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Almost done but still here, try some now.
Almost done but still here, try some now.
374 backers pledged $6,897 to help bring this project to life.

Missed orders

For the group of backers that were missed "Im so sorry". Your order will be on the way immediately. The Kickstarter campaign is not very easy in a food respect when you over exceed in what you plan for and things can get screwed up sometimes. Again sorry for making anyone wait for this update or response. If you have any changes of address please message me as I had a few order come back to me. 


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    1. DJ Bentley on

      Still waiting dude.

    2. Stan Kerr on

      I just as soon as have my money back. As it would seem the easiest to send out. Thanks

    3. Jason Frenkel Creator on

      Im not having much luck here. I see many of you are upset with me with not receiving your orders. Kickstarter has not been the most user friendly. I am just seeing this comments to the update as they do not hit my notifications. I will still honor a refund or sauce for anyone here.

    4. sabotage_jones on

      I sent Jason a message about never receiving any reward about 2 weeks ago and haven't seen any response... checking the facebook site (which did exist this past summer) returns a "page not found" response. It sort of seems like he's run off. Is anyone else still waiting on their reward?

    5. DJ Bentley on

      I'd like a refund. This doesn't look like it is going to happen.

    6. Slava Maslennikov on

      Still didn't get mine!

    7. Lee Snow on

      I never received my order.

    8. Lucky Sophie on

      Hi, I still haven't received my order!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Tsuneishi on

      can I please have a refund? It seems like this will never heppen

    10. Stephen Schenk on

      I guess we have different definitions of immediate.....

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Tsuneishi on

      still waiting. what is the deal did anyone get anything?

    12. Jake Madrid on

      Still waiting....

    13. James Thomas

      Also still waiting on mine

    14. Missing avatar

      Kelly Perez on

      I'm at the 10 dollar order level. Still waiting...

    15. Missing avatar

      Shelly Ingraham on

      still waiting on an order that has never come. . . .

    16. Siri Vichainchay on

      Hi.... it is 10-months since you started your Kickstarter and I still have NOT received the Garlic+Heat that I paid you for. I am not ready to give up on you just yet, so pleeeease fulfill my order ASAP.

    17. Andrew Deller on

      I'm at the 10 dollar order level. I'm waiting and not happy.

    18. Karl Hedstrom

      I pledged at the $17 reward level and it was never received. I am willing to give you another chance and look forward to my reward.

    19. Missing avatar

      Shelly Ingraham on

      How about a refund. . . I'd prefer not to see the train wreck other people received and just get my money back.

    20. Sarah Steele on

      Just making sure I am on the list. I never received my order. Let me know if I need to send you any info.
      Sarah Steele

    21. Julie Gierald on

      Not holding my breath...

    22. Sean M on

      what about the others who received the product unlabeled? and half empty due to leakage?

    23. Paul Beasi on

      I was missed. Honestly I just want my money back at this point. I don't believe I will ever see this project.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jessica Fure on

      Hi -
      I was missed - how do I find out whether I'm on the list?

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I back so many kickstarters that I forget about some. I didn't even think about this one in awhile, as I'm not in any hurry. Is there anything extra I need to do about getting mine sent out to me or just keep waiting?


    26. Corey Shaughnessy on

      Good response to the whisperings of a lawsuit. Does this mean you're moving from Detroit, then?