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'Bad Penguin' is an animated feature intended for the mature audience.  Imagine if Bugs Bunny and Quentin Tarantino had a child...
'Bad Penguin' is an animated feature intended for the mature audience. Imagine if Bugs Bunny and Quentin Tarantino had a child...
153 backers pledged $12,408 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Tony White on

      P.S. Don't forget to share this news with all your social media friends and contacts too! (The bird needs all the votes he can get!) :)

    2. Tony White on

      NEWS UPDATE FOR ALL 'BAD PENGUIN' SUPPORTERS: Please vote for our good (BAD) cause! 'Bad Penguin' has been accepted as one of several new film ideas you can vote for at Animation Magazine's "Pitch Party" event. Just go to the link below and vote for the bird. We believe that apart from it being a great film in the making its also a good cause. If the film is funded it will enable talented students to apprentice on a cool and unique animated film production. This will be a rare opportunity, given the current state of the industry.. (i.e. Where they can even pay off some of their challenging college fees at the same time too!) So, 'roll-up, roll-up' folks! Vote for the Bad Penguin and see all the good he can really do! :)

    3. Tony White on

      Hi everyone.

      I just wanted to send everyone the very best wishes for the New Year and throughout 2012.

      Although I've been pretty tardy in keeping everyone informed on the progress of the project till now I am delighted to say the promotional teaser is currently pretty much complete.

      There was a last-minute change of strategy, in that we revised the original plan to focus on it being entered into the NW Film Center's "Make It Short" film competition. The feeling is that if it does well there then there will be significant extra exposure to the project... being that it will also have a featured screening at the 2012 Portland Film Festival.

      Anyway, here's the final competition entry. We are still polishing aspects of the film for the official promotional version (i.e. the one we hope will attract the final movie funding!) but the feeling is that its still pretty much good to show right now....

      We hope you like it?

      And thanks again for your fabulous support. We could never have done this without your generous pledges. Woo-hoo!

      Tony :^{)}=-

    4. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      Glad everyone is happy with the poster. Thanks again for all your help!

    5. Droppfx on

      I got my poster! Thank you and good luck.

    6. Steven Haan on

      YEAH! Got my poster yesterday! awesome!

    7. Deborah Schumacher

      Got mine Friday, thank you! Love the design!

    8. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      The Christmas cards are going out tomorrow!

    9. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      Sorry to be so late with the Christmas cards (and the posters) but they should be going out by the end of this month. We've been doing overtime in regards to the trailer so it will be ready for the CTN Animation Expo.

    10. Deborah Schumacher

      So I don't want to push, but what about Christmas cards?

    11. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      Hello everyone!

      Just a brief note to keep everyone updated. Things are progressing nicely with the Bad Penguin trailer and we hope to bowl people over with the artwork at the CTN Animation Expo. Happy to say we've nailed down the final look for Bad Penguin and Cooper, and are hard at work with the "set design" for the background and supporting characters. We're taking our time to do this just right - and we think you'll be thrilled with the results....

    12. Tony White on

      Hi everyone.

      I just wanted to give you a latest director’s update on the current state of our ‘Bad Penguin’ project. Thanks for being patient with us. We’ve actually been spending a considerable amount of time developing the look of the film. Having arrived at an initial character design for the penguin we produced a first ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ pencil test to see how hie moved.

      However, I was still not quite happy with the character as it didn’t really speak to the audience we are targeting. So I got a very talented, one-time student of mine, Dominic Sodano, to work on some new designs for us. He finally came up with a penguin that I like - and one that I think definitely will appeal to our audience demographic. To test the waters I posted it on Facebook and many folks approved, so I am happy to say that Dominic is now the official character designer for the project!

      We are also slowly working through all the rewards for you wonderful folks who pledged to the project and if you haven’t had your reward yet, you still will soon. (Unless it was for the final DVD, which won’t be available till the project is complete of course.)

      Our current target for seriously promoting the project for full funding will be at the ‘CTN Expo’ event in Burbank, CA later in November. Then we hope to show a ‘final-design, color animatic’ of the teaser, some ‘promotional banners’ and ‘character cut-outs’, plus hand-out postcards that will present the project as we see it. Later in the month we will pitch our idea to Cartoon Movie in Europe, where we hope to find indie production partners.

      Anyway, thank you for your patience with us. It may seem a long time for us to surface with anything since pledges closed but I can assure you that we want to make this project spectacular - and the more preparation we put in up front the more we will get out in the end.

      I’ll naturally keep you in touch with further developments when they occur. Thanks again for your patience. It will most definitely be worth the wait!

      Tony White.

    13. Tony White on

      Hi ‘Bad Penguin-ites’!

      Welcome to my first ‘Bad Penguin’ director’s report.

      Since we received your generous funding we’ve been working hard at setting-up everything so that the teaser production goes smoothly and successfully. We now have designs for the final principal characters – ‘Cooper’ and the penguin himself of course. Currently we’re putting finishing touches to the teaser structure, so the final drawn scene layouts can be completed. After that the animation can begin in earnest. Because of the quality of work we'll be producing, we believe the final film will not be completed until November at the earliest.

      Of course, a great deal of the above has affected the way the rewards need to be created and so we have not been able to dispatch the majority of your rewards until now. Some of you have received the simple rewards but most have not… and we’re going as fast as we can to remedy that. However, I’m sure you won’t want us to rush the project just so we can get the rewards to you quickly. Quality over speed! Therefore we are moving forward carefully and thoughtfully and I’m sure you’ll appreciate our efforts once we reach the finish line. We believe the rewards need to reflect the current work we are doing, not the work we did at the beginning of the Kickstarter adventure.

      Other changes have evolved too, since we announced the project on Kickstarter. Originally the plan was to make the project through the non-profit Animaticus Foundation. However we have found a number of problems in doing this, so now we are establishing a new production studio – “DRAWASSIC” – which will enable us to make the teaser (and hopefully the final movie) more easily. This conversion may impact our non-profit status, and affect our ability to offer a tax deduction on your pledges. Hopefully, this will not be a concern to many individuals, as every cent of your donations will be put to good use on the project. However, if it is a problem to you, please let us know and we will find a way to reimburse the tax savings you might have enjoyed through the 50(c)3 option. Get your accountant to give us the details and we’ll work on it!

      Lastly, I can now announce that we have a dedicated website to cover the teaser production process. This means you can see much of the work in progress as it unfolds. It is also a valuable means for our virtual team to communicate over the large distances that many of us are subject to. So please visit to see what we’ve achieved so far - and what we will achieve in the future. Unfortunately some pages are reserved only for the use of the production team only and are therefore ‘password protected’. Otherwise, feel free to explore the site and see how well we’re doing.

      For those who donated to the “I wanna be in pictures” prize, please send us pictures of you – front and side…and we’ll start working on that, too!

      Finally, thanks again for supporting our project with all your pledges and your good wishes. I know you’ll be really excited by what we'll achieve over the following months. I’ll certainly keep you updated when and as we make further progress of note.

      Best wishes,

      Tony. :^{)}=-

    14. Ana Cerro on

      Just got your're whoring with my donation?!?! You must have access to some pretty cheap whores. (Thanks for the card!)

    15. Paul McConnochie on

      Congratulations guys - I know this project is going to be amazing in so many ways. I hope to follow along with your projects! Well done - You guys worked hard for this!

    16. Tony White on

      Our last big push!

      As animator, director and producer of “Bad Penguin” I just want to say that I’m truly excited by the response we’ve had for our project on Kickstarter. At this moment of writing this we are 90% funded with 112 people pledging to the project! I thank each and every one of you for supporting our cause – the ultimate aim of which is to create the most original and amazing hand-drawn animated movie to be made in the USA for decades! The story is totally unique and the script - written by Phil Clarke Jr. - promises to take 2D animation into areas it has never been before.

      Just remember that in the sidelines we have a whole team of top Hollywood/Disney/Pixar level artists, designers and animators who each wants to devote their time and their talents to this trailer. Our collective objective? We all want to show the world that the highest 2D animation production values can still delight audiences around the world.

      Without a doubt, ‘Bad Penguin’ can be the big breakthrough that traditional animation has been awaiting for so long. Creative individuals within the industry want it. Audiences want it too. Certainly all our great pledge supporters on Kickstarter want it! So it is now just a matter of closing the final funding gap to ensure we can achieve our pledge target and jump straight into production.

      As it stands we are now just a tantalize 10% short of our target, with just 3 weeks to go! But please remember everyone; if we don’t make that target we don’t get any of it! Therefore please help us cross that line by doing all you can to make this great project happen. Some of you who have already pledged to the project are now beginning to increase your pledges. Others who have pledged as much as they can are making extra efforts to contact their own network of friends and family - to urge them to pledge something to support this great cause. But whatever you do, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being on our side!

      Remember, we are not just making just another animated film here. We are hopefully starting a revolution that will bring mature, high quality and progressive traditional animated filmmaking back to the USA. (i.e. Note: THE once great leader of traditional animated moviemaking the world over!)

      So please do enable us to make this penguin march. If you can, I promise you we'll deliver something quite amazing!

      Tony White.

    17. Missing avatar

      Erick Diaz on

      Mr. Phil Clarke, sir D:, i don't have much experience on animation either, but i which to learn too!, raditional animation is my favorite and i do wish to preserve this beautiful kind of art D:, my contact is I'd be happy to have a reply from you

    18. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      We're gearing up for this, Helen, as we are so close to reaching our goal. The trailer should be making it's public debut this November at the CTN Expo, in Burbank, CA.

    19. Eleni

      Wanna watch this so badly! Looks more than awesome! :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Michelle Oakley on

      Oh I just realized i did not give you my e-mail in case Tony was interested it is

    21. Missing avatar

      Michelle Oakley on

      Thank You so much for getting back to me so fast!! I look forward to talking to Tony.

    22. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      I've passed your message to Tony, Michelle. He'll be the one to talk to about that.

    23. Missing avatar

      Michelle Oakley on

      I live in the seattle area and I was wondering if you are interested in volunteer VA work? I will admit that I am a beginner in this field but I really want to be apart of this project. If you are interested please message me back! :)

    24. Souldel on

      Sounds like a awesome project and would like to offer my help. I am a voice actor who does work for free, I have my own studio so all you would need to do is send me the character you want a voice for and the lines to read etc. All that i would ask is a name in the credits. If your interested please give me a message thanks

    25. Emily Tomasik on

      Go 2D animation! I was happy to donate, and would love to become a bigger part of this project!

    26. Tony White on

      Hi Matt. Of course I remember you. Its really nice to meet you again - and in such exciting circumstances! Thank you (and everyone else) for pledging to the project. I'm really convinced that this film can make a huge difference in the revival of well-made, hand-drawn 2D animated movies in this country. Please tell all your friends and work colleagues about it! This film noir, crazy penguin story HAS to get to the big silver screen - but its only through folks like yourself generously pledging to it that it can happen. Thanks again. (And if you enjoyed my classes you'll love this film - and that's a promise!) I've spent much of my life teaching students how to animate, now its time for me to show everyone what I and my colleagues in the 2D world can do!) Did you see the new drawings that have been donated to the project on my blogsite by the way?... Tony. :^{)}=-

    27. Missing avatar

      Matt Bezzo on

      Tony! What a fun project! Was very excited to see your name on it!! Don't know if you remember, but I took (and enjoyed!) your class at Henry Cogswell! I was class of 2003. What a delight to randomly run into you here! Very much looking forward to the project.

      All the best,

    28. Tony White on

      Just so you know folks... I'm personally attracted to make this film because it tells an intelligent story to a mature audience. This is not standard Hollywood-style, cookie-cutter, stand-up-comedy, kiddie-fodder here. (And just for S. J. Crowley's interest - the ending will surprise everyone. It did me when I first read the script and that's why I was really convinced that this will become a cult hit movie in the finest 2D animation tradition!) So thanks for pledging everyone. I promise you your money will be well invested and you'll be truly impressed with what we all come up with for the trailer alone! Tony. :^{)}=-

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    30. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      To be more specific, this story is more about finding hope where there isn't any, and not about the booty call.

    31. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      There's isn't nearly as much sex in Bad Penguin as there is in Fritz the Cat, but the title characters do have their journeys to make. People who have read the script have said that it's very Bakshi-esque. Animator/director, Tony White, is not making this a funny animal tale.

    32. Missing avatar

      EET WAFFLES on

      looks like a modern day fritz the cat

    33. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      Zane, I will forward your request to Tony.

    34. Zane McBean on

      Hey, i was wondering if you were available to do some artwork on my project. It's located at I would really love the opportunity to talk further with you about how you can make some more money for your ambitious program. I also am employing a very aggressive advertising campaign to get my film out there, and if you helped me, i could push your product as well.

    35. Phil Clarke Jr. Creator on

      In less than two days, we've reached fifteen percent of our goal. We couldn't have done it without your generosity. If we surpass our goal, the trailer could be rewritten, extended and improved. An extended trailer would be incredible!