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We created a product that makes ZERO changes to BEER PONG while making it BETTER!  That same product makes 15 brand new drinking games!
Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon
4,058 backers pledged $102,601 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Charlene Aeryn Kiew on March 29, 2017

      Still nowhere to be seen. Any updates?

    2. Derek on February 21, 2017


    3. Michelle on December 1, 2016

      Good Afternoon,
      I still haven't received my order. Please contact me as soon as possible about a solution.

      Michelle Matte

    4. Missing avatar

      Judith Thomas on November 7, 2016

      I see some people have received their cups. Can someone let me know when I will be receiving mine? Thank you.

    5. Michelle on November 2, 2016

      Hi there,
      First congrats on completing your campaign! This is so awesome and I wish you all the luck in the world. Second, could I get a status update on when my purchase will be sent?

      Michelle Matte

    6. Missing avatar

      Emily Frew on October 21, 2016

      Still did not receive mine.

    7. Yorkie Lin on October 17, 2016

      Got them and played. Thanks, pretty cool!

    8. Missing avatar

      Zach Dziura on October 13, 2016

      My order showed up a few days ago. No DVD..

    9. Tracy Latiolais on October 12, 2016

      Just got mine in. They look great!! I can't wait to put them to use

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam Boyd on October 12, 2016

      Hey guys,

      Looks like some shipping issues for me and my package. They were picked up on Oct. 1 in Conn, but haven't gone anywhere since then. Just seeing if maybe something happened to them, I can direct message if need be. Thanks!

      ~Adam B.

    11. Garrett Massaro on October 11, 2016

      Hello - I received my cups today and they are all damaged. How do I go about getting them replaced. Thanks

    12. Missing avatar

      on October 5, 2016

      Got mine today. Awesome product.

    13. Michael Canavan on October 5, 2016

      My package arrived on Monday. Thank you for all the hard work and the updates, Guys. The product looks great... exactly what you promised. A few hiccups should be expected when creating any new product, and you handled them well. Congratulations!

    14. Anthony Bonanni
      on October 5, 2016

      Cups look great and feel great! I also tested the fit into a few different solo cups and tested how the flaps help keep the ball from bouncing out. Everything works as expected!

      I'm glad they took longer to make because I'm not reassured that the product I got is better than the initial one I backed for. Good work guys!

    15. Missing avatar

      Tina on October 4, 2016

      Got my cups yesterday! Good job guys :)
      I knew it took a long time, but I understand the whole process. It's a great product, and will bring lots of fun to us in the future!

    16. Mike Jones
      on October 3, 2016


    17. Missing avatar

      RChaudo on October 3, 2016

      FWIW, got the cups in Middle USA today. Also got funny text from the wife when she got home early and opened the box - "I opened this and I can't figure out how on earth these took so long."

    18. John Mark Henderson on October 3, 2016

      In our last email exchange you guaranteed me that I would have my cups by September. What's the deal?

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris DeMarchi on September 29, 2016

      Check their FB page...the cups arrived to them today and they are finishing the packaging and delivery this weekend.

    20. Missing avatar

      Geoff Grunska on September 28, 2016

      Nope, haven't received mine either; any word guys on when we can expect them?

    21. Brett MacDonald on September 28, 2016

      Anyone (who didn't air mail) get there's yet? They asked me to confirm my address 2 weeks ago and no word/sign yet.

    22. Geoffrey Diaz on September 26, 2016

      Asked if my address was still the same and I still have yet to receive.

    23. Missing avatar

      Nathan Ventre on September 22, 2016

      2 weeks till my music festival. I really hope to have these by then. Let me know

    24. Joe Reidy on September 8, 2016

      Are you still on track to ship these on 9/14?

      Can I bet against you being on time?

    25. John Mark Henderson on September 6, 2016

      Still haven't gotten my cups... What's the deal?

    26. Missing avatar

      Rusty Rose on August 28, 2016

      Since I didn't choose airfare I should expect my set in September correct?

    27. Missing avatar

      Debra Lauritch on August 28, 2016

      Still waiting for my cups!! I see others have gotten theirs. With football season here & tailgate party's going on not holding my breathe on these cups! Disappointed � on this whole project

    28. Tony Wenzel on August 27, 2016

      Joke company. Children with a good idea with no experience in running a business. Write it off.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dnaughts13 on August 26, 2016

      Agree with others on two points... First, it's been over a year and nothing. Stop wasting time on DVDs and just get your product out. It's molded plastic.... Second, you said it would ever made in America... Now you want $10 for expedited shipping from Asia??? It's insulting.

    30. blaz on August 26, 2016

      If the tabs are up and the balls are dirty, doesn't this mean the beer will get dirty???? So do i still need water cups??? Doesn't really sound like clean beer pong, and you're taking forever hurry up jackass.

    31. Geoffrey Diaz on August 26, 2016

      Posting about new types of games but I have yet to even receive mine.

    32. Missing avatar

      Lauren Meyers on August 26, 2016

      I never got my cups :(

    33. Todd Shoulberg on August 26, 2016

      How can I check to see when mine should be shipping?

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Grant on August 25, 2016

      I got my cups and they look great. Good work guys. I'll be trying them out this weekend.

    35. Eli Siegel on August 23, 2016

      Got my cups! Excellent quality! Very pleased. Thanks!

    36. Michael Sullivan on August 22, 2016

      received the cups today finally! They feel very good quality, havent watched the dvd yet. Cant wait to use them! - NY

    37. Robert Fitzgerald on August 22, 2016

      Just got my 4-pack in DC. Looking great so far!

    38. Missing avatar

      carlos vega on August 22, 2016

      Received my 4 pack or 20 slip cups this morning. Thanks guys! They look great and better then I expected! Can't wait to try them this weekend. Great idea and awesome product design! Definitely worth the wait! Glad u guys took the time to make slip cups flawless! Great job!!!!!

    39. Matthew D on August 12, 2016

      most of you must know nothing about producing a product and making sure 100% that it is functional and safe at the same time. it's common sense, use your head people.

    40. Joseph Magee on August 12, 2016

      This is bullshit. It's been over a year. How hard is it to mold some damn plastic?

      These twenty something fest boy blowhards have been partying with over $100k for the last year with nothing to show for it but empty promised and a bunch of pissed off backers.

      Yeah, it was only $5. At this point, it's not about the damn money. I hope these gray boy clowns at least bought good beer with my money instead of the domestic swill they were buying before fleecing a bunch of people out of $100k.

    41. Missing avatar

      Cheri on July 31, 2016

      I would have moved by the time this arrived ,need to update shipping info . Please provide link

    42. Sean VanderWier on July 27, 2016

      Jeez some pretty harsh comments. Its not like I paid a whole lot for the DONATION anyways. The whole point of this site is a start up company anyone who works in business knows there are always delays especially with something new. I appreciate the updates and I feel like you are managing expectations as best as possible wanting to deliver a high quality product! I'd rather that than some half backed product. Keep up the good work guys!

    43. Missing avatar

      Timothy Curry on July 27, 2016

      I would like to not only receive the product that I have paid for, but I feel that I should be partially reimbursed. I say this because it has passed its scheduled dates, and the biggest lie was made... I backed this because you said it was going to be "MADE IN THE U.S.A. & Patent-Pending" and that is how it is still listed on your site. The email notification that I received states; "Having packs flown in from Asia to Connecticut" (If I wanted to expedite the shipping, this means MADE IN CHINA). False Advertising....

    44. Missing avatar

      Brian LeMay on July 27, 2016

      It's pretty gutsy of you guys to offer me expedited shipping for just an additional $10 after you're almost a year past due. You probably should have eaten that cost yourselves as an apology

    45. Missing avatar

      Jignesh Patel on July 26, 2016

      Can I update my shipping address please?

    46. Missing avatar

      Kristin MacDonald on July 26, 2016

      I'd like a refund! This is absolutely absurd to take OVER a year. Refund or I will file with my bank!

    47. Missing avatar

      Chris Ogaz on July 26, 2016

      Mike. That would be so true if these were actually made here in America. Sounds like they are being made overseas.

    48. Missing avatar

      mikepalma1 on July 22, 2016

      Thanks for the update. Its entrepreneurship, dedication to quality, and commitment like yours that will make America great again! Yes.

    49. Joe Reidy on July 22, 2016

      Wow! I won't give you another dime.

    50. Matthew Trull on July 22, 2016

      Gee what a fucking surprise!!

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