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Injectalever allows quick and easy injection of sealant into tubeless bicycle tires without removing the valve core or tire from rim. Read more

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Injectalever allows quick and easy injection of sealant into tubeless bicycle tires without removing the valve core or tire from rim.

Curt & Colin Shelman

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About this project

There is a better way to install sealant into tubeless bicycle tires and the Injectalever is it!  Tubeless tires for bicycles have been one of the best improvements in ride quality and performance in the last decade!  However, initial set up and sealant re-charging can be a difficult process.    

Tire sealants are DESIGNED to stop leaks by clogging up small holes/punctures.  This can make getting the sealant through the valve stem very difficult, even with a removable valve core. Pouring the sealant into the tire before mounting the tire on the rim may create problems with spillage and re-setting of the air tight bead seal. 

The unique patent pending Injectalever allows the you to inject sealant into a tubeless tire without removing valve core or tire from rim. The Injectalever requires less time to put the sealant into the tire and eliminates clogging of the valve stem and spillage of sealant.  

Injectalever is a specially designed syringe with a hollow tire lever tip that allows sealant to be injected directly into the tire.  The Injectalever is inserted into position between the tire bead and rim, just like a tire lever. Tire/wheel is then rotated so that the Injectalever is approximately in the "8:00 o'clock" position, plunger is then depressed to inject the sealant into the tire.  Once the sealant is injected the Injectalever is removed and the tire is inflated to the desired pressure.

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Initial design drawing
Initial design drawing
Design Drawing #2 - rapid prototypes were made with this design drawing for testing and final modifications.
Design Drawing #2 - rapid prototypes were made with this design drawing for testing and final modifications.

Risks and challenges

Our goal is to build the Injectalever and make it accessible to any individual who wants to enjoy the benefits of riding a bicycle with tubeless tires. The design is 99% complete and has been tested with rapid prototypes, we have worked in cooperation with a local Kansas City design firm and with local bicycle enthusiasts and mechanics to perfect the design and function of the Injectalever. Our local design firm has experience and relationships with several regional and national injection mold makers and production companies. We hope to find a US mold maker and production facility that fits into our fund raising goal budget, that is our greatest challenge for the cost, scope and success of this project.

We have initial quotes for molds of the "barrel/tip" and for the "family", all of the components in one mold. We are also researching sources for the plunger and gasket separately, which could be more economical initially, but might create compatibility issues between the components and create delays if there are separate vendors for each component.

Labeling, packaging, marketing and national distribution of the product is within the scope of what we do on a day to day basis in our current work roles. There are challenges to that part of the project but we know how to anticipate and remediate those types of problems. We have a graphics design and label production firm selected and have used them previously and we have confidence for hitting our timelines for those aspects of the project.

Where are you now with this project?

The first prototype was hand filed out of a block of plastic, drilled and glued to a disposable syringe for testing to determine if it would actually open up the tire bead enough to inject the sealant. Handmade prototype was successful in initial testing. Project was then moved to an engineering and design firm to create actual working designs that could be set up for production. Rapid prototypes were made, sent out to tubeless tire users for application and testing. During the prototype phase, small changes were recommended to improve the function of the tip. Those changes have been noted and will be implemented in the final detail phase of the design process.

We will use the Kickstarter backing for:

• Pay for the final design by our engineering and design firm.
• Source and purchase injection mold(s)
• Funding to pay for first run of Injectalevers and transportation
• Funding to complete design and purchase point of sale packaging

So far all costs up to this point have been covered out of pocket by us. We have invested pretty heavily in the initial phases of this project, design engineers do not come cheap, but we need a kickstart of funds to get this finalized, produced and available to the cycling community.

Projected timeline:

• Early April 2014 - Begin Kickstarter campaign
• Early May 2014 - Kickstarter campaign completed (hopefully fully funded!)
• Late May 2014 – Final tweaks and completion of design.
• Early June 2014 – Select injection mold maker (RFQ’s have been sent to 4) and order mold
• July 2014 – Injection mold completed and minimum order placed into production schedule
• Late August/Early September 2014 – First production run of Injectalevers received and prepared for final packaging
• September/October 2014- Fulfill all Kickstarter orders and all retailer orders generated from Kickstarter

We truly believe in this project and hope that people who ride bikes and are now trying to set up and use tubeless tires will get behind this product. Our prototype users have told us numerous times that this works, wonderfully, and that it a much better way to put sealant into their tires. Many times we have struggled as the bills piled up during the design phase, we were not sure it was worth further pursuit, yet every time we thought about pulling the plug one of us would use a prototype to set up a set of tubeless tires, and it would just work. The Injectalever would bring us right back into focus and we would push on. Now we are on Kickstarter and could truly use your help to get this finished up and onto production and make it available to the cycling consumer. So please help us out and after you have backed it, throw it on Facebook and tell your riding friends about it!

Sincerely, Curt & Colin Shelman

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