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An enormous collection of the complete run of West of Bathurst, a webcomic about friendship, maple doughnuts, and possibly Satan.
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Posted by Kari Maaren (Creator)

I know it's been a while, but behold the Epic Adventure of the WoB Proofs, which may as well have been doing the frickin' Amazing Race (actually, the Amazing Race probably takes less time). It's been seven weeks since I ordered the proofs. That's not even an exaggeration. I put the original order in on April 14th. Then everything went wrong, repeatedly and at length.

Finally, at long, long last, the proofs have arrived. I made an unboxing video, but that went wrong too because 1) my camera was dead, so 2) I asked my friend Manda to do the filming, and 3) her camera was dead, so she 4) used her phone, which 5) rang in the middle of the filming and destroyed the video. I therefore had to make an unboxing video after I had already opened the box and seen the books, and somehow, 6) we managed to cut off the first few seconds of that one as well. Also, 7) I had a gig tonight, so 8) I was sitting on a stage with lighting that was great for a theatre but not very good at all for filming with a cellphone camera. You can see parts of my face at times.

However, the video does demonstrate that the books exist and are huge and pretty. Ignore the bit in the video where I complain about the quality of the colour and the paper. The colour is actually quite good, but the light on that stage made everything look rather strange. The paper quality is also fine. I should not have insulted the paper quality. I apologise, print-on-demand place.

I need to consult with my designer about the results of our efforts. Once I have, I'll see about putting in the big order, though there are a few logistics I'll need to iron out first. The good thing is that we know the books are going to turn out all right, even if they are genuinely the size of the Riverside Shakespeare and are going to cost the moon to ship.

Finally, let this be a lesson to you, Errol Elumir: when you know your friend is due to film someone on her phone at 7:00, don't call her at 7:05. Let this rule guide you from now on.

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    1. Johann Bayer on

      That is certainly a massive (and shiny) book, yayyy! I guess I must start making some space and reinforcing the shelves around here to be ready for when it arrives.