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A new line of RPG minis based on Goliaths but also good for half orcs and others.
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Success, awesome backers pushed us over the top! Way over.

Posted by jwalk (Creator)
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Thanks to the 27 awesome backers we hit almost 700% funding.   This was a great milestone for me and puts us well on the way of funding the next line up that will include four female minis.   Again I give sincere thanks to all the backers.  Kickstarter will begin delivering the info needed to process awards over the next couple of days and I will begin boxing up for delivery after that.   As promised in the campaign, I have ample stock to fulfill all awards on hand and do not forsee any delays.  If you have any design ideas you would like to see for minis, please feel free to send my way, my goal is continue putting out minis that the fans want; new races, less flash and more old school in nature.    

James (jwalk)

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    1. Ping Pong on

      I think the oddball races are a good idea. Genasi, Dragonborn, etc. and a dwarf bard. :)