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An enormous collection of the complete run of West of Bathurst, a webcomic about friendship, maple doughnuts, and possibly Satan.
An enormous collection of the complete run of West of Bathurst, a webcomic about friendship, maple doughnuts, and possibly Satan.
131 backers pledged CA$ 9,350 to help bring this project to life.

So Many Bricks

Salutations, illustrious Kickstarter supporters and everybody else everywhere. It is Saturday, and I should be marking, so naturally, I'm writing an update instead. I'm sure you understand.

We've reached the nail-biting bit of the campaign where pledges are trickling in one by one and we still have a long, long way to go. We're up to $4,130, or 55% funded. Hurrah!

To keep hope alive and burning in our hearts like a beacon made of something eldritch and painful, I offer you two things: a glance at the book's cover and a comic I just made about the campaign. More on the latter in a moment. Here (drumroll, please) is what Martin and I--plus several of my friends, who have made some great suggestions--have cooked up together for the front cover (I shall save the back cover, which is only newly designed, for another time):

Note the bricks. There must, of course, always be bricks wherever West of Bathurst is concerned.

I have also just made a brand new WoB comic starring Elisa and Athar, the slightly odd people who were always making the Davies welcome videos. These characters are actually fictionalised versions of real friends of mine, who have given me permission to use their comicised images to promote the campaign. I've posted the comic on the It Never Rains website (I would have posted it on the West of Bathurst website, but I would like the "Marie stands just east of Bathurst and does not, in fact, cross it" comic to remain forever on the main page there, and It Never Rains, being an active comic, gets more traffic at the moment). If you go to the INR website, you will find a somewhat larger and easier to read version of the comic.

Finally, here is an updated version of the banner ad I made:

My awesome friend Peter Chiykowski of Rock, Paper, Cynic, who has run two successful Kickstarter campaigns himself, noticed an URL sale and bought me a much less cumbersome URL to point directly at the campaign. For the love of all that is soul-destroyingly huge, please feel free to use it. Peter has made it even easier by creating special links for pre-set-up Facebook and Twitter messages. I shall post all the relevant links at the bottom of this message.

Thanks again for all the support thus far. If you can, do attempt--gently and in a pleasingly non-annoying way--to convince at least one person you know that this would be a good project to support. If you can't, no worries. We can but try.

Be excellent to each other...



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