of Magic is in the running for Indie of the Year. It's eligible because it's currently in early access. Needless to say, if WoM was to win the award it would really help spread the word about the game. We would appreciate you taking a moment to go vote for us. As we've said many times before we want WoM to be a living game. The more players we can bring in the more quickly we'll be able to add content in future. We're currently climbing to the top and every vote counts, so please take a moment and give us a vote.

Vote for WoM

Shout Out

Once again we want to give another KS project a shout out. It's a sort of graphical text-based rpg strategy empire management game. Really you'll have to actually see it to get it. Aaron likes it, so you might as well go take a look, lol.

Yes, Your Grace

That's it for this update guys! As always, we thank you for all you've done!

More On The Way


Well, it's been around six weeks since our last update and a good bit has changed since then. We've found and fixed a load of bugs, improved performance here and there, reduced memory usage, added a number of icons, models, and spells, and made the game just generally more “gamey” and playable. On top of all that we have some news to share:

The Dwarves Are On The March

Yes, the dwarvish race is about to make it's debut in Worlds of Magic. (Just in time to share a bit of excitement with a movie which is also filled with dwarves.) They will be the sixth race (of eight) to get into the game and are bringing with them both familiar and new buildings and units. It's worth taking a look at the lineups if you haven't already:

Dwarven Units

Dwarven Buildings

Yet Another Plane

This update is also adding another plane of existence to the game, bringing the total up to five. A number of new world resources unique to the plane are also going to be included. As the months pass the conquerable universe just keeps getting bigger. We'll soon be one plane closer to the complete seven we're going to have by release.

Aaron On Twitch

Aaron is going to be doing a prolonged twitch interview on December 3rd starting at 6PM PST. It will probably run for four or five hours and we want to invite you all to tune in and listen to Aaron slowly lose his voice while he talks almost non-stop for hour after hour. You'll be able to watch the interview live here:

Iron_Leonem's Twich Channel

As always we want to thank you guys. We've used the phrase “thank you” so many times over the past 20 months or so that some of you may be getting numb to it. Well, don't. Our thanks are as sincere as they are frequent. And we've attempted to make our sincerity obvious by listening to your feedback and constantly improving the game. So, keep playing and we'll keep working and together we'll make WoM a modern classic!

Update Update


Hello once again our awesome backers! This update is just a quick update about our latest update. (Is that enough update for you?) So, exactly what have we updated? Well, I'll tell you:

Another Race

First off, we've added Orcs to the race lineup. So now you guys can get in there and start rampaging through the universe with Orcish raiders. That brings the total up to five races for those of you keeping score. We still have the Dark Elves, Myrodants, and Dwarves to come (not necessarily in that order), but we've now passed the halfway mark!

Another Plane

We're also happy to announce that the plane of Fire is now in-game. That brings the total up to four, meaning that we've passed the halfway mark with the planes as well. The plane of Fire brings with it a unique World Feature and World Resource. If your memory needs a bit of a jog just take a look at the Wiki:

The Plane of Fire

Heroes, and Champions, and Artifacts, Oh my!

This update also adds Heroes and Champions to the game. And, of course, that makes artifact creation useful. So now you'll be able to hire heroes, load them down with magical equipment, and send them out to conquer the universe. That ought to be a lot of fun, eh? Again, you make want to take a peak at the wiki:

Heroes & Champions


Strategic View

We've also added a strategic view for those of you who want to see more of the world at a time. Just zoom out on the world map to give it a look. It's something a lot of people asked for, so we added it. Why? Well because we care what you guys want!

We're Still Working!

Keep in mind guys that we're still working away. This has been a really busy month for us. We got a load of feedback after Early Access and we've incorporated a lot of it already. Bugs have been fixed and features added. However, we still have a ways to go and we still need your help. The more feedback we get from you the better we can make Worlds of Magic. So, get in there, get playing, and get talking!

Shout-Out Time

As we often do, we want to give a shout-out to another kickstarter project. This one is called Voxel Quest and it's another that Aaron has backed. It claims to be “An Isometric, Voxel-Based, Roguelike-Simulation-RPG-thing” and it is certainly worth a look. It's not just a game it's a game engine. Players will be able to both play and create with it. Take a moment and give their project a glance. Odds are you'll be glad you did.

Voxel Quest Kickstarter

Once again, thanks guys! We appreciate all you've done for us!!