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JANKY is a crazy new junked-up art mag/zine publication & pop-up zine fest/exhibit for urban/landscape/decayed/eye-tastic photos and noizy sound.

Hi Internet, I'm here to raise $$$ for a crazy new participatory junked-up art, photo and noize maga/zine/publication complete with mobile pop-up art show and Zine Fest!

The JANKY publication is a bit hard to describe, but here goes nuthin'. Contents include:
1. Janky Magazine, a glossy mag featuring contemporary urban photography including grimy graffiti, protests, bike assaults, suburban wasteland development, and pies that insult the eater
2. Ranky Dank Down 'n' Durty Zine, a cut/paste/orgy of amateur and professional photography, scribblings, cell phone photo assaults and more
3. a handprinted Contact Print from a medium format camera of abandoned/forgotten/foreclosed places in riverside and san bernardino, California;
4. Mini Zines (2 or more) documenting now-abandoned Kiddieland Amusement park and more (pledge $100 or more to add your own mini-zine to the mix)
5. Telephony SoundZine, a CDR album of cut-up sounds and music from contemporary noise and weirdo sound art bands recorded over the telephone
6. Receipts or other ephemera from burrito stands in my neighborhood.
7. Ruff Cut Credits, a small pamphlet thanking all contributors and everyone who makes a pledge, listing everyone who pledges and even includes photos for those pledging $36 or more

Here's where you come in:

With your help, I can fund JANKY and host Zine Fest release parties out of my Vanagallery (a mobile artspace in a 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon) on the West Coast and in art spaces on the east coast, and maybe some spaces in between. Locations already lined up include Los Angeles, the Desert of SoCal, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, NYC, and maybe other cities and towns. The design of Janky is nearly-complete and will be ready to send out shortly after funding is achieved. And the Vanagallery is waiting patiently on the street.

JANKY already has a host of participants with all kinds of photos, but we can use your contributions too. Pledges of $36 and above will be able to contribute their mug or other 3" x 3" photo into the Ruff Cut Credits pamphlet packaged with JANKY. Higher dollars equal higher rewards. Contributors in far-flung locations will also receive info on how to host their own 1-night JANKY exhibit/release party.

Thank you for making the weird happen
LEe Tusman



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  • Pledge $1 or more
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    3 backers

    Your name listed in the Ruff Cut Credits included with Janky

  • Pledge $19 or more
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    18 backers

    You get the whole pile with JANKY mag, Ranky Dank down n durty zine, Telephony SoundZine cdr album, handprinted Contact Print photograph, Mini Zines, burrito receipt ephemera, plus your name listed on the Ruff Cut Credits

  • Pledge $36 or more
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    9 backers

    all the above + a 3"x3" photo from you will be integrated into the morass of the Ruff Cut Credits pamphlet

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    9 backers

    all of the above + a set of 6 medium format prints by a selection of artists from JANKY

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    2 backers

    all of the above + your own mini-pocket-zine included in all copies of JANKY (i can design it using your wishes)

  • Pledge $333 or more
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    0 backers

    all of the above + inclusion of your own phoned-in audio field recordings in Telephony SoundZine(using my mailed easy-to-use field recording kit or just as simple as dialing my #) in the JANKY package

  • Pledge $666 or more
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    all of the above + your own experimental salvaged/collage Quilt lovingly created by myself in my natural medium of found fabric. examples of past work at

  • Pledge $1,212 or more
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    all of the above + a xprmntal noise/dj/quilt/tent/magical/trash performance concert event and 1-night exhibit for you and your friends in your hometown (limited to lower 48 states)

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