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A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
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The FREE add-on you asked for!

Posted by 2fat2fly Games (Creator)

Hello fellow Moonshiners!

As some of you might already seen, we just updated the entire KS page with cool new stuff.

The biggest news is, of course the FREE add-on of the 12 Drunkards Standees - KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! :)

A lot of you asked (and I do mean a lot, we got messages in comments, private messages, emails) for this, and we did our best to make it happen as soon as we could. It makes sense too, because the art for the characters is so cool, it really deserves to be played with, not only on the Drunkard cards, but on the board as well. :) 

It took us a while, because apart from the stretch goals (which were calculated upfront anyway), every addition we want to make to the game needs to be double checked with our manufacturer. They are the gatekeeper of all the contents of the box of "Moonshiners" LOL and we don't want to make the mistake of over-promising stuff just to look cool now, and be sorry later :)

So now the game still contains the 12 Drunkard miniatures, but you ALSO have the option to play with the standees as well. 

The add-on is free, so no extra cost involved, BUT is Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE! 

There were other requests aside the standees and we're working on those too. Hopefully we can come back with good news on those fronts as well.

One other request from many of you was more racial and sexual variety among the Heroes. The truth is, we had planned since the get-go the game with 8 unique heroes, and we balanced the best we could the man vs female ratio as well as the racial variety. The only thing that kept us from launching the KS with all 8 of them, were the costs. But as you already saw, we already unlocked 2 of them and revealed the third today (one more to come!)

What do you guys and girls thing of Destiny and her Father Elijah? (their background story, Hero Board and unique ability coming soon, same for Mike Molina and Johnny Barmy).

All in all, I hope this update will make happy as many of you as possible (I know we can’t please everyone, but we really try to) and please help us put the project in front of as many fresh eyes as possible, because you know the drill: the more we fund, the better game we all have to brag with :)

Happy moonshining everyone!

(psst, for those of you who are like me, and I mean not used to count everything they see, in the picture above with the Drunkard standees, there are only 9 Drunkards, but more about that and another surprise later) (wink)

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    1. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Habchi-Hanriot: We thought about this idea too, but in fact, especially since we offered the Standees as a free Add-on, I'm afraid that excluding the minis would only confuse previous backers. Too many pledge levels are not always a good choice, and if not enough backers would want that option, it can be a logistical nightmare to sort the copies WITH or WITHOUT minis. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Habchi-Hanriot on

      Nice touch, may be you should have made a pledge level with only the standees...if people don't paint their minis, they prefer using standees, and it's a lot less expensive ;)

    3. Ali Plays a Lot on

      These look amazing <3

    4. Ebonweaver

      She's a brick.... house!

    5. NablA on

      So wait, now for transforming the drunkard standees into the drunkard miniatures ;)

    6. Kasper Sleepy con Valley

      Very nice update with pictures and awesome news. Keep up the good work :D