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A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
2,301 backers pledged $144,548 to help bring this project to life.

So... What's next?

Posted by 2fat2fly Games (Creator)

Hey again you brave Moonshiners!

I hope this updates finds you well and happy and eager to get your hands on "Moonshiners" as soon as possible! :) 

Well... the few days we took to recover after the campaign rush are over, and now we're back in the saddle.

We're already working on delivering the game into your hands as soon as possible, so here's a short timeline of things that will happen in the next weeks:

  • finishing up the newly added components. As you know, we unlocked quite a few more components and we need to finish and polish their design before we can add them to the game: 3 Heroes to finish design and sculpts, as well as their unique abilities, 3 more Drunkards, all the extra Relic Cards, the Booze Cards, re-design of the Deluxe Wood components, to name a few. We estimate that in about 2 weeks everything will be done and ready.
  • finishing the Solo Mode. That means a few testing sessions as well as finishing up the design for the extra cards required by the solo mode. This should take us about a full month from now.
  • Finishing up the Rulebook. After releasing the rulebook to gamers via the "Moonshiners" website and the KS page, we received some feedback and you know us, we like to listen to backers opinion :) We estimate about a month for this one too.
  • Send the CrowdOx Survey (pledge manager) and activate the "late pledge" button here on the KS page. After the campaign end, we received quite a lot of emails from gamers that missed the deadline and wanted to jump in. As you may already know, in the pledge manager survey you can specify which add-ons you want to get, add stuff to your pledge (more add-ons, more copies of the game) as well as provide us a name and address. This should happen in about a week.
  • In the next days we'll compile and send to the manufacturer the final list of components and upgrades and from this point on, as soon as we finish the remaining art, the process of printing should begin. At this moment, an exact time-line is not set in stone yet, but it will be soon. And when we'll know it, you'll know it too :) 

We'd like to keep in touch!

A few days before the campaign end, we said that we'd like to keep in touch with all of you not only here, but also in a Facebook Group. Of course we'll continue to post regular updates here on KS, but I strongly believe that we can benefit from something like a fb group, where we can post more regular updates, even small ones, share ideas and maybe even brainstorm stuff. Of course not everyone uses fb, so we'll try to use multiple channels: KS updates, a facebook group all doubled by a BGG thread. If you have any other ideas, opinions, please comment on this update and help us make the most out of this idea. We'll try to launch both the FB group and the BGG thread as soon as possible, but it can still take us 1-2 weeks (there are a few other things that are more important at this moment) :) 

I hope I didn't forget anything :) If so, tell us in a comment.

Until next time... The Moonshiners team wishes you happy gaming!


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    1. Dama Foerstner on

      I would love to have the insert as well and am willing to add a few more dollars to my pledge as I am already going to have to do with Shipping and purchasing the 40 cards I missed by not being early.

    2. Missing avatar

      Baki Hanma

      I will gladly add $1 with other with other backers for inserts.

    3. Stan Falkowski on

      @Kim Freiler Well then you should be very excited something new to add to your collection of games. A game that doesn’t have an insert. You can show it off ! LOL !

    4. Kim Freiler on

      I’ve never owned a game with no inserts.
      Especially not a game like this with a bunch of minis and cards. How are the parts supposed to survive the transport?

      $452 away is just an ridiculous low amount, considering how vital an insert is to a game.
      I’ll gladly upgrade my pledge by $1, and I am pretty sure another 452 backers will do the same to get inserts to properly secure the game and the parts 😉👏🏻

    5. Mel On KS

      Manufacturing too of course.

    6. Mel On KS

      Quality components - like that and it is essential. Good point guys.

    7. Jeff Richards

      Just a reminder that there isn’t $9500 in unexpected profit. It’s still got to cover the games being manufactured for the ~125+ backers whose pledges make up that $9500.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sam Opp on

      I would assume that if the insert doesn't end up happening that the $9,500 would fall into the fund of covering other unexpected costs or profits.

    9. Mel On KS

      There must be KS games out there where Stretch Goals have not been met - so am curious.

    10. Mel On KS

      So, what does the $9,500 get in the way of anything if no insert?

      To other backers - what have you seen other game creators do in place of one if none?

    11. Donald Byron Johnson

      I know that other KS included their last pledge goal when it got close and this created a LOT of goodwill. So I am hoping you will choose to go that route.

    12. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      Oh, I knew I forgot something LOL
      We're still working on including the last SG, but basically it depends a lot on what will happen in the following weeks after the pledge manager survey will be sent.
      I'd love to include the plastic insert, that's for sure! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Sam Opp on

      If with the late pledge button the total hits the final stretch goal could that qualify it as completed? Since it was less than $500 away I assume it wouldn't take very much.