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A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
A “not so cooperative” board game for 1-4 players, set in a post-apocalyptic world. But there's a twist...
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Happy Moonshining everyone!

Posted by 2fat2fly Games (Creator)

I know we're repeating ourselves, but we really didn't expect this! We're still under the first 24 hours and we already passed the 7th stretch goal! Past 70k! A million thanks to each and every one of you!

As I write this, shows "Moonshiners of the Apocalypse" as the 1st place in today's Top Ten! We're thankful and honored by this!  

I gotta' admit, we weren't prepared for the stretch goals to be knocked down this fast! We updated the stretch goals section to reflect the reality of the numbers, but until our artists manage to keep up, the next stretch goal is kind of a mystery :) It is a6th Hero indeed, with his unique ability and miniature, plus his own Hero Board, but the art and the sculpt for it is still in development and it will be updated as soon as possible. We can't wait to see it coming to life!  

Gerwaldan suggested that one of the unlocked extra 6 Booze Cards to be a crate of "champagne" and that's a great idea! That gave us the idea of organizing a poll and see what you guys would like to see as the 6 new extra Booze cards? Should we do it?  Maybe we try and come up with a list of weird drinks from all over the world? How about "Ouzo", from the sunny Greece? Or "Limoncello" from Italy? Or the dreaded but delicious "Palinka" from the west side of Europe? I'm sensing a bit of fun comin' on...

Because yesterday we were took really by surprise, I have to admit we're a bit behind on a few things. On our task list for today:  

  • -add social links at the bottom of the page.  
  • -add a FAQ section.  
  • -reply to the dozens of emails that flooded our inbox starting yesterday and we barely gotten time to open a few of them.  

Thanks again everyone! It seems we're about to bring to life an even cooler game than we dreamed of!

Yours truly, a bunch of happy, drunken (not really) and thankful Moonshiners!

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    1. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      Yes on Grappa! :)

    2. Alessandro Pierazzo on

      You can also choose grappa from Italy ;)

    3. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Zemeckis: if we manage to localize the game in other languages (as we hope we'll do) all the game components are to be translated :)

    4. 2fat2fly Games Creator on

      @Gerwaldan: Awesome ideas!
      There is a bottle of Tequila in the game now, but it can be modified to add the snake in it, I love the idea!
      Noted all your list and let's see what other suggest.

    5. Gerwaldan on

      Hello there, Champagne for everyone for such a beginning !

      0k, here is some ideas (that might be redundant because the booze crates card are not yet listed, sorry for that), hoping I won't show myself as a international drunkard ! ^^

      - Tequila-Mezcal from Mexico (sometimes with a snake in it...hombre!)
      - Porto from portugal
      - Cognac-Armagnac from France (classy, tasty but not for sissies)
      - Kirch (Eastern europe as germany, Ostereich, eastern France ...)
      - Vodka (Eastern europe especially Poland...but I'm not sure after an heavy synaptic breakdown)
      - Gin (Nederlands and so much after thanks to drunken sailors ... )
      - An "indefinable and forbidden granpa' made booze" that might be called "Killer of giants" (I know EVERY family in every corner of the world have stories of that kind ! In France, we surprisingly call it "eau-de-vie" ... literaly : "life-water-of-life" ... ;-P


      Enough for today, already have an headache : maybe more fresh brains have more to suggest ?!

    6. Zemeckis on

      hello, are the event cards will be translated?