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Inspired by fast paced tabletop games like Munchkin and chock-full of jokes, references, and stereotypes that anyone who has ever played a massively multiplayer online game can appreciate, Ready Check is a card based game where players take over the role of leading their guild to become the biggest, baddest, and most popular guild in their realm.

Ready Check boasts very simple and streamlined game mechanics. Each player takes on the role of guild master in the most popular online roleplaying game. Your job is to recruit gamers to your guild and use them to raid dungeons. Dungeons are worth victory points and the first player to 20 VPs is the winner.

Each turn consists of two phases.

  • The Guild Management Phase is where gamers (those found lurking the Forums eagerly awaiting to join your guild) are recruited to your guild and loot is added to your Guild Stash (your collection of the most epic bounty and claimed dungeons).
  • The Dungeon Phase is where the raiding happens. Loot cards and victory points are earned by successfully raiding Dungeons. Harder dungeons offer more VPs and, of course, a better shot at getting that epic loot!

You can download a complete copy of the Rules from our web page. Visit www.2handsomegames.com for more information.

A detailed walk thru of a sample turn in Ready Check.

The forum is where a reluctant guildmaster goes to find more willing souls to join his or her ranks and ultimately provide their guild with more loot and prestige.

Here is an example of some of the gamers you may find browsing the forums of Ready Check.

Before you recruit them to your guild, the gamers are found populating the forums where they spend time surfing, trolling each other, and sharing cat gifs. Ready Check takes a very tongue-in-cheek approach to the different quirks and stereotypes you'd find in your average massively multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) setting. Each gamer is equipped with a set of skills and traits that represent what type of player they are and how they interact with each other and the different pieces of loot and dungeons in the game.

The two key attributes on every gamer card is the gamer trait and power rating. The power rating is in the bottom right. Higher power makes it easier to defeat dungeons. The gamer trait is on the bottom left.

Most dungeons in Ready Check have requirements which must be met in order to claim the dungeon. Some dungeons also have wipe conditions which must be avoided. See the Dungeons section for more information.

There are 5 traits in Ready Check. Each trait is represented by the first letter. For instance, R is for Roleplayers, T is for Trolls, etc. The traits are also written out below each name on each gamer card. The 5 traits are:

  • Casuals: The stop and smell the flowers type, no self respecting raid guild would ever allow one of these into their midst. Most likely to spend thousands of dollars in the cash shop or to go outside and get a tan.
  • Hardcore: The polar opposite of casuals - when you wake up they are already online. When you go to bed they are still online. They eat, sleep, and (sometimes even) bathe raiding and grinding. A key component to most guilds but be careful because they can sometimes burn out a little too quickly.
  • Leaders: These folks study the wiki and watch raid videos so they can help the rest of your gentle flock through the most difficult content. Without good leaders supporting you your blood pressure would certainly go up 1,000 points.
  • Roleplayers: Ever wonder why there is sometimes a gaggle of folks standing around a quest-giver? They are reading the quest text and they are most certainly roleplayers. They use all sorts of weird pronouns and will occasionally post imgur links of them in their home made costumes.
  • Trolls: ... You'll know them when you see them.

Some character types play more effectively with each other and some won't join the same guild. Each type has unique abilities and interactions with each other and with the different types of dungeons and loot in game. We also have a very colorful, creative, and humorous approach to the art style we present.

    The dungeons are where you go to explore the very carefully balanced and highly rewarding content that your game company provides for you. Let's take a look at the anatomy of a dungeon card:

The bottom of each dungeon card lists any potential requirements or wipe conditions (i.e. conditions which, if met, means you fail to successfully claim the dungeon), the toughness of the dungeon (i.e. the amount of power required to claim the dungeon), the loot rewards for successfully claiming the dungeon (i.e. how many loot cards you draw), and lastly, the victory points earned for claiming the dungeon.

Dungeons come in three types and each type is listed at the top of the dungeon card:

  • Grind: the bread and butter of the Hardcore gamer. Nobody knows why grinds were ever invented but you better believe the Hardcore gamers will be completing them.
  • Farm: ever find yourself in the middle of a boggy meadow looking for rare red-fur skunk pelts? If so, you’re probably completing a farm dungeon.
  • Boss: the crowd favorite. The perfect combination of epic battles, storied bosses, and legendary loot. These are tough dungeons but the most rewarding.The dungeons are where you go to explore the very carefully balanced and highly rewarding content that your game company provides for you. 

The wipe conditions or requirements are stated on the bottom left of the dungeon card.

  • The first dungeon shown above has no requirements or wipe conditions. This will always be represented by a purple circle and the word "None"
  • The second dungeon shown above requires a Roleplayer be part of the raiding party in order to claim it. Requirements will always be a single purple letter.
  • The third dungeon shown above has a wipe condition. Having any guildmember who is a troll will cause you to instantly fail this dungeon.

Each turn players reveal a new dungeon (up to 3) and may have any combination of guildmembers raid any combination of dungeons with the only exception being that each guildmember is limited to one raid per turn. Here are just some examples of the many dungeons you may encounter in a game of Ready Check:

Claiming successfully raided dungeons (moving them to your Guild Stash) adds to your victory points (VP) and may add permanent bonuses to you for the remainder of the game. The first player to claim 20 VP has built the most powerful guild on the server and wins the game.

The loot is what really gets the dopamine pumping - after you successfully raid a dungeon, you get to draw loot cards based on the difficulty of the dungeon and earn the victory points specified on the card. There are three types of cards found in the loot deck.

Effect Cards

Effects are buffs and nerfs that can impact your raid, hinder your opponents in raiding or recruiting, or attempt to poach gamers from other guilds. Players hold them hidden in their hands and can use them to give themselves the upper hand during raids or to prevent your opposing guildmasters from succeeding at tasks.

Stash Cards

Stash cards can impact your guild members or help you raid dungeons more effectively. They may also hinder your opponents in some way. You play them directly to your guild stash (your collection of stash cards and claimed dungeons).

Patch Notes

Patch notes are drawn from the loot pile and give immediate and global effects on the state of the game world. A game can seem well in hand until the patch notes drastically impact the landscape. As you can see - we have a very diverse and interesting set of different cards that create a relatively simple to learn sequence of game play - but one that changes frequently based on different cards being used and situations unfolding.

The Prototype

We've been play testing and making changes and modifications based on the feedback of our various playgroups - but they all say similar things. Ready Check is ...

  • Easy to play..
  • fast..
  • fun...
  • funny..
  • complex but not complicated ...

We know we have a great game with a cool concept and clever art and we've been perfecting it over the past year. We need your help to take it from the prototype stage and put it directly in your hands.

Your Money Hard at Work

We've done the heavy lifting of creating, testing, and prototyping the game over the past year. The main portion of the funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will simply go into the initial print run of the game - with the next largest costs all going into shipping, storage, and associated fees and taxes. We also have to plan for miscuts, manufacturing errors, overages, and other potential logistic problems, but hopefully through careful planning and partnership with our manufacturer and distributor we can keep these costs to a minimum. Speaking of shipping...


We will be partnering with Ship Naked to get our game shipped all over the world at very low costs. Backers in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, are all covered by Customs-Friendly Worldwide, so this means that our Customs-Friendly shipments are US-Friendly, CA-Friendly, UK-Friendly, EU-Friendly, AU-Friendly, and NZ Friendly


Upgraded Hard Box

Upgrade from a simple tuck box to an elegant hard box guaranteed to keep your cards safe and secure as they grow old on your game library shelf. Ooh and Awe at this awesome advance in modern table top safekeeping.

Ready Check boasts a funny artistic style. Below are just some of the 100 unique pieces of art included in the game. All of our art was done by the incredibly talent Azzy-Cola. Find more of his works here.

The Kickstarter Backer
Found lurking the forums, eager to support your guild is the Kickstarter backer. Because in our eyes, our loyal backers are the true astronaut cowgirl philosophers that campaigns like ours deserves, nay needs.

Puzzle Dungeon!!
The deep late game content your developer provides for you, the Puzzle Dungeon. Every game has them. And every one is either too easy or too hard.

One thing you can rely on in any game is that, if there are druids, there will be a funny druid dance.

The Loot Treadmill
Grind, grind, grind away. Keep chasing that carrot. You know you've done it before. You know you'll do it again. No matter how many times you uninstall, you will be back. Forever chasing that epic loot or, in this case, a carrot.

The over-engineered workings of The Engineer
Typically found blowing stuff up, engineers were introduced as a precursor to the "adventurer" - i.e. the willful admission that your content provider had run out of ideas. FWIW, the machine below *will* fire a deadly arrow should you get anywhere near him.

The newbie dungeon. It's always about harming squirrelsSeriously, why do they always involve bashing squirrels??

Cthulhu. Tentacles. Anime girl
Yup. We went there. We implied that.

Because what MMORPG would be complete without an easily repeatable mildly beneficial bandit camp dungeon?

Flame War
Speaking of things an online game cannot be complete without... The flame war.

The perpetual roleplayer
That one guy who just.wont.stop roleplaying...

These are just a few of the many art assets included in your order of Ready Check. Back us today and show Azzy some love to by visiting his deviant-art page.

Risks and challenges

There are always a multitude of risks and challenges that can occur when dealing with a largely unknown and untested game developer. To help assuage many of these fears we went ahead and created the vast majority of the game over the better part of 1.5 years and up to this point we have been entirely self funded. We have a fully playable prototype that we are ready to take to the next level with your support.

There is a risk of manufacturing and shipping delays that could prevent getting a copy of the game in your hand at the stated deadline, but we will make sure to communicate any possible and potential delays in a timely fashion.

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