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A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
2,301 backers pledged $144,548 to help bring this project to life.

Heya brave Moonshiners!

Posted by 2fat2fly Games (Creator)
First of all, we have to apologize for the late update. Caught between a few unforeseen issues we hoped to solve quickly, we kept postponing this update until we had more concrete news and time flew faster than we thought it will. Sorry about that :)

Now, about the updates:  

The Pledge Manager Survey. Most of you should've (about 99%) got the survey already, and most of you already replied to it (about 70%). To those of you that didn't replied to it already, we're here to remind you that… well, you should. :)  

There is still time, and we'll keep send you reminders, but there's no actual reason to not do it already.  

Shipping. A mistake had slipped into the survey, regarding shipping costs to some regions. Backers from European countries seem to receive a higher-than-it-should-be cost for shipping. It is taken care of and soon you'll receive an updated shipping cost.

What happened since last update. Well, quite a lot. We're almost done with the last pieces of art. Finishing touches on the last unlocked characters, the new Relic cards, Booze cards, the final box art, Event Cards, a few finishing touches on the board, all of these were on the artist's workbench since the KS closed, and are almost done. Soon we'll send another update, because we want to brag with them :)

 We prepared the files for printing and as soon as the aforementioned art is complete, we’ll send all the files to the manufacturer to begin the actual process of making the game. As soon as we'll do that, we'll have a new time estimate on the entire process from printing to delivery and when we'll know it, you'll know it too.  

Speaking of the manufacturer, we're still waiting for some numbers to be crunched, but we hope to be able to produce the plastic insert.  

Solo Mode is tested and working like a charm and its quite fun :)  

Final Rulebook and its translation. We updated the rulebook to its final form and we started revising the 4 translations (German, French, Italian and Spanish). As soon as they'll be done and proofed, we'll upload the pdf's on the "Moonshiners" website.  

We had this idea of translating the flavour on the cards as well, and create a free downloadable PnP version, but we're not sure how many of you would actually want it. Since it comes with a cost, please send us via email your thoughts on it. Should enough of you would actually want it, we'd love to do it :)  

Speaking on website, we begun working on a revamped version of it, but that's a surprise to be revealed at a later time :)

Hoping that I didn't forgot anything, until next time, drink responsively and happy gaming! PS The images above are previous version of the "Moonshiners" logo. We stumbled on them a few days ago and we thought it'd be fun to share them with you.

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    1. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      Hey there, We kept waiting to send the files to printing and gather more news, and for that reason we postponed the Newsletter and the update.
      But we'll send it in a matter of days.

    2. Missing avatar

      Todd Lloyd on

      It’s been ages since the last update
      What’s happening with this game?

    3. Steven J Taylor on

      Been a minute, anymore updates?

    4. Streams

      I hope the plastic insert can accommodate sleeved cards... many game owners sleeve their cards

    5. Jim Stark on

      I will also be interested by the French translation ;)

    6. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Stan Falkowski: It look indeed like a belt buckle! :)

    7. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @ElWiegaldo: It seems that you actually received the Survey and responded to it. We have your shipping address on record and you also paid for the shipping.

    8. Missing avatar

      ElWiegaldo on

      Hey, I did not rcive the backer survey so far... please help!

    9. Stan Falkowski on

      @2Fat2Fly Is the picture in the center of 4 Moonshiners of the Apocalypse, supposed to be a belt buckle, If it is that was a cool idea !

    10. Andrei Rajala on

      @2fat2fly: Very well. Then I will postpone completing the survey for now and wait for a decision from you regarding Romanian backers. Cheers!

    11. Stan Falkowski on

      @2FAT2FLY Did you make Destiny’s sledgehammer head a cinderblock !

    12. Indeviduo

      I'm interested about those translation, specially in Spanish.

    13. Mackie McDonald

      Thats quick, I need to sort out my cash sooner then I thought :|

    14. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Andrei Rajala: Ideally, we would find another solution other than filling in the survey now and "fix" it later, because that would imply a refund which always means we'll both lose some fees along the way.
      Most likely, we'll have to deal with all the Romanian backers manually in the pledge manager, that being the reason the final solution is still delayed.
      The PM will close the soonest 30 days or so from now, so there is still time. :)

    15. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      The pledge manager will close just before the factory begins the printing process. Since we're still about to finish last art items you'll probably have at least about 30 days before the PM will close.

    16. Mackie McDonald

      Heyya, When do you plan on closing the pledge manager?

    17. Andrei Rajala on

      @2fat2fly: Thanks for your answer! While it's great to hear that you will most probably resolve this in a beneficial manner for Romanian backers, how can I complete the survey till then? Will you reimburse me for the shipping amount if you can find a solution for group pledges and/or local pickup?

    18. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Andrei Rajala: As we are still waiting for a concrete answer from our shipping partner, for now, I can only tell you the same as before: we will for sure resolve the issue, probably trough a group pledge and local pickup. When we'll know the concrete solution, you will know it too.

    19. Andrei Rajala on

      @2fat2fly: I've sent asked you in 2 comments already and sent you a private message on KS. Seeing that you still replied to other comments, I can only see this as an express desire to ignore what I asked rather than lack of time or just missing the comment. So, can you answer my question (repeated a 3rd time below)?

      During the campaign you were asked (by me and several other backers) if there was any way of having a local pickup option. Back then you said that there would be such a possibility and you would look into it. I guess it didn't materialize? Then how about at least preferential shipping rate for backers in Bucharest (or even Romania for that matter as domestic shipping isn't expensive)? 19$ for shipping in Bucharest for a game developed by a Romanian company, even if it comes from China, is a bit too much. Thusly, I will refrain from completing the pledge manager until I have a response. Thank you.

    20. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Cris Tridello: We already solved the 48 hour backer issue. You are now entitled to the "early Deluxe" version, which includes the "Event Cards". You should receive another survey soon, with the updated version of the game (Deluxe). Just reply to it and all should be fin.

    21. Cris Tridello on

      thanks for the update but I have another issue to solve (shipping cost to Itlay seems to be solved as I can read).
      I' m one of the First backers of Moonshiner of the Apocalypse boardgame (backer number 216) but for kickastarter issue i've lost first 48h event card pledge (i was a backer for It...then i had an issue with KS app on my smartphone ... and loose It).

      I wrote also in FB during campaign and you wrote me "we'll sort It out" 🙂

      How should I act with pledge manager? Not select it and hope to have the event card then or select it and you give me a 5$ discuont to apply at the end?
      Please answer back soon (here, or to the email and FB message I've already sent last week).

    22. Missing avatar

      Replica on

      It's fine I believe I paid 19

    23. François Savoie on

      I would love a French flavor text translation!

    24. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @DazDingo87: No, the printed game will be available only in English. What we said in the update, is that we'll try, if there is enough request, to translate not only the rulebook, but also the flavour text on the cards and release them as a free downloadable Print and Play pdf.

    25. Missing avatar

      Hennig on

      Please make a translating of the flavour on the cards into german. Thanks.

    26. Missing avatar

      DazDingo87 on

      Did I missed something or how can I select the language of my ordered game?

    27. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Replica: For the EU, shipping has to be around $19. Some of the European countries had been mistakenly charged as "Rest of the World" ($45). As soon as we realized the mistake we worked on a solution and we'll make it right.
      If you paid more than $19, please write to us and we'll solve it.

    28. Missing avatar

      Replica on

      I didn't realise EU shipping was wrong and I've already paid my shipping

    29. Saodhar

      Glad the incorrect shipping price issue is being resolved. I hope to complete my survey soon then. :)