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An enormous collection of the complete run of West of Bathurst, a webcomic about friendship, maple doughnuts, and possibly Satan.
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Last Gasp: Pre-orders

Posted by Kari Maaren (Creator)

Hello, all. I'm almost ready to take the plunge and put in the big order (I had to delay it a bit because I was in Boston for a while, and I didn't want the order to arrive while I was away). However, I'd like to give people one last chance to order books. I haven't had a pre-order page before now because I've been trying and failing to set up a PayPal business account. Apparently, PayPal believes that my address is "incorrect." It will not tell me why. At any rate, I have so far been unable to create a pre-order page...but tonight, I had an idea, somewhat like the Grinch but possibly more productively.

You see, I sell my music on Bandcamp, and Bandcamp also allows users to sell merch. I can just barely claim my comic is related to my music because both of them are geeky, so there you go: instant justification. I've set up merch pages for both the paperback and the hardcover. Bandcamp takes PayPal, so it's rather more convenient than Kickstarter.

Here's the paperback:

...and here's the hardcover:

A few caveats:

1) Pre-orders will remain open until Friday, July 3rd, which is when I'll place the big order. I'll order a few extra copies, but not all that many, as...well, let's just say that the finances have gone a bit wrong.

2) The Kickstarter prices ($60 and $90) stand, with extra charges for shipping, even, this time, for Canadians. I don't know if the Canadian dollar took a dive, or if the publisher I'm using has raised its prices, or if its price calculator just isn't very good, but the books have turned out to be way more expensive than my initial estimates suggested. The people who bought the paperback are being very much undercharged; I'm losing money on it. The people who bought the hardcover are not being undercharged, but they're not being overcharged, either. As it is, I'm going to end up thousands of dollars out of pocket. I'm chalking this up to a learning experience and eating the extra cost, but it's probable that the paperback will quietly drop out of sight or become a lot more expensive once I'm done with this batch, as I can't afford to keep subsidising it for long.

3) As a very slight consolation, I've included a free download of the album Everybody Hates Elves in the purchase price ($10 value). Here's the album, just for fun:

4) If you are in Toronto and know me personally, and you'd like to order a copy of the book, you may want simply to e-mail me at, and we'll do a private PayPal sale without shipping added. Unfortunately, there is no way to add a "no shipping" option on Bandcamp unless you don't charge anybody for shipping.

Thank you for your extreme patience. We're almost there.


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