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The Bellwether Syndicate (William Faith & Sarah Rose Faith) are preparing to enter the studio to begin work on a brand new album! ∞
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Update: July 4, 2018

Posted by The Bellwether Syndicate (Creator)

Hello friends,

It’s been a while, but things have been anything but quiet. We’ve been recording steadily over the last months, and things have been coming along — however, we did experience a bit of a setback recently:

We returned from Germany to find our studio space flooded (pics below). A pipe that vents to the roof had its “hat” assembly come off in a heavy storm, and a substantial amount of water came in, soaking through several walls and pooling in the center of the live room. While most of our critical gear was safe in the control room, there was a lot of William’s personal stuff and sentimental items that were absolutely decimated by the water, which was wicked up into the boxes, destroying some master tapes, cassettes, videos, clothes, etc. Of course, it could have been much worse, but it was rather heart-breaking, truth be told.

We’re still cleaning things up, and hope to be back in business shortly. We know things are already way behind schedule, and we appreciate your patience — we’re working as quickly as we can.

On the upside, we do have a bit of good news to share — and you’re the first to hear about it: we have just been confirmed as support for our friends Clan of Xymox on their Days of Black tour in November through the Western U.S., which we’re very pleased about! These will be great shows, and as our thanks to you, we will be giving away one pair of tickets in each city at random (we’ll draw names out of a hat, and we’ll contact you directly if you win), so stay tuned!

Thanks for sticking with us — we’ll be in touch with more news as it develops!

All the love,

William & Sarah


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    1. Missing avatar

      John Turner on

      Hope things are a little more on an even keel for you (no pun intended) and you've had a chance to recover after the flooding. Just bought my tickets for Sunday's showing with Clan of Xymox, and looking forward to seeing you. Any ETA for the Kickstarter packages; if they don't go out before the shows, might you be bringing them on tour? Or would that just be one more loose end to keep track of on the road?

    2. Malevolence on

      Congratulations on the Clan of Xymox news, looks like a road trip may be in order to get to see you support for them. Meanwhile, so sorry about the flood and the loss of the more tangible bits of beloved memories. Hopes for a smooth clean up and more brilliant memories in the making. As for the music, looking forward... xX

    3. Operation Mockingbird on

      That is awful! Glad to hear that most of the gear survived though, but its still devastating when irreplaceable keepsakes are lost. Congrats on the Clan of Xymox gigs though, as if I wasn't excited enough to see them when they passed through now y'all will be there

    4. Missing avatar

      Seth Lachner on

      What a tragic loss. You my sympathies and condolences.
      As far as the album is concerned, art is done when it is done and even through I can't wait to savor every note I am happy to wait.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Keyt on

      So sorry to see so much beauty and history meet with disaster. Losing that much can be heartbreaking. I'm happy to hear that you are pressing on, however, and am very excited for your upcoming shows. Good luck!

    6. Claudia Raven on

      That’s terrible! So sorry to hear this! It’s always sad to lose your sentimental bits and bobs. Fantastic news about supporting Clan of Xymox though 💜🖤