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A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
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My fellow brave moonshiners!

Posted by 2fat2fly Games (Creator)
Since our last update, a few things happened. Good things :)  

Solo Mode Unlocked! 

We bumped up the Solo mode stretch goal to make it unlock faster. 

There were quite some requests for it, and although it is still in the works and I wouldn't divulge too much about until it will pass at least a few play tests (things might still change here and there), I can tell you that the experience of solo vs multiplayer it is quite similar, while also a bit different. 

The Event Cards will be integrated and an extra deck will be added, for controlling the AI of Uncle Harding and his Drunkards, plus a nice standee for the man himself. 

 For those of you that missed the Solo Mode description, what happens basically, is that Uncle Harding gets hammered on his own supply and starts roaming the town as a self-proclaimed leader of the Drunks horde. 

While you still have 7 rounds to gather a certain amount of gold that will pay for a seat in the Hot Air Balloon out of Shanty Town, you now have to deal with a more aggressive and relentless enemy, that hunts down all your properties and precious achievements. And with the same number of available actions per round (4) it is more often than not a matter of "raise this building and increase my income or deal with that Drunkard that will block my other building?". 

What else happened since our last Update? 

We unlocked 3 handsome Social stretch goals and now there are 9 more brand new cards added to the game: 3 booze cards and 6 relic cards. Some of you helped us name this cards, we had a poll and here are the results:

- Uncle Harding's Private Reserve;

- Cachaça;

- Vintage, pre-apocalyptic Moonshine;

Let's baptize these last 3 Special Relic Cards as well: 

At the moment of writing this we're just 61 likes shy from unlocking the last social stretch goal, so probably I can already announce that soon will have another 3 booze cards unlocked. And that's cool! :) 

New concept drawing for "Destiny" Character

Another thing new, is that in the last few days, we updated the drawing of "Destiny" the 7th Hero and our soon-to-be-unlocked stretch goal. We received a few messages from backers that pointed out that the drawing might lead to misinterpretation due to some of her features. 

We listened, we debated a bit and as a result, our third lady of the Heroes gang is now stronger and more independent, and if we're going to judge by the huge sledgehammer in her hand, quite dangerous. :)

Here she is, in all her glory: (mini pending)

 All in all, a good week. 

We're climbing our way to the next stretch goal, I'm pretty confident that the closer we get to the finish line, the more gamers will join the "Moonshiners" party and hopefully, we will unlock also our 8th and last Hero (a nice looking lady, but no spoilers yet) LOL.

Oh, I almost forgot. Another important thing that happened, we managed to obtain a slight discount on the shipping! Although the numbers are still a maximum estimate, we'd be more than glad to get the best shipping price for you guys and gals! 

Until next time, 

Happy Moonshining everyone!


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    1. Barbu on

      +1 for your idea Paco Mak :D

    2. Paco Mak on

      I got an idea for her sledgehammer, it would be amazing if the front also treats as her mug for the beer, it sure does look like it!

    3. Mel On KS

      Cool! Yes! +1

    4. Michael Arnot

      I like the new Destiny design. Is Elijah going to get his own mini now?

    5. Steven Crane

      I like the change :)

    6. Buzzerker

      Yay for the social goals and solo mode, but Destiny is looking very whack. Bummer

    7. Matthew S

      Destiny rules!

    8. Kim Freiler on

      Even though I like the fact you guys listen to the backers, I must admit I still like the “old” Destiny character with the chain better.
      My mind would never have seen her like anything else or see anything bad about her... untill you guys posted the update 🤔

      Guess I don’t see the bad in everything like someone else does 😂😂

    9. NingaubleOTSE

      She's still fantastic! Destiny is my girl!

    10. Kasper Sleepy con Valley

      Yeah. What about Elijah?

    11. Crazy Celt

      I guess someone is always bound to get offended by something. I am indifferent as to what version of Destiny is used, but I think this miniature lost something special and unique when "Elijah" was was removed.