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Give a voice to the Nuban people and bring light to the war Sudan is waging against it's own people. Support Eyes and Ears Nuba.
Give a voice to the Nuban people and bring light to the war Sudan is waging against it's own people. Support Eyes and Ears Nuba.
399 backers pledged $44,856 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you for Giving the people of Nuba a Voice

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Thank you everyone for your support of the Eyes and Ears Network in Southern Kordofan, Sudan.  Your support for the team has helped us to start purchasing equipment for the field and establish our website.  We are currently meeting to setting up systems to get out quality reports in a timely manner.  


Thanks to your help we will be ready to launch our website in a matter of a few weeks and continue to update viewers with photo evidence, video footage, and interviews with eye witnesses about the ever changing situation in Southern Kordofan, Sudan.   The website will be called Nuba Reports found at 


Nuba Reports will feature breaking news, detailed reports, and dispatches through print, photo and video .  The web site will also include a learning section, incident map, profiles of the reporters in the field and an achieve of our photo and video footage from Southern Kordofan’s front-lines and with the affected civilians of the conflict.


We will let you know the official date when we will be launching the Nuba Reports website. 


Thanks again for making this possible and giving a voice to the people of Nuba.



Ryan Boyette

Thank you for making Nuba Reports possible. An amazing week!

The Eyes and Ears Nuba reporting team wants to thank everyone for the fantastic support that has been shown to our mission. 

In one week we have surpassed our minimum project-funding goal, which means we have been able to throw ourselves into creating an innovative media platform to bring the story of the war in the Nuba Mountains to the rest of the world and the rest of Sudan. Every dollar that we are given goes directly into this effort.

Please pass on our Kickstarter fundraising imitative to friends and family. We all have the chance to be part of an innovative grassroots media initiative that can have a massive impact on the ground. Our fundraising goal during the next 40 days is $40,000 which will allow us to concentrate solely on our work rather than fundraising over the next year. 

In the last week we have also received a flood of media attention, some examples include:

 NY Times – By Nicolas Kirstof:  "Seeing Echoes of Darfur" ,   "Dodging Bombers in Sudan"  ,  "Battling Sudan's Bombs with Videos"

 NBC Today Show and Rock Center Special with Ann Curry

 CNN Wire on Bible School Bombing in Sudan

Congressman Wolf sends letter to Obama with video from Eyes and Ears Reporting Team:

Our job  is to turn your support and the current media coverage into sustained international and local commitment to stop the conflict in the Nuba Mountains. For a small team with a small budget this is an ambitious goal, but if this week has shown us anything, it is that it is possible. 

We are particularly emboldened by your individual support, housewives and soldiers, activists, and journalists, nurses and students have all donated to this project both large and small. But just as valuable as your financial support is your voice, and that is the key to this project. We want our website to function as a megaphone to the global community, a voice that will be there regardless of what is popular in the headlines to remind the world of a conflict that needs to end.

For months the world has turned it's back on the conflict in the Nuba mountains, but we feel we have been given a critical opportunity to keep the light on this isolated and beautiful part of the world until Sudan's government stops their bombs and makes a genuine attempt at peace with it's own civilians after decades of war. 

 Over the next month we will work hard to create the infrastructure for a reporting organization that can sustain itself in the long term. We want to thank you all for your incredible support over the last week. In the next month we will bring you more information about our work, and ways that you can help directly change the situation. We thank you all profoundly for your support, and will try to individually answer your messages as soon as we can. 


The Eyes and Ears Nuba Reporting Team