Moonshiners of the Apocalypse

by 2fat2fly Games

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    1. Zemeckis on

      hello, are the event cards will be translated?

    2. Gerwaldan on

      Hello there, Champagne for everyone for such a beginning !

      0k, here is some ideas (that might be redundant because the booze crates card are not yet listed, sorry for that), hoping I won't show myself as a international drunkard ! ^^

      - Tequila-Mezcal from Mexico (sometimes with a snake in it...hombre!)
      - Porto from portugal
      - Cognac-Armagnac from France (classy, tasty but not for sissies)
      - Kirch (Eastern europe as germany, Ostereich, eastern France ...)
      - Vodka (Eastern europe especially Poland...but I'm not sure after an heavy synaptic breakdown)
      - Gin (Nederlands and so much after thanks to drunken sailors ... )
      - An "indefinable and forbidden granpa' made booze" that might be called "Killer of giants" (I know EVERY family in every corner of the world have stories of that kind ! In France, we surprisingly call it "eau-de-vie" ... literaly : "life-water-of-life" ... ;-P


      Enough for today, already have an headache : maybe more fresh brains have more to suggest ?!

    3. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Gerwaldan: Awesome ideas!
      There is a bottle of Tequila in the game now, but it can be modified to add the snake in it, I love the idea!
      Noted all your list and let's see what other suggest.

    4. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Zemeckis: if we manage to localize the game in other languages (as we hope we'll do) all the game components are to be translated :)

    5. Alessandro Pierazzo on

      You can also choose grappa from Italy ;)

    6. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      Yes on Grappa! :)