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Almost done but still here, try some now.
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Jason Frenkel

374 backers pledged $6,897 to help bring this project to life.

Last shipment

Im not having much luck here. I see many of you are upset with me with not receiving your orders. Kickstarter has not been the most user friendly interface. I am just seeing these comments to the updates now. They do not hit my notifications box. I will still honor any refund or sauce fulfillment for anyone here. I believe only 25 or so people needing orders for $10 worth of sauce, if this is not the case send me more details.

I will be shipping the last orders of sauce this month. If you have not received your order or refund I will do so this month and no later. 

"SEND ME ADDRESSES TO MY EMAIL" Not a comment or a post cause I don't get it. - If you are missing an order reply here and you will get fulfilled this month. 


    1. Creator Siri Vichainchay on January 3, 2014

      Really? You never attempted to scam your backers? What about the multiple emails that I sent you directly, or the multiple Facebook posts I left you directly. They all went unanswered for about a year. It is sad that you are only now willing to refund or fulfill orders that you are starting a different project on Indigogo. Jason, at this point I don't want the order filled, a refund or your apology. At this point, I am satisfied posting on your Indigogo about my experiences with your Kickstarter project. After all, you did what you did, and others should be aware of your past performance when deciding to back you or not.

    2. Creator Jessica Fure on January 3, 2014

      I have sent you an email to the address you provided. I would like a refund.