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...not old enough to be cougars...not young enough to be cubs. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 15, 2012.

...not old enough to be cougars...not young enough to be cubs.

About this project

spin-ster:  an unmarried woman past the common age for marrying.  

2 Hopeful Spinsters follows Heather & Dellany, an edgy mash-up of Laverne & Shirley and Thelma & Louise, as they redefine what it means to be 30-something singles in the 21st century.  

They're not old enough to be cougars...not young enough to be cubs.

How 2HS came to be...

2 Hopeful Spinsters is the brain child of Heather Olt and Dellany Peace.  Being single women in their 30’s, they are quite aware that they are beyond the average marrying age, which currently stands at 27 in the U.S.  Between the 2 of them, they’ve been in 12 weddings.  They get it.  However, they would NEVER have called themselves spinsters.  Spinsters are old, have 9 cats, wear muumuu’s, watch soaps all day, use butt paste and have resigned themselves to the fact that they will always be single.  At first, they proclaimed, “we are NOT spinsters.  We are simply 2 confident women that have not yet decided when or if we want to settle down to marry and procreate.”  

Or so they thought...until the day Heather was cast as a “hopeful spinster” on the comedy Up All Night and they realized that...perhaps they ARE spinsters...but at least they’re HOPEFUL!!!  Thus, 2 Hopeful Spinsters was born. 

Meet the spinsters...

Heather plays Heather (duh).  She is dry, sarcastic, nurturing and loyal to a fault.  Despite her put-together appearance, she is always "one of of the guys," probably because she can NEVER resist a good "that's what she said" joke.  She often feels the need to take care of Dellany, even though Heather is definitely less stable...because she truly doesn't know what she wants.  She yearns to meet someone and live happily ever after but loves her independent life.  Heather hears her clock ticking... LOUDLY.  She knows she can be happy without a man, but deep down believes that she would be happier with a man. 

Dellany plays (you guessed it) Dellany.  She is a feisty, southern momma's girl.  A day with her is like spending a day at a theme park: you can get your highest highs and your lowest lows.  She is impulsive, naive and blindly follows Heather like a puppy. She lives by the credo of not allowing herself to settle down with a man who isn't everything her momma would approve. She's open to meeting new men and is usually convinced she has several guys after her at the same time.  She comes across as a big flirt and tease, but behind closed doors, she's inexperienced.  Dellany's real life is severely less glamorous than what she imagines it to be.

What happens next...

Our web series is set to launch in the fall of 2012.  The money raised for the project will fund 6 webisodes, each from 5-7 minutes in length.  However, if we exceed our will get more episodes!  I know!!!  Our approximate budget per episode is $1750.  And being the frugal gals we are...we know how to make your dollars go a long way!  This money allows us to pay trained professionals...and getting paid for hard work is always good. :)  Expenses include:  director, editor, cinematographer, actors, writers, crew, sound, lighting, make-up/hair, wardrobe, locations, marketing and, most importantly...FOOD!!!  People need to eat in order to be happy...and hopeful!

How to keep up with 2HS...

We are all over the worldwide interweb: on Twitter, & Facebook

Our Kickstarter video...

It goes without saying that we could NOT have launched this campaign on our own.  The first giveaway being that there are other people in the video.  So, here's a big "we SERIOUSLY could not have done this without you" to the amazing artists that volunteered their time and talents:

Cast:  Sarah Bassak, Amanda Buffington, Sarah Chaney, John Mark Huckabee, Alexis Strasheim, Yael Marga, Lois Neville, Joey Rama, Larry St. James, Alex Sedrowski

Crew:  Matthew Sidney Long, Katie King; Sound and Music: Joseph "Sloe" SlawinskiGraphic Design:  Brent BeckPhotography:  Katarina Photographer; Color Correction: James Parris; Additional Music:  WeJa Priest; Cocktails: Jamye Graham of Morbid Cocktails

Mr. Everything:  Matthew Sidney Long (trust us, he deserves about 10,000 shout outs)


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